Comedy Roundtable

Jon Reep, Host of the Country-Ish Podcast (yes, that is a Hemi)

September 06, 2022 Jon Reep Season 8 Episode 70
Comedy Roundtable
Jon Reep, Host of the Country-Ish Podcast (yes, that is a Hemi)
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Comedy Roundtable returns with a brand new season and amazing lineup of comedian guests! On our show, we interview amazing and hilarious stand up comedians in a rapid fire, off the wall format. Our guests are given three question topics and must choose two (casting the third off to a certain death) from which our hosts, Jamie Bendall, Adam Haigh and Jamie Hernan dole out unique questions you haven't heard our guests get asked anywhere. 

Comedian Jon Reep kicks things off with a fantastic episode full of laughs. Jon had the choice of question topics Va-Crazy, Hubble Bubba Bubble Gum and Non-Participation Trophy. Which two topics did he choose? Tune in to find out. Catch a little stand up from Jon between our two segments. Enjoy the show!

Jon Reep's Website:

Jon Reep is a nationally touring comedian whose contemporary country point of view has won over legions of fans around the country. Jon won the fifth season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. Catch his new special Ginger Beard Man on Amazon Prime ( 

Jon is also host of the popular podcast Country-ish on Bill Burr and Al Madrigal’s All Things Comedy digital platform. As an actor, Jon has been seen in Tig Notaro’s Amazon Series One Mississippi, CW’s Jane The Virgin, ABC’s Black-ish, HBO’s Eastbound and Down, and as the “Hemi Guy” from Dodge’s popular ad campaign. On the big screen he appeared in the feature film Into the Storm and as the beloved “Raymus, the pot smoking farmer” in Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay.

And, absolutely go see Jon perform live when he hits a town near you. Check out his upcoming tour dates here:

Comedy Roundtable is recorded in studio or live at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia. You can catch us recording shows live with some of the terrific acts that appear at the Punchline, which is celebrating its 40th year of serving up live comedy to Atlanta. The lineup of upcoming comedians performing at the Punchline can be found here:

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Come back Tuesday, September 13, 2022 for more laughs when comedian and actress Gina Brillon joins the show, as well as September 20,

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Ladies and gentlemen, comedy roundtable. These are great questions. Yes, good comedian a math question. Really good question. Thank you. This is so much fun, you guys. That is a good question. And that lightning round was so fun. That's a really good question. comedy fans Khan versation enthusiast it is a brand new episode of the comedy roundtable. Pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. Let's get this party started. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey look at you getting in on the game. I appreciate that. Usually you're so negative about him giving me the big intro. I just figured people deserve to hear it in stereo. I didn't even know that our podcast was available in stereo. Yeah, it is actually and actually do put the SAP button it's available in Spanish. We have saved a cheer for you our listener and we've also saved a chair here at the roundtable for our guest this evening. Comedian Jon Reep hey that's me. Welcome to the show, my friend how are you? I'm doing excellent as you know. Yeah. So for full disclosure, I found our guests to this episode out on Lake Lanier just grabbed him. Yeah, just floating by like driftwood little bit flooded by little drift, but I'm a lake Lake guy. You know, I like to be outdoors. I like water. I like the sun as a ginger. If I get these freckles to form as one gigantic freckle, it would be a permanent tan. The problem is this is tan and spots. fill in the spots you see. That's all it is. So do you apply sunscreen with a Q tip? On just each purchase? Fill in the area? Stencil right and sometimes. Guys do that though. Have you seen this? It's like a meme. Or I've seen on the internet is the guy like makes a stencil of the American flag and then like put sunscreen on that and then lays out the sun and then he gets the flag on his chest of July as a sunburn on his chest. Wow. That exists. Interesting. Yeah, these collars don't run but they do peel. Is your pickup line then Jamie, a lot of people when they see other boats, say, you know, lift up your top and you're like do our podcast. It's exactly. It's yeah, you just yell at other boats. podcast. Yeah, you're taking your fishing rod and just said, John, Jesse, if I can, if I can cast over there. So I got two days to kill. I did my weekend shows here at the punch line. And then my next gig is in Orlando. I didn't want to drive all the way back to North Carolina from Atlanta just to go back to Florida. And and we had Jamie had talked like, hey, while I'm there. I got some days to kill. Let's do some fun stuff. And I'll be on your podcast. And then we end up going to the lake. And we were thinking about a Braves game. But after this, we'll maybe run over to the various game because the Braves are in town playing the Mets. Yeah. And like I said to you earlier, like at my age, I'm the kind of guy with like, I could do one thing a day. You know, like if I do in comedy. I do that at night. So do nothing all day, right? Let's stay in the room, the air conditioning, look at TV, prepping prep, do a lot of writing. But if it's something in the daytime that it's hard for me to stop at the nighttime at this age. I can't I can't. I can't do two days. Is that a soft way of telling them you're not going to the race guy we already knows we had a discussion like are you pulling the plug on the game? He's like, Yeah, we can pull the plug. So and doesn't hurt that because the Atlanta Braves are doing so well. No tickets available. Well, that's good. So it was meant to be Yeah. All right. So let's jump right into what we do. Here we have a couple of subjects that are guest choice. So we're gonna give you three proposed topics about which you will get lightning round questions to pick two of the three so the one you don't pick is the topic we do not discuss. So for this episode, your topics are as follows vac crazy, which is a crazy vacation story. Oh fuck crazy. Someone say very crazy. Like a vacation. vacay vacay. See? I say vacation. No, you dozy Oh it says when you go to bed all the time you say Vacation? Vacation. Okay, what's what Hubble Baba bubblegum Oh, wow about the Hubble telescope. Okay in outer space got it maybe or non participation trophy about sporting events that you would not necessarily but out of those three. Just pick one for now pick one for this one for now. Let's go crazy. All right, the crazy starting with Jamie All right. Where would you go to vacation? If you wanted to spend your time around people you greatly disliked? Oh, that I really disliked? Oh, no. Couple of ways you could go here right? So why and you want to be somewhere extra nice. So that you at least you're guaranteed Vironment is pleasant to counteract the unpleasant people you're stuck with. Right? Good strategy strategy there? Or do you want to go somewhere dangerous? So in the hopes that maybe they'll slip off a cliff and fall and you never have to see them? Maybe you want to go cliff diving. maybe want to go somewhere where there's lots of hiking hills? Vacation as crime scene? Yeah, right kind of murder or ignore, right? Maybe we're going skydiving, you know, maybe we're going hang gliding do people hang glider anymore? So are these people that you dislike so much that you might nudge them a little off the cliff? That would not discourage them for taking risks? Right? I go, No, you got this. It's not that slippery up that slope. You can go, you got this. Got it. I'm trying to think who like I'm actually thinking in my brain Who do I dislike enough to want to do something like that? I had in situations on vacations, when I was married. And before I got divorced, and it was coming to an end that I really was like, wanting out of that. And I was in Hawaii, which is one of the best places on earth. And somehow this person was able to ruin that trip. So I don't want to do that to Hawaii again. Let me like you're causing an insult to the light. Yeah. Why am I doing this? Right? Yeah. So that will kind of kill your initial environment over pizza. It would it what I'm saying that I'm kind of negating the first school that we have to go murder. That's a murder of people. Yes. Okay. So let me ask you, then maybe a variation of that question. Can I just interject real quick? Your your ex wife is still alive, right? I don't know. Okay. Yeah. I haven't checked today. No idea, and possibly for plausible. Is there any trip? More expensive than a trip you take with a person whose company you no longer enjoy? So I don't know what it costs you to go to Hawaii? Yeah. But I have no doubt that it felt way more expensive. That was because I don't want to be here with you. Yeah. Yeah. And then for some reason, that person knows that. And is like, oh, no, we need to go do this. Like, wants to do something that they know is expensive to to just make it worse for you. Yeah. We will watch at the start of a relationship, not the end. If I'm going circling back to the original question. I would go deep sea fishing in Yeah. Off the somewhere in the Antarctic in the hopes that it's a rough waters, man. Yeah, this is an open water situation. I don't get the chum. Yeah. Who knew king crab could eat that fast? Let me ask you this. Is it the same price? If not all the people come back? I know it's a one way ticket doesn't return. Yeah. Yeah, we should catch more for dinner. I think we're good at this is enough. For one, one person that was a real bummer. When you got that one stick in the mud on a vacation that just ruins every little move. It's like, you know, we're in paradise. We're supposed to be happy. I got five days. We should not be arguing about dumb little things. And then that they keep going back and it's, it can really ruin hold true. I have changed my entire vacation strategy. Okay, that I am no longer a consensus builder. I am a Establisher and state or a plans. We're having lunch at 12. And this is where we like that. And what now Now, does that always work? Are there other people who go well, when I say no idea, because I'm at lunch. This is what I'm doing. I'm doing. What we're doing this is when we're going along. I don't want that kind of. That's great. This is where lunch is being paid work. At 12 o'clock in around, I like to eat alone. That's okay, you're eating where you want to eat. And sometimes he's picking the place knowing that that will result in him meeting so we can have some peace 100% Choose your dinner companions and meal companions by who the location that you pick in the time for that matter. Seafood allergy crap shot. Seafood allergy, I know I'm pulling it six. All right, Adam. All right. What is something that you do on vacation that you'd never do in normal life? Something that I do on a vacation that I don't know? Like me? It's like frozen drinks. I don't think I'd ever frozen drink in real life. But on vacation, it seems like it's always good. That is a great example because I too will do that. If I'm in Hawaii. I don't drink my ties unless I'm in Hawaii. Right? That's the only time I ever have a mic. I've never been anywhere else in the country and asked for my time but what I'm really one of my title No. Why could you imagine being in Atlanta and saying hey, can I just get up my time before like, they don't know how to make them by the way. I I've actually one other time I've done it just because I felt like oh, this is a beachy tight bar. I'm hearing like, you know, Calypso Hawaii and I'm thinking, oh yeah, this is my Thai time. And I would ask her my time they're like, how do you what is that? I don't know. I don't even know you're like a Corona. My father is a master my time maker and he is most of my time maker because he was taught by who I think is the probably the inventor of it in LA at Trader Vic's. You are throwing a bunch of shit out right now. Are you serious? And they happen to have one in Atlanta in Atlanta? It is the the place aside from my father's kitchen where you will get the best Meitei Yeah, it's actually a fun. It's in the high end or the Hilton. It's one of the downtown hotel. Okay. And it is you go down the escalator or the elevator or whatever is it's kind of on one of the lower floors of the hotel and it's like you're walking back into 1970 Oh, suddenly you're in a luau. Yeah. A Hawaiian thing. Do you think I mean, the Muy Thai. I don't offend my brain. That's a Hawaiian drink. But you're saying it was embedded in Los Angeles? Well, I that part? I'm not. I'm not more like 35% sure about that far. He does have that kind of Hawaiian field. Trader Vic was a pirate because Polynesian restaurant. Yeah, I mean, he was in the merchant business well as a Polynesian restaurant, so I guess it's Polynesian. Yeah. Well, I so I wouldn't rent jet skis that often. Anytime I when I think of vacation, I think of the beach. Right, right. But my brain is somewhere that's tropical or so and I don't do that often. So renting a jet ski would be something and we were talking about jet skis earlier. Like, I want one so bad, but I don't know. Maybe that ship has sailed. For me. I kind of feel like a jetski would be fun to I think it's better to rent. Like, I don't know if owning a jetski would be that much fun for me. Like I think I would I want to play around with jet skis for a day or two, even a weekend. race around with my buddy on him. But I'm pretty sure I would be like at the end. I'm like, I just wish I had a boat. I will tell you like one time. I didn't tell you this one. But when I was on this show, Eastbound and Down, they filmed it in Wrightsville Beach. Great show. Great show. Great show. That was fun. Because that whole summer I was working on that I was in four episodes. This instead of flying me back to LA they're like, well just stay here this week. Yeah. And just paid to do it. Yes. It was amazing. But Wrightsville Beach is kind of like a little island. Right. So you get the ocean you get the waterway and you can kind of go around it. And a guy that I knew said, Hey, I got a jetski you want to take it out for the day like heck yeah. So I took this thing all the way around the island. And by the time I got off of it, my arms were so sore. You're like holding Oh yeah, because this is waves of water coming in different kinds of waves two kinds of water coming at each other. And I thought this was gonna be a fun leisure activity. I could not feel my forearms for two days. Especially while holding the my tie. There's a lot going on in there. Yeah. Yeah. I'm disappointed. There won't ever be another season of Eastbound and Down. Me too. That was one of the best for me one of the My Favorite street credit type thing that I did. Eastbound and I was Kenny powers for Halloween. Two years before I was on there. Cool. As I got the gig. No, I didn't even tell him about that till later because I didn't want to be that fanboy. Kind of, you know? Yeah, that was a dream come true. Eat fun. That guy's funny. likes to have a good time. He's very generous. Yeah, I'm sad to see it go. I was on the last season. I'd like to see it come back. It's weird. Do you think they can make it today? It's gotten worse. I thought then when it came out, like I can't believe this is this is something that can be done. Right. Especially on HBO seems to be kind of opposite. Right. Maybe they're in on the show, of course. But it seems it seems now. It couldn't be done. You know, just sad. Right? just such a great character. Yeah. You know, over the top, just with John rocker. Yeah, it was basically what he was doing. Yeah. I mean, in righteous gemstones is a great subsequent series. Yeah. All right. We've gotten far afield. Sorry, guys. All right. So it's my question, but it's a good lead in so my question about crazy vacations is what are you doing right now professionally, that you're excited about? What are the current projects you're working on? What are the things that are really country ish? My little podcast that I do my podcasts so when I got back home, I moved back home to North Carolina about four years ago dad had a stroke, thought I'd pocket with mom for a minute. She's got glaucoma, brittle bones, she's never lived by herself. Then a pandemic happens. Couldn't even leave if I wanted to. And I'm no longer in LA and I'm thinking gosh, I am just did I just throw away my whole career I got to do something. And my buddy Alan Jackson who you knows friend of mine that they he had all the equipment like, you know, this stuff and he said, let's just work on something together. And so I've turned country ish into my like, that's my pet project. That's the thing I love doing every week. Like during the pandemic, I treated like a real job. And overtime, we got sponsors, and we're doing okay. And it's a lot of fun doing it. And yeah, so that's, that's what I'm mostly passionate about. And also love. Don't have fun and read with John Heffron, but that's all John talking most of the time. Just let John just go. Well, we have had John on this show a couple of times. And I love the way his brain works. He isn't. He is a very interesting guy to get to talk to, because there's a lot going on up there. And sometimes when you get to talk into John, he's got great ideas. Don't fall always thinking about stuff always thinking about stuff. Yeah, yeah, he'll turn you'll start talking to you he'll turn whatever it is you're talking to into an invention and how to monetize it, and then also how you'll get sued. Right? I think we did have that cycle during a couple of times. All right. So that's gonna do it for the first round of questions here comedy roundtable. Jamie Adam, our guest, this episode comedian Jon Reep, check out his podcast country ish. It's also a live Facebook show. So make sure you search and find that and check it out as well. It is very entertaining. We will be back in just a moment. I remember one time we went through the drive thru Okay, on the menu of the drive thru there was a sign up there that said intercom broke please drive around. We like they mocking us. But when no one was looking, we took their sign down and we made up our own sign. We stuck it up there. Our sign said intercom broke. Please shout your order. People just pull up. Shout your order. All right, it is time for the second round of lightning questions. We have two remaining subjects for our guests comedian Jon Reep. So we have hobble Baba, bubblegum or non participation trophies. Let's do non participation or non participation trophies starting with Jamie. All right. Besides hunting and smoking pot, which sport would rame us, your famous character from Harold and Kumar escaped from Guantanamo Bay be best at aside from punting and smoking pot? I think he would be good at Roman Greco wrestling is a kind of wrestling. That is the kind of kind of wrestling that's backwards. No Greco Roman. I think you'd be good at that. Like old school. Olympic style wrestling naked singlet no single back in the I'm saying, but they did it nude. Yeah, but when it was Roman Greco, Roman Greco, Greco Roman, thank you. Back before Greco then the one became before the other day switched. Yeah. changed the whole sport. It's always embarrassing when you show up for the wrong one. Yeah. Oh, God. Like, not the nude one. Yeah. No. singlets today. In there, I actually. Okay, so I'm going to offer the theory that if all professional sports were played naked, I would be closer to being a professional athlete. Oh, that's cocky. I like it. And there's a lot of ways to take that question. Why? Basically, why is a big Johnson No, I'm just saying I think it's so small. It wouldn't interfere with it any size that Yes. What I'm saying is, is that I think that the social fear of public nudity diminishes athletic ability. So a guy who might be 440 and like a 440. dressed right might run my speed naked. I'm closer to running as fast as you run if we both have to have no clothes on. Right. There's some more you're more aerodynamic. Yeah. Could you imagine making a hockey how scared the goalies are? I think it would radically change every place. I mean, the hockey is the best because it's ice. So you got kids going on anyway. Right, right. Yeah. And there's a puck coming at ya. And you have nothing You're right. Yeah, I think so I would be closer to being able to play in the NHL. If you had to do it okay. And if you fell on the ice and then got stuck you know stop checking me. Please stop checking your junk is the window to square that's not a squid interest story a fan noticed that one of the players had testicular cancer just like golf would stay kind of the same. Yeah. Cycling. Swing. Maybe putting Why is that guy going out there without a putter? Don't worry about it. He has a he has that weird. Oh, God. He's using his third arm. All right, Adam Europe. All right. What sport won't you play? Well, not because you don't like the sport, but because you're really bad at golf. Yeah, me too. Can't hit the ball. And when I do, it's a line drive. And it just goes, it just goes straight over the over the fairway doesn't arc. Every occasionally I'll get one pretty good. But it golf. It's time consuming. It's easily hot outside. And it's a mental game. It has nothing to do with your athletic prowess. It is a mental game, that I am frustrated because I'm not mentally strong enough to play it. Well. Yeah, golf frustrates me too. And it's because I'm not good at it. I wish I weren't good at it. I think my career would be in a better place. If it were, if I were good at it. Because a lot of successful people like to play golf and I've turned down many a golf opportunity because I know, I'm gonna be that guy that's slowing the whole group down and I'm not gonna have fun. And if you want me to walk around and have a beer with you, I'll do that. You know, right. Not a Mai Tai, though. That's definitely not a golf trick. No, yeah. No, unless weren't all right. All right, my turn. So my question is this to non participation trophy related? In what ways? Are you a sore loser? If I feel like the other person was cheating in some way, then then I get and that's not really a sore loser. That's just that's just you're just justified in that, right? Like, back in the day when I would play basketball with my friends. I have one guy that was always like, thinks he's Michael Jordan akin gets mad when he loses. I'm never that guy. I just want a good game. So but if I found a guy who was like, definitely fouling a lot, and that's calling your own foul, that would make me mad. I don't know if that's answers the question though. A sore loser. So sore loser is someone who gets upset when they lose, but obsess too much. Yeah, I guess it was. Yeah. So you get cranky if you feel like so when you're a kid. Oh, like, did you have that childhood games growing up? And you're like, Yeah, I'm taking my ball and going home. I knew guys like that wasn't me. Board games. Board games. Board loser. Like when we play another day, we were playing something monopoly. But one of these board games, maybe it's sorry, like even the game sorry. Right? Where you have to like, take your piece and move it around, and you can put it on someone else's piece. And they have to start all the way when my brother would do that to me, as opposed to when you have a choice. And the card says go you can either go back one, or go seven ahead and he counts it out and sees if it goes seven ahead. he pounces on me. Or it could just go one back and go boop you know, that's the name of the game right? I get it. But maybe because it's my brother. Yeah, and there's more there than just that game right? What's worse is that when you have someone who has the option to knock someone else out, and they choose not to do it, because that's their spouse or their kids or whatever like that person Yeah, that's bullshit. Yeah, when they when they do the I'm not going to hurt that I was sorry that person right because it'll mean like the game and it'd be you won't you won't come and stay out there longer. I get it but for whatever reason, maybe that's because it's I have history with history. Yeah, we got history but it's not I don't very rarely a sore loser. I like it when other people do well. Like even in stand up comedy like if I'm watching another comedian that I know and I've worked with for years succeed and maybe I'm I'm not maybe I'm you know, my career has always gone up and down like this. Maybe I'm on a downward slip and I see someone going up. I don't get mad at that person. I go, well, that person's it's their turn. It's they're justified. I feel happy but I got siblings are oftentimes both our greatest champions, and our biggest rivals. Totally. Fennel always gets us these deep moments. I like it. And it's it's when questions like I had for the Hubble bubble boba calm and I think, what's that one? I need to step up my game here. I've chose that category, because I do enjoy science. I love that kind of stuff. I don't know if I'm not knowledgeable in it. But I'm curious to what the question would have been. This is my case in point because my question had something to do with a southern astronaut chewing tobacco with the helmet on and how do you? How do you spit tobacco in space? Yeah, so that's a great question. Well, I will tell you if you've ever been to Huntsville, Alabama, that's, that's where they make the rockets for NASA. Right? Rocket City down there. You can ask those guys because there's a lot of them down there. There was a show called Rocket City redneck. Remember this? It was a reality show for a minute. Yeah, but there's a lot it's funny. There's a lot of very smart, computer savvy, you know, NASA space engineer type people who? Probably tau clock Yes, right here and enjoy a good backup product that exists out there. So that's funny. I would like that they can answer that question. It was just kind of sloped. Like, sunflower seeds on the walls. So good. Right. You got that shit on the glass again. Like, you get your calipers, right, you check in with your what equation did you get? That's not not saying you can't fucking use pie there. Do you have any interest? If it were the opportunity in front of you to go to space like that? Would you do it at this? Oh, yeah, I would do it. No question. I would not I don't really want to skydive. But I think I would I would go to space in a heartbeat. You know, for what, seven minutes or below space along pretty cool. But imagine being on that rocket and going that fast? Yes, rocket behind you missed the fastest. You gotta break gravitational pole. Like that's how fast it is. It would be kind of disappointing if you were in the one seat that had like the bad view. Yeah. So how ballsy would it be to be on the space thing and have the window seat and pull the shade down? Yeah, can you go ahead and lower your shade? I'm trying to watch a movie shade down. Yeah, reading my book I felt like we snuck in Hubble Bubble Bubble Gum. You snuck it in. I was I was interested to know what it was. All right. So John, thank you easiest way for people to find you online and keep tracking I would prefer if everyone were to go to country Check out the country ish live show every Tuesday night at eight o'clock on Facebook and YouTube. I give money away to people. We play fun games. It's fun segments. And all my tour dates are there as well so you can catch me on the road. Country. So continued success, my friend. It's always great to get to see you. I appreciate you being here and spending some time with us. My pleasure. Let's do it again. For our listeners. Make sure you put your chair away. We will put a chair away for our guests. It's always our pleasure to have you with us here on the comedy roundtable for Jamie Jamie and Adam our special guest this week comedian Jon Reep we will catch you next episode. Make sure you Like Subscribe, telephoned. We have extra seats to get you next time