Comedy Roundtable

Asif Ali - Comedian/Actor from WandaVision, The Mandalorian and Don't Worry Darling (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)

November 22, 2022 Asif Ali Season 8 Episode 81
Comedy Roundtable
Asif Ali - Comedian/Actor from WandaVision, The Mandalorian and Don't Worry Darling (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)
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You've seen him in Wandavision, The Mandalorian, Don't Worry Darling and so much more. Now you can hear him on Comedy Roundtable. Comedian and actor Asif Ali pulled up a chair at the Comedy Roundtable between sets at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta.

Asif Ali has been in many of the shows you love, such as those mentioned above and Modern Family, Mr. Robinson, Arrested Development, and Silicon Valley. Might we see a return of his WandaVision character in an expanded role in the Marvel Universe? Tune in to see if he spills the beans (Hint: He doesn't. The NDA is way too scary).

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Ladies and gentleman, comedy roundtable these are great questions. Yes, good comedian a math question. Really good question. Thank you. This is so much fun you guys. That is a good question. And that lightning round was so fun. That's a really good question. comedy fans con versation enthusiast it is a brand new episode of the comedy roundtable. Pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. Let's get this party started. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey look at you getting in on the game. I appreciate that. Usually, you're so negative about him giving me the big intro. I just figured people deserve to hear it in stereo. I didn't even know that our podcast was available in stereo. Yeah, it is actually. And actually, if you put the SAP button, it's available in Spanish. We have saved a cheer for you, our listener and we've also saved a chair here at the round table for our guest this evening. Asif Ali. Hello. Thank you so much for having me. Do you guys ever eat while you while you're doing this? Oh, yeah. Good. Yeah, the breakfast is unreal. Wow. And people like hearing that because they're perverts. Oh, no, no, we're not. We're actually taking between between episodes. Yeah, different podcasts. This is gonna be me eating an ASMR. Creepy. No, but if we did that, is there an ASMR podcast where you're interviewing the stars of ASMR? There isn't. And I think that, you know, there's a market for everything that would crush bothers me about that whole thing? Is there always whispering? Oh, yes. It needs to be like, it just needs to trigger that sort of like, really? It needs to feel so intimate. triggers the right word. Yeah. I would be if you had like on as a guest, one of the people that's like Smacky mouth sounds Yes. It would drive me nuts the entire time. What would be bad is that they'd be on the show. And they wouldn't do it one time the whole show? No, because they were like my I get paid to do that. I'm not going to do that for free on your show. Right? Yeah. And they have a terrible actual speaking voice. I bet a lot of them actually are very shy or weird. It's an odd it's an odd business. Yeah. But I mean, shout out to the first person who was like, You know what? They have like a passion for it. I'm wondering that talk. Really? If I could get a lot of subs. For some reason I got popular, but that first person was really putting a lot on the line. Like why is this girl just whispering? Yeah. Or II? Why are you eating? You know, and why am I interested? Yeah. Are you eating seafood nine hours of snapping a rubber band. Just like I've been doing this for 10 years in my room at night. It's so nice to be able to do it for other people. It's nice to know that the most annoying part of you could become the most lucrative part of you. That's an excellent point. My flaw is my moneymaker. It's all about perspectives. Those types of people at an actual dinner party would be like, absolutely disgusting to be around. So I'm going to turn this into I'm gonna monetize creepy. Yeah. Could you imagine he's like, Yeah, I broke up with that girl cuz she always whispered it whenever we went out. She never talked. I never got to speak up. And he's like, she's a billionaire. She just been doing this ASMR channel and it's it's silly. The money. She was like, I could never get her to speak up. How many? How many parents at the dinner table? Were like, Could you please stop making mouth sounds right? Yeah, yeah, honestly. The sound of me with my billions of dollars. Money sounds like rustling together. That's right. We're here at the landmark Donner yes at V comedy roundtable in the landmark diner but tonight when we came in to record this podcast, there was someone in the table taking the table Wellington Wellington Yeah, this might not be happening but for for his willingness to also Willington Yes, you guys sort of just like kind of strong arm him? Yeah. By the armpits and go get well, it was actually a lot of crying and it just he just got a little he's like, I feel I feel bad. This means like a lot to you guys. So I'm just gonna, I'm gonna move one table over. Obviously, this is more important to you guys. This is me. I'm gonna stem one guy at the round table over here. Alright, so this is the comedy roundtable. We are live here in the landmark diner adjacent to the punch line comedy Club. We are between shows a hot eight o'clock show. Yeah. So fun. Good. I had a great time. You got two cameras running to make clips and shoot stuff you're working on. That's just the nature of what this is. Right? You got it. I mean, I don't necessarily do it for the purpose of making clips. But I just do it as like a habit of like, okay, if I tape everything, then if something does happen, I don't have to like then kick myself later on. Well, yeah, usually it does end up being like, you know, me looking over stuff. And then and then looking back on it and being like, oh, yeah, I guess that could be a clipper. That bit was funny. Why don't I do that anymore? That, you know, adjustments and stuff. But yeah, mostly it is used for clips. Yeah. What I like about you is that you're almost taking a professional sport approach to what you're saying. We got to film day. That's what, let's break down the film. And let's see how it works. It is actually true because there are times where if you're just listening to the audio of a set, and you don't realize it was the gesture that you made. Yeah. Or it's the facial expression and you're like ah, give that information away. And we're an audio podcast. You've just you just given pointers for not doing an audio podcast if we ever did the video here I kid you not like Jamie's expressions alone are incredible. Oh my god. Like honestly, it's like we're taking you know Shakespeare and taking the pen away with his facial expressions. Sure. So yeah, definitely talking about you. Yeah. All right. So what are the what's your your you seem like you've got a pretty busy term project. Yeah. What's What's the I did this pilot for low that hopefully if it gets picked up that will come out that show will start filming in Chicago and like in the summer, probably as very fun. I did a movie called Don't worry, darling, that's out on HBO. I did this show one division that I shot here in Atlanta. That's out who's to say, by the way, continue being involved in in Marvel projects? Who's to say, yeah, that's exciting. It's exciting. To say, who's to say, you know, it was a creative concept that says, let's take the superhero genre. Let's let's do a throwback a little bit. And that's walked through different decades of TV, and yet kind of all of it but not just to have walked through decades. It's actually part of an overarching story. So cool. Yeah. Cool. It was so fun. It was fun to be on. And what else I'm going to do a special for HBO. So awesome. This is a safe space. Yeah, right. We can go back to that part about Marvel movies and breaking news. Because I feel like you were about to break some news there. I can't break any news, because there's no news to break because I don't know anything. And we don't know anything either. Because what we know as Marvel does take, you know, secondary characters, and loves to develop those characters into bigger roles in future films. We've seen that before with Mark sometimes happen that has he won't know we will know that we won't know. Until all of a sudden then we know if I'm like back in Atlanta, and yeah, doing stuff. Even then, I wouldn't be able to say anything, even if I was because those NDAs are like thick. Like the one division India was like, no joke, like as thick as this mic. It was at least like a solid three inches. And not only was she said not only was the NDA very thick and thorough. It was also delivered by a gentleman who was like, Jack. Oh, yes. Overkill. Why is it guys the jack? Like nothing is more frightening than legal threats. Right? You don't need to bring in a jack dude. Also. That's right. I'm also the last person you'll ever see. If you break this. Yeah. Yeah. Like your I'll see you at an alley and the other Marvel project that broke their NDA. No, I hadn't heard about Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, we all know, and until we know, that NDA can be broken because they think that that NDA has got some holes in it. They're sending the jacked guy. Yeah. If they don't, if they think it's solid, they're just sending in, you know, yeah, nerves, like, yeah, nerds like us, but they're sitting in some guy that bring a little flavor. You don't really believe in that NDA idea. I gotta tell you so right now marvel when you're listening to this, you should know that as a big Marvel fan. We love in the Marvel Universe. When you bring reoccurring secondary characters in and we can we can identify that that's the stuff that gets the Reddit board's going. Kevin Feige loves this podcast in particular. Oh, totally. Yeah, he's one of the restaurant. Yeah, I love I love this podcast. Okay, good. So basically it's three Lightning Rounds. First Reaction kind of answers. Okay, pick your topics one at a time. I'm gonna give you three rounds, three categories, one dies, they are facing fears. Honestly, I swear, or throwbacks? Let's do throwbacks. All right, throwback starting with Adam. Okay, so I've recently learned that the gingko bobaloo tree is actually the oldest tree species ever. So a dinosaur is actually a gingko biloba leaves. Oh, my question for you is in the throwback category. What's the oldest thing that you've ever encountered? Probably, when I went to India to visit my family, probably, I mean, there was some old like, almost like I want to say like, least 1000 plus year old probably older, much older than that actually. Just structures and old kind of temples and stuff, ask type things that we're still standing like very. Both the construction ability to be like, Wow, they figured it out. How come my apartment falling apart? They figure this out. I always love in those buildings to kind of touching the stone and being like it. There's reverberation here. Yeah, some echo of people that were here 1000s of years ago, I would say something like that some sort of like really old, you know, outside of the easy answer, which would be I don't know something you would see in a museum or something. Alright. urbex an equally important question. How many glasses of milk could you throw back? How many glasses of milk could you throw back before threw up those same glasses of milk. You know, my friend I had a friend in in high school who did the gallon challenge, as it was called. Yes gallon challenge for those of you don't know, it required a person to drink an entire gallon of milk and along they could keep it down recipes to all the recipes relative. I mean, I saw so many kids just like yeah, cup entire gallons of milk. But that you know, that was peak entertainment at a time pre Netflix and you don't I mean, where you had to, like go outside and, and do that. You have to always have one kid in your group of friends who was willing to do those things to entertain the group. Yeah, there's always one psycho who's like, I'll do it. Like I'm in Yeah. It's like, I don't care what it is. Or whatever. drink a gallon of water. I don't care I've been I think maybe I could probably get through three glasses. Are we talking? 12 ounce? Good question. Good. Follow up. Yeah. 12 ounce, I would say I could probably get through three. And then that fourth one would probably relate my body would really be like, Why do you think it'd be sudden? Or do you think you'd realize that I could reach a limit at three. And then my body would be like, okay, man, that's so four would be would throw it over the edge? Yeah. Was there a time when you did the Century Club? Oh, yeah. Like last week? just shot a beer every minute for 100 minutes. Yeah. Okay. Oh my god. Do you think that you could do that with milk? No, the worse you could do. 100 pounds would be so strong. Yeah. And I just feel like milk sits in your stomach so differently. Yeah. So heavy. Probably not. Although that would be a really funny thing to try. You know, like a lot of restaurants and stuff like kind of kitschy ones will have some sort of challenge right? And then you get your picture on the wall. Yeah, that would be like a fun one at about your bar is not doing great. Yeah. And you're like hey, how do we get a bunch of people who Google fun things to do in this town to come out? Right just pound milk. So this is what we're gonna do you're gonna be going up on stage a little bit we'll be here yeah, I'm doing the beer you're gonna do the middle Yeah, and we'll see you can get further yeah when you get done with your show you can set you come back right back both of them are why there's an ambulance outside? Yeah All right, we're gonna go throwback scan the direction of mixtapes we haven't had a mixtape question. Oh my god that was mixed. And I do love a good mixtape question. Did you ever make an audio cassette mixtape or were you a I never made cassette mixtapes? I did have friends and I who would burn CDs. Okay, so in the burn CD mixtape Did you ever make it for a romantic interest? Um, I wasn't popular like that in high school but although I did I would make a lot of like party mixes okay was the jam of like okay so when you when it was time for the party mix burned CD Yeah, yeah. What was your closer the closer was if he said oh in the club? Yeah, no, actually I think it would it probably opens up mode yeah with with 50 sign and actually close with like, like Yeah, by Usher or something like that. Because we don't give a shit it's not your birthday. Yeah, there's just so much to pick from at that time that you know you would have us your stuff you know 50 cent you'd have Nalli like hot in here like there's a lot of you know, you could really get a party going and at that time burning a CD was an incredible you just felt so powerful right like for once you had all the control your own record, come take that recording studio. Yeah, yeah, I have a CD I can put it in my car. I can bring it to the Dance Club Songs I liked on it. Yeah, Free Radio am all powerful music guy so that's gonna do it for the first of our rounds here for a comedy roundtable Hutchinson comedy Club. Live from the diner. We'll be back with more. Right after. We have shown us society we cannot handle unlimited internet. We are animals. We watched everything, everything. Talk to each other. Like it's no big deal. But he taught me that it was like he might not watch all of season two of those artists. And I was good for you. This was 10 years ago. You'd be like you watched 10 hours of television on a weeknight all at once. What is wrong with you? Call someone outside what is going on? And Netflix doesn't give a fuck. Okay, there's throwing them at the point he's still watching. That's not the right tone. It should be like are you still good? Call the police. This is how you know you're dating a dude that's not tall. You ask us how tall we are. We say the beginning part. And then we trail off and then change the subject to something you have to talk about. And be like How tall are you? I suppose I'm like five. To 10 gentrification is like really important, right? All the newscasters have to be hot. I'll warn you all the news I'm not going to learn about dark more or less I HAVE A BONER also. All right back here in the diner comedy roundtable, Jamie, Jamie and Adam our guest this evening this episode is our comedian here at the punch line between sets. Awesome, Ali. Hello. Hi, how are you? We're gonna keep the episode moving along. I chatted it up. episodes where you guys just slow it down. We do the fast. Okay, well, we usually have like a we have a slow dance poor shift the timing of the show. I like a sense of urgency. Yeah, the podcast is the actual antithesis to every podcast I've ever. Every podcast is like how long can we make this? Really boring? How long can we stretch this minutia? Alright, so we have two remaining subjects for you to choose from facing fears or to facing honestly. Oh, you're not afraid that way. We give the people something look for that. Because I feel like the honestly, I swears what they're really here for could be Yeah. Oh, that one's dying. We're not we're not getting to that. Why don't we let that one die? You're having to choose between those two. Okay, okay. You're facing fears. Come on. It was your initial job. Let's do it. Okay. Starting with that. Okay, so I kind of read this wrong when I got the cues from my partner say so I was thinking it was faces that you fear right? So let's go ahead. And we're going to switch that question around. If you saw someone kind of just open the door you go to someone's house you don't know that door opens? What is the face that you fear? Is it the clown? Is it the Jason mask? Is it this appointment? That's so fascinating. I think it would honestly be the real answer. Why be like somebody from like, like a like a paramedic? Or like a stressed out paramedic or a firefighter cop or something guy. That's a deep answer to being like, with like, panic on there. Yes. Because then you'd be like, oh, oh, shit. Yes. What is going on here? What what is going on? I think that would to me would be like 10 out of 10. Honestly, I would still take it as good news. If they answered the door with urgency, right? If they didn't leave the door if they're covered in blood and lackadaisical, like yeah, you missed it. It's too late. It's over. That's okay, get in here. I'm in the middle. I'm in the middle of Jamie. Alright, so a bunch of ducklings are coming towards you. Alright, what number of ducklings does it switch from Hallmark movie to horror film ducklings. So have little little Easter yellow. Sorry. At least 1000 Oh, my 1000 1000 Thank you good put off. Like, he doesn't have to put them off. You're just observing. If I just saw if I saw 500 300 I'd be like, that's a lot. That's like a farm situation like, what 1000 would be like, Okay, now they're at all. Yeah, the company feels like a swarm like. I mean, let me let me clarify my question. They are coming at you. So I'm not gonna say they're armed. Who's bloodless? Yeah, they are. They are coming. They're coming to say they're not armed. Because ducklings. Yeah. Would have to look at the weight ratio. Like, let's say, if I had tripped. How many could I have? You know, even even on top of me to not even touch the ground, you fell onto $1,000? I would say 1000 I think 1000 would present a real issue. I think 500 I don't think really would you know, when you think about that they're not that big because 500 can't all get on you at the same time. So the way that these are organized, they weigh that much if they did get on Yeah, not organized. They are only as good as the minute 1000 That means that a bunch could be on me and then a bunch could climb on their backs, almost like ramps working as a team one of the top that sort of pile drives you it's the one that breaks the camel's back. Yo basta I hate that duckling. So yeah, I would say like 1000 That would be like the ultimate good round surfing experience to be just 1000 ducklings. Well, that's what that's the royal that you know, when you leave royally a lot of times the classically in actually, I think it was maybe I think it was the Philippines where they used to actually carry off the Royals with ducklings. Yeah, it was actually 1000s and 1000s of ducklings would carry the people either to or from ceremonial events. There you go. There's YouTube videos that you share. You think that didn't exist. malefics just absolutely deep fakes. Yeah. Okay, so facing fears. My question about facing fears is what role does facing a fear play in your life? To me, it's a lot. It's been a lot of fun. I feel like everything that I do is initially kind of scary. And then being able to take it on and be able to get out on the other side and be able to figure it out. and hopefully mastered and develop it. I think that's like, the fun part of this job in this career is that, I mean, you can do that in your regular life, too. I'm sure it happens too. But I think for me making things that are kind of scary into into jobs is part of the reason why I do it's fun, you know, like, even like shows, like, I don't know how the second show, it's gonna be right. The first show was fun, but I only really knew that by doing it. So alright, so in your life, then let me ask, let me follow that up by asking is, is there a fear in your life that you have, up to this point? Avoided facing kids? Yeah, that's a good one. It's a big fear. I'm like, oh, man, how do you have? How do you do that? You know, talking to friends of mine, or even my brother that you know, there is no real that's the thing that's scary is there is no real right or wrong time. There is no real right or wrong situation really in like the grants. You know, barring the extremes. It's like you either just do it, and then you figure it out. While you're doing it. There is no sort of like, thing you can do that will prepare you for having your kids. It's just like you, you do it, and then you hope you do a good job. That's so funny, because it's the same story, though, that you had before that kids can actually be incredibly rewarding in life. Right. And but it is a huge fear. Yeah, can actually. Yeah, so where are people going to find you online on all social media, a li comedy a l i comedy, mostly? Instagram, but I'm also like on Tiktok, and Facebook and all that. But yeah, Instagram a li comedy. All right. Well, continued success. It was a treat having you here so much this weekend. And we look forward to hopefully seeing you here for too long. Absolutely. All right. So for Jamie, Jamie and Adam and our guest this evening. Thank you for joining us here at the company roundtable. Put your chair back where you found it, and we will save a space for you next time. By the way, these vape clouds is there a limit? Are we gonna set a limit as a society my buddy Blue was I was like, Are you smoking a fog machine? What's happening? This smoker was so big that I would not have been surprised if it dissipated and Metallica was just onstage cooking ready? Trouble recently I was late. And this girl was just like, you know, I shaved my whole body for you. He shaved my whole body for you. And I was like, listen, I empathize. But maybe you save that for white dudes. I am Indian. I also shaved my entire body right Denise? We both sacrificed a lot of Gillette to be here. Get in the car. We're both late to fast and furious. We learned a lot about ourselves during COVID. I learned I don't have a man's voice. No one can hear me for the first six months of COVID like I can Excuse me, ma'am. I don't understand what you're saying. And I'm like, I want chocolate milk.