Comedy Roundtable

Costaki Economopoulos - Comedian and host of the All Pro Lines Podcast (Recorded Live at All the Laughs Comedy Awards Festival)

October 25, 2022 Costaki Economopoulos Season 8 Episode 77
Comedy Roundtable
Costaki Economopoulos - Comedian and host of the All Pro Lines Podcast (Recorded Live at All the Laughs Comedy Awards Festival)
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Costaki Economopoulos, the biggest name in comedy, pulled a chair up to the Comedy Roundtable and joined the show as it was performed and recorded in front of a live audience at the All the Laughs Comedy Awards. We returned to the festival after winning the Golden Pitcher for best comedy podcast in 2021.

For 20 years Costaki has been living his dream as a full-time stand up comic.
He has written jokes for Bette Midler, Jay Leno, MTV and BET.
You may have seen him on Showtime, or heard him on Sirius, but you probably know him best from his regular appearances on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. Costaki is also the host of the All Pro Lines podcast available across podcast platforms (

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Check out the All the Laughs Comedy Awards website ( for more information about the cool annual event that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Ladies and gentleman, comedy roundtable these are great questions. Yes, good comedian a math question. Really good question. Thank you. This is so much fun, you guys. Oh, that is a good question. And that lightning round was so fun. That's a really good question. comedy fans Khan versation enthusiast. It is a brand new episode of the comedy roundtable. Pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. Let's get this party started. Jamie Pendel Jamie, Hernan Adam. Hey look at you getting in on the game. I appreciate that. Usually, you're so negative about him giving me the big intro. I just figured people deserve to hear it in stereo. I didn't even know that our podcast was available in stereo. Yeah, it is actually. And actually, if you put the SAP button it's available in Spanish. We have saved a cheer for you our listener and we've also saved a cheer here at the round table for our guest this evening. Because stocky economy propolis to stocky Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. No, it's good. It's good to hear. Yeah, this place is beautiful. I've never been here. So we are actually taping live at the Atlanta comedy Festival. So quick. Thank you to the Atlanta comedy festival. We are reigning champions in the podcast category and hoping to maybe get a two peat at least but Oh, nice. Let's see what we can do. And speaking of rain, we have to mention the festival. Rain pure mountain spring water. Oh, yeah. One of the best. Okay. Finally, it's a it's a it's a bottled water company that actually cares about the environment. Yeah, aluminum cans. They keep you nice and cold. You can reuse the can and it's spring water sourced out of Tiger, Georgia. And we did not submit ourselves for this year. So I don't know if that was like a passive aggressive underlying threat to Dominic. I think one of these golden pitchers is enough. I don't want to be greedy. Well, they are pretty heavy. And we did have two tables that we had to replace from collapsing under the weight. Yeah, and we had hollowed it out before but we didn't want it down like to see that. So we had we had it welded back together. But we wanted to use it for Oktoberfest smart, we're actually using it as mules now. We haul it out, and we use it as our mutual category that just recently, Adam, we're okay, well, then that's not gonna work anymore. So we're missing Jamie Bendel. today. He is often Vermont biking some sort of thing that's skinny people do. Yeah, not. Yeah, not for us. No, he's doing an Everest climb where he climbs the equivalent of Everest going up and down a mountain in New Hampshire, like six to 10 times or something like that. Yeah. And I'm just sitting here lamenting that the pancake place is closed. We all are. I knew Jamie when he was an open mic, or we were open mic errs together. I stayed on the comedy course he of course went and became a lawyer and a car salesman and a radio personality and 17 other things legendary podcaster. Yes. And eventually bought the punch line. Our that was the brass ring of the things when when I was a kid and comedy. Do you talk about the other Jamie? Yeah. Jamie? Right. Yeah, no, it's true. You haven't done any of that stuff. My list of accomplishments is much shorter, much shorter. And he actually didn't know me when I was an open mic. Er, but I also did not go into comedy that was not voluntary. That was more market driven. So it's all you comics out there. If you're not getting enough mic time, just by the place? Yeah, just by the I know, it's, it's kind of a dream personally angry, open mic or professional. He's like, he will put me on well, by the place, then you'll put me on. All right. Well, our shows format is we usually do three questions, you're gonna pick a question for the first round, and then we'll do a break and then we'll do a question for the second round. The third question will forever die and never be heard from again. We might sneak in a third. Okay. All right. So I'm gonna give you your three questions. I get to pick this is nice. You do you get to pick so your three categories from which to choose are what's in a name, my apologies. And hold my beer. So for the first round, all right, you don't have to pick two. You can you can pick one and then leave the last two. Which What are you gonna do for the first round? Let's do beer. Hold my beer. Hold my beer. Excellent. Right. That's what you pick, right? Yeah, that's a great one. Okay, well, it's hold my beer or hold my rain. refreshing your mountain spring water. Yeah, by the way, rain spring water. If you haven't heard about them, they're doing incredible work. It's finally a water company that's environmentally conscious. Alright, so got a question. All right. Hold my beer. So what is the funniest hold my beer moment you've had in your life where you either one up somebody stepped in you're the hero or experienced an epic fail. Oh my goodness gracious. I don't know if this is the this is the funniest. But it is a true story from my life when I was a when I was an undergrad at the University of Georgia. On You know, we would tailgate for game days. And we would kudzu dive. Oh, they familiar with this as a concept. Just for our listeners that are not kutsu is is a weed that has covered half of Georgia in a very, very deep foliage. Yeah, that's right. It's problematic. It's very hard to get rid of but what is kutsu diving cuz it could grow up to a foot a day and conditions right? Well sunny and rainy. I think it was an Asian plant that was brought here to help with erosion and they thought cows would eat it. And they were wrong about that because I pass and it covers trees and takes up all the sun. And anyway, remember getting off track, there's these big sort of valleys off the sides of roads where kudzu just fills the space. Yeah, right. So we would we would get drunk and dive off of the hill into like this sort of valley of kudzu. It's a very thick plant. So how many people were lost that idea because at the bottom of these valleys is not just a you know, a pillow cushion of joy and happiness and rainbows. It's broken glass, and usually some you know, like sawed off stumps. It's terrible idea. We managed to survive somehow. We didn't do that. You did it multiple times. Yeah, we did it a few times. So at least more than one guy. After the first candidate, you'd be like, you broke his leg. Let's go. Yeah, don't do that. Again. Now. We're done. No dogs. Like Gudo? Indeed. Yeah, the time that could stock and I went to the University of Georgia, the admission requirements were not quite as stringent as they are today. Just by the cutscene. Today's UGA grad figures that out what three people in? That is true. Things have changed. It's that's the that's the scholarship money right. Now, yeah. Everybody stays home. So my question for hold my beer. So you're standing in the field, and just having a nice picnic with some people you care about? And you suddenly see a hoard. But is this a kudzu field? No, no, it's just like a park is I'm envisioning like a park field, like a lawn, if you will. And you suddenly see the lawn like the green space here at the pond City Market, which is hosting the Atlanta comedy Festival here as the locations. environmentally sound right? Yeah. Got it. So there's a horde of angry blood thirsty third graders. And they're running at you and it's a large horse. My question for you is how many of those third graders do you think you can fend off before you're overwhelmed? Oh, this hilarious. My brother and I were debating we I have a four year old daughter about this. And I were debating and he goes, how many? How many Zoe's could take you. You know, like, how many would it take? Yeah, I think it's an interesting question. Because you could probably scare you know, battle them up. But they're these are blood thirsty. So there's not going to stop. We debated this at length. And I think the key is that they don't have organizational skills. So that you can, it's almost like a kung fu movie where you can just hack them one at a time. And they don't have the skill. They're not like Parana, where they know to all you at the same time, right. But at some point, they're gonna hold that one kid will get enough and then the others will join in. And then you're I think it's a big number, really, because they've been trained to to come and single file on line. So it's the problem with our current education system, is we're teaching them single file line line up kids, and they like, doesn't seem to be working with a kid is like, we should maybe like go more than one and then was like, No, that's not what Mrs. Johnson says. Mrs. Johnson says one at a time. Now what now? My prior debate was with a four year old, which is very different than a third grader, third grader is a lot more strict. I think they're about seven, eight in third grade. Okay, that's a much bigger kid. It is. And they might actually have eked into some organizational skills. They could watch the first seven or eight kids being thrown to the side or just let them go, just have to all go, well, they might, they might be able to put that together. I think Curtis is dead, the four year old would never be able to as a group, they could never do that. Boy, I still think it's a big number. Really? It's got to be what do you you could take any number that's less than 30? Right? 3030. So you're saying 25/8 graders you think you can fend off now eighth graders third. graders are totally different universe. graders, you could literally take 100 Because they'd all be on their phone, they wouldn't. But if they had a meeting, they could figure out we often go at once. Oh my God, that's impressive. i My number is like around 12. I think that I would quickly once they get control of my limbs. I'm probably like, if you get to do a limb, it's probably over. That's true. If they get control of your limbs, it's over. I'm just saying I don't think they they keep coming for a while. They figure out the group. They're not going to get it together organizationally. There is a point at which you got to the point you feel bad about hurting the kids. After a number of them are attacking you. You're like, it's on. I just love the fact that there's my scenario. There's a loved one sitting on the picnic ground going. I think he's gonna fight off 30 of them. He's gotten through 25 But those third graders like I'm impressed, I thought he'd be down in 12 Easy, but no, he's still going. Oh my goodness. It's a funny premise. Alright, so that's gonna do it for this segment of comedy round two. We're gonna be back with more in just a moment the bears have a cool story about where they got their name when I was part of football team in Chicago this one of these they played baseball players baseball players were of course the Cubs and that's like ultimate bears. That's true plus both teams traditionally hibernate during the playoffs is a lot of the work done through my calls me up here, like through children current life is unrecognizable to somebody as a kid, imagine my life because that is bullshit. If there's a kid under five in your house, you're in a constant state of imagining your life wherever you sleep right now. I've been trying right now to get my boyfriend to get involved. All right, we're back with our guests because stocky kind of mumble is like a cheat mob kind of opolis Oh, it's an economy marvelous. That's how I help MC survived. It's really good with me. It's an economy. Nice. I worked with the comic named Michael just selca. And I called him Michael to Alaska a couple of times, and he was furious. Which is dumb, because who cares, right? screw up my name. Someone named Kentucky continental Dimopoulos. Yeah, but we're used to it. What do you do? And if you're sticking with it, it's your fault. Right? But he told me one night he goes it's like a night. It's a chest elk. And then I never had to struggle with it again. And I finally found that version. for me. It's a cheap mob. Because Dimopoulos Do you think that hurts you in a dating position with women? They're like, I don't want to take that name on there. Like I'm a little concerned. I don't have to anymore. Okay. Thank you women's live for actually getting your dates. Yeah. They're no longer required. If you're not committed to long check writing. I'll stick with Smith. No one else checks either. That's true. But I will say that stocky premium modulus was getting all the way. Oh, yeah. All right, we'll do our next two categories. Remaining categories are what is in a name. And my apologies. Well, we were just joking about the name. So I'm curious what the question is. Yeah, me too. Let's go name. Jamie. You want to start? No. Okay, then I get to start with let's offset the three of us in an 80s detective series, right? So we're talking 80s Detective. So there's a cool car, maybe a pickup maybe some kind of sports car. Maybe it's a TransAm. We also have boats. There's a possibility of robots. But there's three of us and we run a detective agency. I want to know what is your cool detective name? Oh my My name? Yeah, you're not us as a group. Me personally? No, not the agency's name. We Oh, y'all know the agency's name? We do? Yeah, it's roundhouse detective agency. round table. David. Jamie, that would be good if I got our name right. roundhouses even better, like it sounds like we know karate, which TV shows was huge. So you may have to start going by comedy roundhouse. Let's, let's just rebrand the whole thing. Alright, so Okay, so for round table or roundhouse detective agency. What is your name? Oh, my goodness. My name. We each have a name? Yeah, of course. What are you? What are your names? I don't want to take your name. I'm worried I'm worried to steal your answer. So I'll let you know after you tell you already picked Greek Sleuth. Name your real name oh my actual name character's name in our 80s Moving on, he's gonna go buy the stock you the mob that's not a mob name. Yeah, but for some reason. My head like Bobby I'm like we're not doing nicknames This is my actual Bobby's a good start. I think it was a big thing in the 80s right body Last Name character. Bobby big bones something like that. But but that's not a mother given name. Bobby big bones then last name. What's your last name? Oh. McGee, then. Yeah, so Bobby bones McGee house for that's for sure. Interesting. Interesting. That's a big boy. Bobby big boats. Big boats. I think I'm Cody Maverick. Cody Mavericks. Cody Maverick. Bobby big bones McGee. They can solve your cases. And if we can't solve it, we have a third guy named John. John. That's really bad. You just got us cancelled but it's g i A n so it's exotic. Oh, it's like gun. You could spell your name Guh en and just say it's pronounced gun or John. You got Cody Maverick big bones McGee, and John John so bad. Big boats McGee has got to be I don't care how many they're 400 pounds. Yeah, or 98. Exactly. 98 is the way we go. And it's kind of like it's very, it's a colorful play because people move big boats. Yeah. You like the Wizard of Oz? You're the name that intimidates when you come out here. That's big. All right, that takes us through the second segment. So you want to give me a chance to ask a question. I'm not gonna give you you always do this. And we're gonna stop the show with two questions, which is what we do. No, no, I haven't asked my question. Oh, have we talked about our sponsor? We're actually the sponsor of the Atlanta comedy Festival, which by the way, we're reigning champions, but we're, we've decided to remove ourselves from eligibility to allow for another wonderful podcast to move in. Much Tom Brady would do that. Seriously, right. But one of the best parts about being at the Atlanta comedy Festival is that rainwater from rain pure mountain spring waters. Oh, thank you for clarifying. Yeah. So Jamie, I will allow your question. Thank you, Your Honor. All right, who was a famous comedian, whose name just does not fit their demeanor, their act, whatever. And what should their name be? This is your chance to rename somebody. Rename a famous comedian. Bob zany, has always tortured me and told me I need to change my name for show business. Like your name is Bob zany. I'm not taking your advice. Anything. Did you change your name? Because if you did, Bob's ad was the wrong call. Your name? Would you change it to what? Pete? Yeah, I guess I guess you guess you'd want to go catchy and easily fits on the marquee, which is the opposite of the economy model. Yes. Yes. Do you want to keep economy populist, right? Yeah, that makes sense. My whole life may have told me to change my name. No, then I agree. Yeah. To change the name or agree. No, I agree. You don't change the name, right. But part of the goal. I mean, there's a lot of different ways to do stand up. But my goal is to reveal myself on stage. And to begin that process with a name you made up just seems like that's the wrong first step. You're already a character mode. Right? Yeah. But maybe one of the bits of advice I've always gotten is just go with the first name like Prince or Madonna. Just because stocky just be one name like Bano? kurstaki Oh, no, that's it. That sounds like I don't exotic that that could be like a spy that at least like still stays with the premise of me being me without the crazy other name. I think a stocky alone is pretty awesome, actually. All right. So let's let's go one more round. We got we got time for one more round. Up. So I guess we're not going to retire a question. No, all questions live. But first, we're going to take a break. And when we get back, we'll have more with our guests. Big bones McGee. All right. Have you ever received a wrong email? Sure, you have we all have, but did your wrong email lead you on a two year quest across England to a psychiatrist in Berlin and ultimately to a funeral minded? Hello, Frank. A few years ago, I accidentally got sucked into the bizarre world of a vengeful one British curmudgeon on a decade's long mission to get his brother thrown in jail. And he actually used it like a dagger. He's got away with it so far. And things got weird. What they wanted to do was really hurting. They wanted to give him a good beating for something mysterious about it. I want to find out yes, he can fit a square peg into a round hole. Podcast the newsletter said it was so riveting that they couldn't stop listening. Check out all eight episodes at square peg or search for square peg wherever you listen my kids is allergies right? They currently expose kids to things sooner and more often they're less likely to become allergic to them right? And years ago we were freaked out kids life totally true. We want it with a toddler 10 years ago didn't know she was living with us. She was going to birthday parties and mother was freaking out it was a problem. So one day it was just me and the kid say forgiveness not permission situation. So that I can read emergency room out the butter and jelly sandwich and I watched her very closely and an hour later I call her mom are good totally solve their problem. Don't worry about it number again a month later with the shrimp cocktail and a jar of bees the bees like out of the garden these this is for your safety Alright, so I hope you We all enjoyed the break. We hopefully you enjoyed our little comedy snippet there and you will go ahead and check out our guests can stocky economy opolis biggest name of comedy, the biggest name and comedy. I hope that you're checking him out on YouTube. You got a little taste of what the comedy that he brings on the scope. But we're gonna go with third question. This is a special event. We're here at the Atlanta comedy Festival, one of the great events in Atlanta and it's supporting comedy across the board. It's great for podcast stand up films, it does everything and they do an awesome little award show. It's put together. It's really it's a tight, tight performance. And we love being here. Can I give you some fun facts about rain? I think spring rains good. So I wanted to let you know that it is bottled in or by the company in Tiger, Georgia, which sounds like a place I want to go visit. Because if you go ahead and listen to the beginning of our episodes have already told them that, didn't you? I did. Yeah. Tiger. This is also the point that I say that I block everything you say they say that ads need repetition to drive in. So good job. Anyhow. Question. Alright. The category is my apologies, my apologies. Okay, so my question and I'm going to jump right in, because I know you're excited to see yours. And I'm going to let you wait for a little bit longer. What are you tired of saying sorry for? Oh my god. That's a pick list. Right? That's the ultimate like, canceled trap. somewhat recently separated after a nine year marriage. So yeah, there's a lot of apologies along the way. But maybe you're tired of saying sorry for that. Yeah, I'm tired. I'm tired of apologizing for a mess. That wasn't really my fault, right? There's two to tango. There's two to tango in any marriage. I find myself doing that quite often. Yeah, we usually when we get to a third segment, it's usually more of a therapy component. Well done. So if you want to get down on the chairs, there we can. And sometimes when you're in a not quite so healthy, dynamic, one person apologizes. The other one like, celebrates that moment and doesn't own anything. Yeah. On her own part. Yeah. So you've been you've been you've had dinner with me and my wife. Because it's basically usually and I'm sorry, and it's like I went up and tons. Me. She's like, he said her sorry. She's like a round of drinks for the whole house. Adams that he's sorry, not yet is healthy. That's right. Jamie. Alright. So very similar type question, but may open it up for you to blend some more. All right. All right. So what is the situation in your life in which you are forced to apologize? But you want to set the record straight here and now? You are not? Sorry? So similar question to mine. I had, we should have probably prepped this. So we don't have the same question for you know, Soviet, uh, trying to think of a more public thing than just like to bakery you know, right. middle aged people in a marriage is not as much fun. I've had some public things where I was sort of, I'm done apologizing for honking I'm done. I like honking I'm not gonna. Yeah, my people. I think your people I think my people are from New York, because I noticed a New York hotel room the other night that people honk consistently in New York all the time. And it is almost like a it's just a rite of passage. It's okay to honk in New York. It's okay to like, and to lay on it. Yeah. I kind of liked that. I was like, Yeah, I want to lay on some horn. I want to let people know, you know, don't like what you're doing. Like you're really messing me up. Before you felt this way. Yeah. Who are you apologizing to? Were you chasing people down? Honestly, Julie Honten. I honestly feel like every time I honk in the south, it's almost like oh, excuse me. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend. Or yeah, I'm not doing that anymore. I meant it I'm with the southerners on this one because I grew up here I lived I lived in New York for 10 years. And I always found it off putting the people were like walking and screaming up windows. No way let's have it let's just let it out. It's a defensible position. My gut says a polite southern URL that like I also hate to they don't say anything to each other and elevators I think the Eat shit is not a bad way to talk to each other in an elevator when people say how are you doing today? And they say each it they just don't talk. Their default is no nothing, right? Just stare at the floor, stare at the floor and hope this passes stare at the floor. I fly to gigs now but in the old days, I used to drive from here as far away as North Dakota and back to tell jokes. And there are two ways I knew I was back in the South. One. Sweet Tea is a choice because it happens gradually. Yes. So one sweet tea is a choice out of Burger King or whatever. Right? Enjoy that. And to the guy next to me at the urinal at the gas station. We'll just talk for no reason whatsoever. That's a very southern thing, like the weirdness of a men's room is not enough to keep you know, how about them dogs, right. Our penises are out. We should talk about the weather. Yeah. That's so while we're there and I want to keep Jamie from asking his question as long as possible. So on the sweet tea issue, I don't want to apologize really for this either. I think it's too sweet. Oh, I'm a half and half her that says like, give me the sweet tea and and it is right I want half regular sweet sweet like the default southern sweet tea is just crazy sweet very sweet right it is basically you're sucking down a candy cane but you know you go anywhere else in the country and you have the opposite problem. Oh yeah. Where it's not dirty water. Yeah, yeah, you're like what? What is this? Yeah, this is Gross is a cold tea. That's not even a little bit sweet. I think you're right. I think I could go half and half half and half I think is a good way to go. But who drink sweet tea when you can drink rain? If you're a mountain spring water. All right. We just invented drink. This is like the our Arnold Palmer. I think we could say you do have some rain. Perhaps we diluted a little bit Yankee tea. That's right. We can I think we just solved the Civil War. I think we just cure diabetes. Oh my god. Check these out. Yeah, I think it's for me, it's some stand up moments where I because I'm southern. I'm super apologetic. And if even if the there's like a drunken Jackass in the audience, I'm sometimes a little harsh. And then I feel bad. You know, like everyone kind of apologize in those moments, where I sort of take it back a little bit. And I probably should have a little more New York and man just like shut that guy down as I think about regional apology. Right? It is the south is a very apologetic region. But then Canada is a very so then it's like the people in between. There's that window in between Canada. And we're, I guess south of the Mason Dixon, where people are not appalling. At DC is about as low as you get. New Yorkers ever accidentally crossed the border, and they start apologizing. They're like we're not in New York. Buffalo New Yorker, the person that lives so close to Niagara is more apologetic, but not there's a line there drinking the bats and they say sorry, two, three. Yeah, they're close. Yeah, same universe. I agree. Anyhow, that red does our show. We again we want to thank the Atlanta comedy festival for having us here. We had a great crowd. We appreciate you guys being here. We want to thank our guests because Stocki economy populates Salman comedy. biggest name in comedy. We will catch you next time on comedy roundtable Ward roundhouse.