Comedy Roundtable

Gina Brillon (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)

September 13, 2022 Gina Brillon Season 8 Episode 71
Comedy Roundtable
Gina Brillon (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)
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Gina Brillon pulled a chair up to the Comedy Roundtable, choosing two of the three available question categories: Movie Night, Why I Oughta and Not a Chance. Which categories will she choose? You will have to tune in to find out. Gina discusses her role as the Christmas enthusiast in the upcoming Christmas movie co-starring Ludacris, Lil Rel and Teyonah Parris, and answers the often strange but always fun questions from hosts Jamie Bendall, Adam Haigh and Jamie Hernan. 

Gina Brillon has been a standup comic since she was 17 years old. Her sophomore 1-hour special Gina Brillon: The Floor is Lava (Amazon Prime Video) won a 2021 Gracie Award and was nominated for an Imagen Award.  Her 1/2 hour special Easily Offended was one of the top shows from the Entre Nos franchise on HBO Latino, and streams on all HBO Digital Platforms.  She’s made appearances on The View, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel Live. You have seen her on Kevin Can Wait on CBS and The Conners on ABC.  In 2012, she became the first (and only) Latina winner of NBC’s Stand up for Diversity Showcase. The following year, she was a “New Face” at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Gina is a singer, published writer, and poet.  Her pieces have appeared in the New York Post and Daily News, among others. Gina and co-host Katherine G. Mendoza dole out advice on their podcast Mess In Progress: The Homegirls Guide to Self-Help.  Most recently, Gina was the first Latina comedian to be a Finalist in season 16 of America’s Got Talent.

Be sure to follow Gina across social media using the following links:

TikTok - @GinaBrillon

Instagram - @GBrillon

Facebook - @GinaBrillonComedy 

Twitter - @GinaBrillon

Want to see some of Gina's Stand Up? Check out her appearances on America's Got Talent and Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as her special on Amazon Prime through the links below:

Comedian Gina Brillon Will Make You Laugh - America's Got Talent 

Gina Brillon Comedy TikTok Compilation -Gina Brillon: The Floor is Lava Amazon Prime Video

Excuse Me, I’m Married - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Episode artwork photo credit: David Johnson courtesy of Amazon Prime Video 

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Ladies and gentlemen, comedy roundtable. These are great questions. Yes, good comedian a math question. Really good question. Thank you. This is so much fun you guys. That is a good question. And that lightning round was so fun. That's a really good question. comedy fans Khan versation enthusiast it is a brand new episode of the comedy roundtable. Pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. Let's get this party started. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey look at you getting in on the game. I appreciate that. Usually you're so negative about him giving me the big intro. I just figured people deserve to hear it in stereo. I didn't even know that our podcast was available in stereo. Yeah, it is actually and actually do put the SAP button it's available in Spanish. We have saved a cheer for you our listener and we've also saved a chair here at the round table for our guest this evening. Comedian Gina Briana. It's good to be here. This is so cool. I love diners. I grew up on diners as a New York City kid like they were everywhere in my childhood. So this is set for old fashioned diner. It's just great. It's It's such great comfort food I'm not sure that I would ever seek out a steak fry diner steak fight the best although undefeated breakfast every time every diner if they're serving breakfast 24 hours a day go wrong with breakfast at a diner it's like their specialty Yeah, now that I'm fasting I have to get breakfast or how long don't need till 4pm every day and then when does the window close? 10pm So four to four to 10 Is your window for the town he's just eating whatever you want or do you like eat you have to eat a specific thing if I eat whatever I want then it makes no sense to wait till for my as well just like I wouldn't be eating cheeseburgers and waffles I'd be the one I have no decide like yeah, I can always afford to eat and then I would eat eat the entire world I go by the freezer be like don't worry ice cream. I'll see you coming be back. Can you share with us details about the movie that you're filming here in Atlanta? Is it still see the deadline article just came out so actually can share information at least stuff that's in the deadline article which I am part of a Disney plus movie, which is a Christmas film and Christmas is my favorite holiday. So this was like perfect and the character that I'm playing is a Christmas enthusiast like she loves Christmas. She's a mom who loves Christmas. But the entire story doesn't revolve around my family it actually revolves around little wells character. Who is Pom Pom Pom Santa Claus little well Oh, it's simply Santa's innocent very funny comedian very funny. Yeah ludicrous as the public knows him is also in the film. He plays screws character had the Scrooge kind of like character like the guy that doesn't guess Adam Christmas Yeah, don't get them in reverse closing it could have been forever. It could have a quarterback Asti No. Rudolph Yeah. Keep go. Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Lot. When is this movie coming out? Pride month so I love the phrasing of Christmas enthusiast. I like to say Christmas enthusiast because like real life I am a Christmas nerd. I'm not gonna lie. I can agree with me that September 1 is the first day that you can put Christmas lights up right 100% Thank you. Did you put up nope sorry you put your I know you put your lights up early. Yes. Okay, I'm so sorry. Very fine line between I take my lights down late and I put my lights up early. No, you have to take them down for one day. Yeah, you take them down out of respect for like a day and then you put on my back I put them right back up. Alright, so the format of the show we select three subjects. I'm just thinking about how funny it must be like when the Christmas music station goes off. You guys are like bullshit. Should be right back on how dare you take 24 hours off stuff. No, no, I have one of the greatest all time Christmas themed playlists. Really okay though why do you think it's the greatest Christmas because you said that you are talking to a Christmas enthusiast so I understand that Huzi and I'm thinking that if I were to share said playlist with you that sometime in the next 24 hours 4872 hours I want to give a little bit of time to listen through would have to listen to what I would really mean to let you probably touch base back and be like alright, give me some songs from like what is on this and what's the theme of the you said theme Christmas thing Okay, so first of all, I would I would tell you that if I had only one Christmas album to listen to Okay, only one I am listening to make the right choice Ella Fitzgerald Christmas Oh all right. You're gonna say diehard soundtrack Okay, no, no also solid choice. Clearly a Christmas movie Exactly. Solid shot. If you get only one, Ella Fitzgerald I wouldn't. I would have to second that leaving that aside. If you disagree with that, can you say no to Ella Fitzgerald is no. unwise to make Christmas you have to agree with the as scroogie can be. Okay, but then it's mostly like odd indie guys who celebrate Hanukkah that are like Ella Fitzgerald. Okay, it's different stuff that's all it's all Christmas and it's all makes you feel very Christmassy if you have to get two minutes into the song to realize it's a Christmas song. Here's why I have a strong suspicion that you may be absolutely right and this might be one of the greatest because my brother also picks a lot of Christmas like indie Christmas music and I always love it. I'm like you may really be some some sneaky stuff you know so you so the familiar of your napkin calls and of course your big Mariah songs and all there's there are some like tentpole classics, right of course, they have to be invented out of respect for the holiday out of respect. So I have a jingle bells. So I have sleigh bell on my dog's collar. So at night, I can hear the dog wherever they are. But also it puts me in a happy mood because it reminds me of Christmas. Oh my god, I'm gonna do that for my son. He's to know when he's coming. Christmas is coming. Every time he comes around the corner, face of disappointment I mean, I'm glad but also he's talking to his therapist and for Christmas, my mom's eyes. She always was disappointed it wasn't Christmas it was just me. Alright, let's pick our topics topic and lean into it you pick to one will be unused. So your three choices for this episode are movie night. Why I oughta and not a chance. Oh my God, those are my choices or choices. I like Why I oughta because I say that a lot. So definitely. I love movies. Okay, so we'll do movie night and why you can pick the other to do movie. Okay, just pick movie and then we can re rack and have the other two once you've done movie. See how you feel okay. All right. Movie Night starting with Jamie. Two part question. Okay. Which stand up comedian would you cast to star in the action movie you are directing as the action hero? Okay, hold on. I have to sit up straight for this one and really put on my thinking. Because I'm a comedy nerd. I'm like a student of comedy. So I love comedy. Are we talking legendary comics doesn't matter alive or dead? Well, it's harder to get them to do what you want as a director if they're dead, but I want to learn what do I want to revive them from the dead? There's lots of technology now. Holograms whatever, alive or dead. Okay, since we're going alive, I was thinking okay, maybe I could finagle something out of the way my favorite artists that are no longer with us are the guest. You control things you can they can be dead, they can be alive. They can be alive and you want them dead. Okay. So alive. Alive alive and suit was a Superhero Action Movie Action. Okay, action movie. Although if you want the superhero can be superhero. Okay, I'm torn. I'm torn. Because I'm not gonna lie. I feel like because he's done action so much Kevin Hart would kill it in any action over you throw him and he's like a no brainer. But then I'd have to like pair him with somebody. He needs a partner like almost like a really dry Hey, Maria Bamford. Maria Bamford buddy cop action adventure that's no that's amazing. Now you may have take this to pitch we were in LA right now or maybe Atlanta we create it because it's hard yeah. Jamie pitch weeks for insider concept Yeah, we're gonna pitch week yeah, follow up question was comedian for the comedic sidekick Maria Bamford. There we go. There we go. There we go. Perfect. Bow Bow. Pitch week. Pitch week this week. It's like burning man before became corporate What do you guys do we go out into the desert we make giant piles of unused scripts. Yeah, it's very cool. All right. What do you got? All right. So movie nights. This is actually when you are. You hear a song that you immediately associate with a movie. What is that song? And what is the movie? Like when you hear the song Come on. You can't help but if she says the song maybe we guess the movie interest. Maybe that's how associated it is. But maybe it's just for her though. Maybe it's a special prize. What would be It's gonna be random. It's okay, because I don't know. I don't know if you guys are gonna guess this if I were to say the song I will follow him what movie comes to mind? I will follow him. old song. old song. Yeah, what movie comes to mind? It's a Wonderful Life. No. Okay, but I was going for the holiday thing because I knew. I know but he's a good guy. Good solid gas. Lighting solid. I was gonna go with taken to but oh, did not make the cut for the soundtrack. Oh, I don't know. You have no idea Sister Act. I love Sister Act and they did their little Jesus a remix. Yeah, we'll follow him at the end of the movie. And I've seen that movie a dozen times. It's just I love that. And I did love that song now that you mentioned it was a great yeah, come on was a great way to end that you would like I also didn't yesterday, I also have a funeral playlist, or you know what? I guess it's dark. But I get it. Yeah. Oh, Jamie just wants to make sure at his funeral stuff is taken care of. Oh, that is a good place to leave it for this segment. We'll be back with more of the county roundtable here with our guests. Gina Breon. In just a moment, don't go too far. If you were in a movie, I'd love to be in a movie. What character would you be? What kind of character do you think I would be? A lot of people don't really see themselves completely accurately. I'm thinking probably like nerdy librarian lady lady. So I'm just saying I figure you have range. I definitely have range. It's a good point. Yeah. Nerdy librarian. I'm gonna set the scene, right. There's a kid being a little rambunctious. Shut up. Let's dial that back. Let's try that one more time. It's been a little RamBox books are useless. I like how you whispered okay. It's the books are useless. I can't believe I wasted all this document library degree. I think you're the fourth guy on a bank heist. The fourth guy? Yeah. The fourth guy. That first one to die. No, no, no, that's six. Okay, gotta make it to the end. Yeah, you're the surprise make it to the end. Oh, you get in the car at the end. And everyone's like, fucking Jamie made it. And there's cool roles in the bank heist movie. Yeah. There's the guy who comes in says, Everybody get on the ground. Right and start shooting in VR. That dream? Yeah, that's not you. That's not me. There's the getaway driver. Also, not you know, fantastic driver. But safecracker? No, why don't you just not your role? Inside Man? Nope. We're running out of options here. You're the fourth guy. This is a bank robbery we're talking about right? Yeah. credits are rolling. And I see my name. Are you telling me that next to my name? It's gonna say bank robber number four. No, no, you'll get a name. So what's your job? You're not the guy who comes in shoes. Yeah, that's a good way driver. You're not the inside man. You're not the safe cracker. What's your job? And you by the way, you're gonna make it. I know what my role is. And I know what I'm gonna make it. Okay. I'm the guy who hands out candy to the house. That's not a roll. Yes, it is a roll. That's how we make it to the end. Because the hostages I'm their hero. Like that's the role you think you have wrong? Like your job is only carrying bags. Oh, you're a bag runner. And what is your role? We talked about this. I'm not in the bank robbery. It's your movie. I was trying to give you a roll. No. Alright. So in your movie, I don't get to tell you my movie because you get to tell my movie. Alright, I'm gonna tell you your movie. Yeah, you're gonna be right. It's a fraternity movie. But right. And the old fraternity brother from 20 years who ruled the roost. Yeah, is coming back and moves in next door. Oh, right. So you are going to play the cousin of the guy who lives next door to the I'm not the guy who lives next door. That's a little arrogant. What are you setting it up to like, I was that guy. I mean, you're in the movie and you're not going to die. You're gonna survive the movie? Well, it's not a lot of danger. There's a scene though, that I know that happens in this movie. And that's when we go on the back porch. And before you tell this, I'm going to just so that you can visualize it and experience it just for your sake, you are going to be that guy who lives next door. Oh, so now I am living next. I'm not the hero, that guy. Now. This makes a lot more sense than it might seem. Okay, now you're on the porch. I'm on the port or porch or the airport, my back deck that overlooks the fraternity house. It overlooks the fence. Right? I'm on the back like patio, okay. And I grabbed my baby, right? And I hold them out like Simba and I'm out. No, and all the fraternity guys go. And they're like, We love the baby. And they're like, my wife's like, yeah, Rock on. And everybody loves the paternity. And that's how I win my wife over because the fraternity brothers are actually all godparents to the baby, baby, baby and I hold the baby out. And it's like, the baby's like what's happening and all of them are like, yes, it's a glorious theme. Why don't we in the news, probably because of the scenes we just talked about. Let's go back to a real movie star. Academy round table return returns Jamie Jamie and Adam our guest comedian Jean Umbreon. She is in Atlanta right now we're here at the landmark diner immediately adjacent to the punch line comedy club where we record this year by I guess to the comedians who are in town, but Gina actually didn't do any sets tonight. I didn't know you were coming to actually get up on stage. And then I'm a comedy nerd. And Alonzo was one of my absolute favorite people to watch. And I still I still like to watch comedy. So sometimes I show up to a club and yeah, what I have gone on tonight I will of course I love performing but I thought about it I was like I still love watching so I wanted to see the whole show like not have to worry about a set and and have to worry about getting on stage. Just watch how the comics navigate around this specific show because it just it warms my heart just like Christmas. No, I think that's important though. They are in another booth. Yeah, Alonzo is in another way. That came in for the weekend. Mike Alonso has guest as well. So we're gonna hustle up so you have two subjects to remain Why I oughta. Or Not a chance, man. I don't get any descriptors. Just gotta go in blind. Fudge. I'm gonna go way out. Okay, starting with Jamie, two part question. Maria Bamford is the answer to the second party? Fantastic. What would get you in the most trouble as a kid? That's question one. And second question is, was there a neighbor who would torment you or that you would torment? What got me the most in trouble as a kid was my mouth. I got a mouth on me. And I was always a sarcastic kid. Like even my parents, like even when I was in high school. If I wore like, a short skirt, my dad would be like, where's the rest of your skirt? And I'd be like, oh, let's do with the football team. He would laugh, but that joke is so well constructed, though. You just can't get that. He was like, that was pretty good. I see what you did there. I'm sorry. What was the second question? Okay, was there did you have a neighbor that either you would torment or they would torment you? No, but I did have neighbors that were really into voodoo. Don't mess with those people, which were like, Yeah, I never wanted to piss them off. I was like, it's our music too loud. They would have like a goat for like a week. And then it would like, be like, in the backyard for like, a couple of days and it'll be gone. And then you'd see a chicken and I'd be like, Rod like, every time I thought escaped me. Dammit. They're not your friends. I'm like digging holes in you now. But did you ever wonder why they're feeding you so much? Yeah, they were also digging holes, different reasons. Completely different reason as to why well, yeah, that was like the weird neighbor that that I had that. I was like, every time I saw an animal in their backyard, I was like you made me. I don't know if they're listening right now. But that was Gina who said they were weird. Clarify weird. I mean, spiritually open. I certainly don't mean way I don't mean a negative connotation at any means. You never know when you're gonna walk over the neighbor's house be like, Hey, can I get a little curse over here? Yeah, I have a problem. Imagine if they really just had people visiting with pets. And then they just left and I assume the absolute worst. never killed a goat in our life. We do need to move on to Adams question, but I will say you may be a guest at my home. You're not bringing pets. As a companion. That's that's fair. That is ballsy for the goat. Listen, I'm gonna be here a couple of days I brought my goat I bought my travel goat. My emotional support goat Yeah. Good news. You weren't judging people bad news. They were massive. Animals next point is they will not get your goat stand in this circle just right in this redness. Why out so when I think of why I always want to deal with an idiot like I want to call Unity but idiot is not a great term anymore. What's your favorite synonym for idiot? Dumb Dumb maybe? Just seems like playful like dumb. It's also a very like, I grew up in the South Bronx was a very good thing to be like, You are dumb dumb. Does it sounds playful? It doesn't sound hard to say it in an intellectual way. Like you Dum Dum. Dum Dum. You imagine you're a dumbed down clearly? Yes. I could just imagine like a presidential debate. They tend to go wrong Dumb Dumb. Well, Congressman, I think you're being a dumb dumb your vote someone will get if they would just I would vote for the Dum Dum Yeah. braced the idea that you would include more childish vocabulary. Yes, I like where this is going. I already like where this is going. But it do it in a contextually appropriate way. Right? Yes, I think you would be seen as one of the most entertaining conversationalist I had. I did think recently that I'm now going to start including present company excluded. Okay, under all circumstances. So, how'd you like that movie? I present company included. Love that movie so much. Doesn't matter what it is pick a pick or something. I'm gonna try I'm gonna try it out. Okay, um, let's see good a good movie did you favorite musician of all time? Okay present company excluded. I love that right present company excluded and excluded. That is great is your favorite pizza place? Okay, my favorite pizza place president. I love color do you love most? Okay. All my freezer. That's great. That's great. Because it seems like you obviously would be Yeah, I mean, you'd be in the mix. Because even if it was like something insulting, like even it was a serial killer thing and you were like present companies you just made the list. I'm gonna murder you but I am gonna laugh while I'm doing all right. So my Why I oughta Why is tell me Why I oughta become as knowledgeable as you are in which subject, ferrets. Wow, are you ferret knowledgeable? I'm just saying I got three so oh three Ferrao I have three flowers. So I can gain is the only difference between a ferret and an otter weight gain? I would say yes. They would say no, we're completely different. Yeah. Hello. I'm gonna take the water at all you guys. Oh, there you. So is it one of these things where two ferrets are three ferrets is easier than one ferret? They say you should get more than one ferret because it teaches them how to not bite hard because they play with each other and they buy they play fight and they bite each other and that's when they learned Oh, biting hurts. Ooh, that was when you just have one of your favorite unless you're what are your favorites names Komodo Poteau and monkey? No one is Bueller. No Koto. movie though. The greatest ferret name of all time I hate you. I'm gonna drop this mic. Because that is the best name remember Bueller? Bueller? Getting another fair because Cotto and Poteau are from Beastmaster which is the movie that made me want in the first place. Yeah. Rename monkey boy. No. I think he does. What do I know? He's probably like, what is this chick saying? Here? We're gonna pet me. I don't know. It's food. She keeps saying some with her mouth. I don't care. Bring on the food on the lady. I was before we had this conversation. Yes. Present company excluded. I would have told you I would have been suspicious of a person who had multiple ferrets. Yeah, no, but not anymore. I'm not gonna say that. I have an issue with that because you should be suspect because we will have more multiple possible. One ferret? Anybody gets one fair by mistake, but a gang of fair but now you have like, is it a gang of parents? I don't know. Like an army of ferrets feels like a gang. I think it's not a murder. You can't think it's called a Bueller a feral we call it all right, that's a great place to end it other than the Disney plus movie. What are other places where you'd like people to go become acquainted with what you do? You can check out my website, Gene Find out if I'm coming to a city near you. And you can find me on Instagram at G Barone and Tiktok and Jean Umbreon. We appreciate it. Thank you for being here on the comedy round table with us. Maybe my favorite guest yet. I'm just saying it say that to every guest with three fare as a company for the companies. All right, that'll do it for us for Jamie, Jamie, Adam and Gina. Put your chair away and we will save one for you the next time here on the comedy round table.