Comedy Roundtable

Andrew Rivers

January 25, 2022 BHHcast Season 5 Episode 49
Comedy Roundtable
Andrew Rivers
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Who would you want with you during a bank heist? Would you rather have a meal with three ex-Presidents, the cast of Jersey Shore or a table with Will Darrell’s brother, Jada Pinkett Smith and motivational speaker Tony Robbins? What is an area in which you have an irrationally low level of patience? These and other intriguing lightning round questions are posed to our guest, comedian Andrew Rivers.

Andrew Rivers is a touring stand up comedian that has entertained crowds around the world. A regular opener for Christopher Titus, Andrew has a wealth of stand up comedy performances available online. You can also catch his specials and his podcast “Don’t Quit Your Night Job.”


Episode Note: This episode was recorded when the Comedy Roundtable was called the BHHcast. 

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