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Boris Cherniak

March 29, 2022 Comedy Roundtable Season 6 Episode 58
Comedy Roundtable
Boris Cherniak
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What is the greatest one hit wonder of all time? Want are some fun facts about Canada? Which NFL player was the star of Boris' performance for an NFL event (we'll give you a hint - it was FitzMagical)? The Incredible Boris Cherniak sits down at the Comedy Roundtable to answer these questions and many others, and to discuss his career as a comedic hypnotist. We are fairly sure he has put us under hypnosis and are just waiting for someone to say whatever trigger word he has put into our brains. Categories for this episode are One Hit Wonders, O' Canada and In Five Years.
Boris Cherniak is a multiple award winning comedian hypnotist, hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, actor and author. He regularly appears on television showcasing incredible powers of hypnosis and power of positive thinking.
Boris was born in Moscow, Russia in the 1960s. He came to Canada when he was 10 years old. As a child, he lived across the road from the Moscow Circus where he was a regular fixture in the audience and backstage, mentored by world-famous clowns Yury Nikulin (Yury Nikulin's Moscow Circus) and Oleg Popov.

Boris started hypnotizing as a teenager at parties and get-togethers. Early on, friends provided ideas, which have evolved into dramatic and theatrical stage routines today. He is a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist, whose practice encompasses the entertainment field and motivational team building events. Boris is a member of several hypnosis guilds and organizations. His motivational book of life experiences to inspire the reader "You Can Do Anything" is available on Amazon.

Boris is a regular guest expert on Maury, helping eliminate unusual fears and phobias. He has also appeared on The Robert Irvine Show, Montel, The Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Comics! among many others, and prominent comedy festivals - Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and Boston Comedy Festival.


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comedy fans con versation enthusiast it is a brand new episode of the comedy round table pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. I am Jamie Bendele Jamie Hernan and Adam Hey is missing this episode. So it's just Jamie and Jamie but the good news is we have a very entertaining guests. This is the portion of the show in introduction where I read from the bio which is always challenging for the person who is the guest I hate having my bio read, but here we go. Our guest this evening is comedian hypnotist hypnotherapist motivational speaker, actor and author, Boris Cherny. He regularly appears on television showcasing incredible powers of hypnosis, power of positive thinking. Boris motivates and inspires. He performs regularly at over 300 events per year. His stage name, the incredible Boris turning act describes the sentiment of every performance. Literally. Welcome to our episode, Boris. Well, thank you, Jamie, this is so good to be here. I now have to live up to all of the stuff that he said about me. Alright, let me ask you this. I spend not a lot of time but a an age appropriate amount of time on Instagram, okay. And there's what seems to be an entire culture on Instagram. That is all about mindset. And you can listen to podcasts about mindset. And I've been curious to ask somebody who's in your circumstance to tell me whether or not you guys have the experience of saying, Yeah, this is what we've been telling you for years that your mind controls so much of what you do. And if you're willing to be open to the ability for your mind to be conditioned, programmed acclimated to a certain way of thinking, you can impact significant change in your life. Oh, wow, Jamie, you just hit it right on the head, I truly believe and this is my view, but the whole thing and actually created a term for it. It's called prophetic thinking, Okay, well think about it for a second. Basically, you materialize whatever you desire. So if your goal is to achieve something specific, that's the mindset and the mindset is internal dialogue, what you say to yourself, you either call yourself before stupid or you call yourself smart, I should pat myself on the back, or anything else that the dialogue that's happening inside your mind, where I took it a little bit further, once you know how to go after a specific thing you consume yourself with how to get there, you become successful just because that is what you concentrate your energies on. So that's the mindset. So of course, we talked to a lot of comedians on this show, generally speaking, I think without fail, they all would say that they do not like hecklers, right. They don't. It's their show. They don't need the audience to help them with their show. But as a hypnotist and a comedian, you have to have audience participation. And I'm just curious how you deal with the frustration of someone who is trying to upstage you interfere with your show? Oh, well, I step onto every stage with a little more than some comedians do. First of all, I have to deal with the believability of hypnosis, because a lot of times you'll hear this is not real. It's all fake people are playing along. So that's one obstacle that I have to go through. And there's another one where people want to be the center of attention. And my job is onstage specifically with those type of people, is to show the who's the bus if you like, do you or anyone else in the hypnosis field ever hypnotize somebody and send them back to their seat with a heckle trigger all the time. One of my most favorite routines is to break the fourth wall where stuff is happening in the audience without the audience realizing what's going on. Yep. Specifically, for probably about 15 minutes to 20 minutes of the show, I sent the participants from stage right out into the audience was where the audience gets to interact with the people in the audience. It was way the people on stage get to interact with the people in the audience, for the simple reason that it's not only for me, I want the people in the audience to see how real it is how exact the reactions are and how far it can be taken. Because hypnosis is always misunderstood. It's just like we were talking about beforehand, where don't look into his eyes so he could take over. No, it's not it's a collaboration between two people. All right, I got to ask you since and then I know you want to go to questions and our topics. I want your professional evaluation, Boris, on my introduction from my bio. Are you gonna let me introduce you? No, no. Oh, you could do that. Yeah, no, I don't think First you just to read what it said I wasn't going to read what it said. I know I know you well enough to go I'm not doing it. Okay. All right. So this is what my bio says but relevance to the to the setting of expectations based on language. Okay? Okay. That's that's the evaluative criteria. It says special note, if you're introducing Jamie, please read slash speak only the following text friends. We have a wonderful comedian for you today, you may recognize his face from his numerous television appearances or recognize his voice from any of the times he's been on the radio, we are all going to enjoy ourselves. The performance you're about to see is unique. Please welcome a really nice guy, Mr. Jamie Bendele. Amazing, not one credit in there. I always thought from the standpoint of I want to use words that you're going to enjoy yourself. We'll have a wonderful time setting the expectation that I'm going to like this and I was really getting warm to you right there and I thought, Okay, this is a guy I can relate to, and then you made me think of you as Mr. Jamie Bendel. Do you know John Heffron? Yes. Okay, so John and I talked about one time and John's a person who's very interested in interaction between performer and audience. So he and I have talked about the fact that he creates for himself on stage a space where he only stands when he has to have a negative interaction with the audience. And so he never uses the whole stage. So when he rewards he's in a specific area. And when he negates or chastises, he's created a space that says when I go stand over here, I'm making that space where it's okay that this negative thing, and then I'm going to be able to leave that behind, and I go back to the space where good things happen. Oh, of course, he's using psychology. Yes. I was actually asked the very similar question from an audience member. Where should I sit in the audience on the right or on the left for a specific performer and I gave a really the answer. I find out if the performer is right handed or left handed, depending on which one they are, they will favor one side of the stage for positivity and the other side for negativity. Yeah, I feel like John should sell discounted seats in front of the negative section. Well, in fairness, it's a place where he should only spend a limited amount of time so as for your benefit, and for those who may be listening to this as our first episode, we do a lightning round kind of question format, we allow our guests to select which of the three topics they would like to choose first you will be answering questions about all three topics so pick your choices as you want to go with them your choices are as follows So you're picking one of them to do this segment. They are one hit wonders Oh Canada, or in five years. Well, you hit it right on the nose. Oh, Canada would be the one because that's where I call home most of the time. Alright, so we will start with Oh Canada and you get the choice of determining whether we go clockwise or counterclockwise in the order we ask questions clockwise. Let's move forward clockwise starting with Jamie All right. So what is the most unusual or funny fact about Canada that is relatively unknown outside of the country? We don't all say a just like as you been hearing me talk chances are there was not one a in the whole thing and Fortunately though, you said a now so I can just edit it back in throughout. All right, for us complete the following phrase. Oh, Canada. Why are you so nice? In comparison to American I'm right now in us doing shows. But I find Canadians are very, I wouldn't say apathetic, they're more calm in comparison. The audiences are wonderful and kind. I and you won't get any of your buddy to just stand up and be mean. Well, in us you'll find a little bit more abrasiveness and chest pounding. Yes, I find Canadians very warm. Very kind very. See. I'm a hugger. So before COVID Everybody got a hug. That's a Canadian way of doing stuff even though that would be more of a southern thing in the US. So there's a comparison. Boris, have you ever had the opportunity to meet a Olympic medalist and Canadian figure skating hero Jamie sailing? I have not. However, I did a TED talk with Scott and Tessa virtue. Scott. Yeah. So I did get a chance to meet Olympic athletes and actually have hidden dyes, some Olympic athletes to do better on stuff including not only Olympic athletes, but The hockey and football heroes. I was asking the question because when I was thinking about Adams questions that he was going to ask he often asks sports related questions, right. But you didn't think to go to hockey. You didn't think you in Olympic sports, you didn't watch a documentary about bad sports. And it had to do with people who had negative sporting outcomes and the challenges that they went through. And I learned a great deal about David and Jamie, who were America's Sweethearts. Also for a while when they were robbed in a skating competition in the Olympics in Calgary. Yeah. Oh, can I bring up an A? Sure talking about sports. Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm sure you guys know who that is. Went through so many different. He was one of my star performers on a stage in an NFL event. Okay, we're gonna come back to that after the break because I do want to hear more about hypnotizing. Ryan Fitzpatrick fits magic. It's magic. The man is brilliant lover. All right, we will be back with more of the comedy round table and our guest Boris Tretiak right after this do you think that if he's got us hypnotized during this episode that he would actually tell us is there a hypnosis code that requires him to tell us that we are hypnotized? One there is no such thing as a hypnotist code. Are you sure? I'm 100% Powerful. Second thing is I think hypnosis falls into the same category as a superpower. Okay, and then you're only allowed to use it for good. So a villain there are no villain hypnotists that's just a fact. And so if a hypnotist turned evil turned evil doesn't happen. So the power of hypnosis must have some sort of reflective quality. Its origin based only and good, but it has a reflective quality to hypnotize the hypnotist to where they cannot use it for evil. hypnotists are immune to being hypnotized. The kryptonite of hypnotists is an hypnotism now. Don't you think that if a bunch of hypnosis were at lunch, that there'd be hypnosis flying all over that table? I don't think so. I think because it's like game respects game. Right? So it's not like Jordan versus Kobe. One on one. Let's go out and determine who's the best I'll try to hypnotize you. You try to hypnotize me. You just give a little hat tip. You got the power to here's how it works. Hooper hypnotists go out to lunch. They have a delightful time. They talk all about the kinds of things that they talk about. And the meal comes they get up and depart. Nobody picks why because their server always says on the house. How many round table worrying a chair a little bit closer if you haven't already grabbed one and settle in for this continuing comedic conversation with comedy hypnotist motivational speaker as well. Boris turning aqui we're talking in the previous segment that you had an opportunity to interact with and hypnotize, I'm hoping you're gonna say Ryan Fitzpatrick. Before you say that. I will say that generally, people really like our mid segment portions. And this may be one of the first times that people are just fast forwarding right through that, because they heard about the Ryan Fitzpatrick story, and I just want to get right to it. I'm an avid fantasy football player. And I have had I used to at one time Coach Ryan Fitzpatrick and fantasy football, and I would sometimes start them. Yeah, I sometimes bench them. But I also sometimes start them. And now I want to know if I have a special potential hook up that bores can put back into the universe, a little trigger that maybe helps me get a additional fantasy football points with Fitz magic. Oh, it's magic was absolutely brilliant. And I can't say that enough. In my show, there's always a star. And I'll tell you, I did this in North Carolina for a special event for NFL show, I normally have a star that is usually centered around a person doing specific stuff over and over again, which escalates throughout the whole show. And I give them a name, Chip. Well, throughout the show, I keep screwing the name up and call them anything but and they get progressively worse. Well, Ryan Fitzpatrick was that person and he was one of the greatest people on that stage. And at the end of the show, I put specific suggestions to improve for the people to be better at whatever they do, specifically, in this case, their game on the field. And you have seen how well Ryan Fitzpatrick has done over the years for us. I would have hoped that that story started with originally one quarterback was supposed to be involved in being the participant and then they were unavailable. And it's magic came in and saved. The original quarterback fell off the stage on stage injured himself this magic could only be a guy off the bench. The weird thing is he went back the next He wasn't there. He wasn't entirely different concerts, right. Alright, so we now want to turn to our questions for this segment your two remaining subjects, you of course get the choice of which one you would prefer to do this segment are either one hit wonders, or in five years. Let's do one hit wonder. Alright, so one hit wonders starting with you. Is there an equivalent to the one hit wonder for hypnotism? Or I'll expand that to comedy? Hmm, I would say yes, there are weekend warriors. Because hypnosis is all about, well, I can only claim to talk about stage hypnotist. And hypnosis is all about confidence, bravado, knowing the craft, knowing the variations because on stage, I play off of different little stimuli that are presented at me by the people on stage, if you know what I'm looking for, you can easily fully hidden this. But a lot of times hidden just will give up and when you're referring to one hit wonder, give up in a sense. They try and they don't succeed. I don't know if you're familiar with Maury Povich who is actually retiring. This is Maury. Yeah, Maria is retiring and I love them married for time for more to hang them up. Oh, yeah. Well, if you have ever seen people with really weird phobias on that show, I'm the guy that helps them good. So I became a regular on the show, helping people with odd and unusual phobias. Do you help them with a phobia that they are in fact the Father? That one? No, that's that's a very specific Maury Povich joke. That's, yeah, I mean, that's pretty well played. I have a terrible fear Maury, of being the father. Yeah, Maury has always been awesome to me. And I can't say that enough. They brought me in the show was filmed always in two parts where they are the father and when they are not the father. Were they scared them with whatever they were terrified? Yeah. They filmed the whole father segment. And the stuff that I heard in the green rooms next to me was absolutely hilarious. As far as these are real people. I wish they were actors. I heard the fights behind the scenes the way it works, they show the little blurb on the screen saying, if you have this call the Maury show now by that weekend, they're in the studio. Alright. So Boris, I usually think that people consider a one hit wonder to be a unique success that never returns again, I'm going to ask you this question in a different way. And that is, what is something that you wondered about one time, but never returned to one hit wonder? Well, for me, a one hit wonder was 10 years of owning a comedy club and all the experiences that went along with it. But it wasn't a one hit wonder I had so many wonderful people that came through, I'll just throw out a few names that I booked. Ralphie may Ralphie. May was one of my opening acts. And the Ralphie was a friend who used to open up for me all across Texas. We met at the comedy showcase in Houston, way back when but I traveled with him as an opening act for forever. It seems like and over the years when I opened up a comedy club, but he was the perfect choice. Because, as Jamie, you and I know, in your own hometown, you're not always considered to be a star until you go away and come back. So I was Ralph, these first big break if you like headliner break, because I thought he was ready. But the size of Ralphie did not allow him to fly easily. Or economics. Oh, yeah. All right. So in order to come to my club, he drove from Houston, to Toronto. And if you're listening, Google that right distance is pretty big. And back, and if you can't find that Google length of the Mississippi River. All right, exactly. It's far. So he drove up. So I booked him for three weeks instead of two. So once he made the drive, make, right So once he made the drive he could stake and I still remember to this day that we got our liquor license, the day we opened, and Ralphie was helping bring in the booze. I just before the show, and he was going up on stage. So that should tell you. Another one is Mitch Hedberg. Oh, yeah, Mitch, I booked him before he hit a really big and got the big. I think it was quarter of a million dollars or half a million dollar developmental deal. So I booked them opening up my Second Club, also booked them for three weeks. I'm sensing a pattern of the comedians that you booked. Boris, don't answer that question for us. Don't answer that question. Let me answer that question for you. Because I think that that's, I understand what you're saying, Jamie, but I want to answer for our guests. And that is if you have the good fortune to have longevity in this terrific business, which is stand up comedy, unfortunately, you'll be in it long enough to see the premature death of some of the most talented people who are in our business. I will rephrase that. It's the ability to recognize talent before anybody else does. When I went on, I was saying, you don't need to read me, Boris. I love what you said. But yeah, unfortunately, I Well, Mitch, I'll tell you this really cool. Don't say a third name because that's like, Final Destination seven where you're where you're putting a hex on on Boris? Absolutely not. Let's throw in a live person. I don't know. I just want to say one thing to comedy round table is not responsible for any divorce. This is the worst use of the mindset skill ever. This is. Don't put that out into the universe. Yeah, well, Mitch Hedberg. I absolutely love the guy because I thought he was brilliant. And not everybody got it. At times. They thought he was high when he wasn't. It was a character that was stretched to such a limit that was so believable. All right, we will be back with our final segment with our guests, comedian, hypnotist, motivational speaker, Boris turning back here on the comedy roundtable in just a moment. Now, if someone starts at episode one of comedy roundtable and listens to every episode in order, they will find that oddly enough, it has been a long time since there has been a mixtape question. Oh, that's true. And I thought with today's category of one hit wonder that we would have a mixtape question, but we did not. And so I have the question to you. Okay, who was the greatest one hit wonder of all time? And there is a correct answer. one right answer one right answer greatest one hit wonder of all time. Yes. So I want to be sure before I get my answer, I want the parameters of the question. This is the best one hit wonder song of all time. Now. This is the greatest one that was the greatest one hit wonder. And the definition of greatest is what superior to all and the most one hiddenness, the most one hitTest of all one hits. All the while we've been talking about it, I've come up with another one. So there's two Correct. Okay. So I want to make sure I wanted to make sure so I go too long. There'll be three or four probably. So let's fly. Let's go. I'm didn't want to suggest to you that your question is not a one hit wonder because it's a poorly formed question. I will accept that. And I will as we speak right now, there's still only two correct answers. I would say that under both knowing you as the questioner, and to the subject matter of a one hit wonder and greatest being the most one hidest have all one hits, meaning person who wrote the song Never had a hit comparable in terms of recognition and awareness as the first song. It's the definition of one hit. That's the basic definition. But I would say it is a one hit wonder the one the most one hipness is the person whose hit is so great that people assume they have lots of other wonderful hits. I think my answer is the correct answer. Based on your clarification, your answer is wrong. Okay, so I just want to set that before I give my answer. Greatest one hit wonder of all time happy person. It's the correct answer. Alright. So without commenting on what you said, there are three correct answers. I gave the correct answer. The greatest one hit wonder of all time. And happy birthday to you. All right. With all due respect to come on Eileen and Never Gonna Give You Up. Might you might be right. Let's go back to the guest. All right. Sadly, we have only one topic remaining. Before we will have to draw this episode of the comedy round table together to a close rather, our last remaining subject matter for the show this evening is in five years starting with Jamie, do you want to stay with clockwise or do you want to switch it up and go counterclockwise? You know, let's switch it up. Let's be different, outrageous and wild and crazy. Alright, counterclockwise starting with Jamie. All right. If you had to completely reinvent yourself and start doing something else with the hopes of becoming a master of the skill in five years, what do you start doing? I would be a professional traveler. There's so many places I have not gotten a chance to get to as a matter of fact COVID kind of stopped me in my tracks and would have loved to visit the places like Australia I have never been to belly I was supposed to be in Valley before covered India, Singapore. I've never been to China. I absolutely love travel. I think well, always when I get to a place I go To eat where the locals would eat rather than the regular places so I I've been around the world that's one of the greatest joys of my life to be able to well, just even entertaining troops. I've been to Afghanistan twice Kuwait, six times. I Bermuda, Japan, Korea, you are a social influencer now. As a traveler. What is the name of your travel show? I don't have a name of a travel show and I have well everything that I do is at the are slash incredible, Boris. Alright, credible adventures with Boris. That's yeah, copyright 20.2 I'm, I'm picking a different name for his travelogue new instagram handle his tick tock profile, and that is in the middle seat with the incredible bores. Oh, that's a good one. It talks about getting engaged with the people around you experiencing the world and not making any presumptions like that right? You are very good. I do ask for a window seat and sometimes fall asleep on it. The person next to me but in the middle seat will make perfect sense. I disturb people on each side of me. drool on their shoulder. So you want to get in the community. You got to be in the middle seat. By the way. I just want to this is unrelated to any of the subject matter of tonight's episode. But I want to state in the most authoritative way possible. The window seat does not control the shade. Oh, we're not getting into that right now. I just want to put it out there that you window seat sitters do not get to determine whether the shade is up or down. By the way, let me just go on to say on the record to say the only position for a window shade is up. You are half right. 100%. Right. And as a matter of fact, mindset, I'm going to put it on the record right now that I am aisle seat only. And if you put the window shade down, I'm reaching over from window seat and putting it back up. I'll see biases, what you're saying, and how do you feel about kids? Oh, I love kids. I'm 100% Pro kids. And I'm totally fine with kids on planes. Like I have no issues with grandkids on planes completely agree kids on planes. They're just kids, they will do whatever they want to do. And sometimes yes, they do cry. It could be annoying, but it's the most wonderful thing and the parent has no control over how it can behave. But what if the kid closed the window shades? The kids got to learn that the window say goes up crying kid is fine. But kid who closes the window shade needs the Air Marshal to get involved? I don't think that's the reason our air marshals are there. But if it is a reason if air marshals have jurisdiction to set all shade disputes, I'm 100% on board that window Marshal would enforce shade up. I don't think that's fair, because I think most air marshals have to sit by virtue of their job in the aisle so they have an aisle seat bias. So you can't use the Air Marshal as the enforcer of the rule about window shades because they do not experience or appreciate the window seat is injured. I'm saying I would claim citizen Air Marshal status when it comes to the legality of putting your shade up. Yeah, what about a kid that's in the front seat that just speaks over and stares at you? Um, I'm playing with that kid the whole time. Man, that kid we're gonna be like, besties by the time the flight is over? What if they just make direct eye contact but do nothing else other than just a stare? I'm on board of that 100% on board. All right, my turn in five years. All right, Boris, if you are listening to this show, and you have some aspect of your life that you want to change from the way it is currently, in five years, is there any aspect of your life that you cannot change for the better? Ah, of course, the best way to do that is change the dialogue inside your head. I changed the words have removed the I Can won't shall not any of the negatives that guide you and move you towards the impossibilities. That's the only way because you are the only one that is stopping yourself from achieving whatever you desire. Let's leave it on the idea that each of us have the capacity through the words we use in our internal dialogues and the being conscious about the vocabulary that are being used around us and that we use with others to ensure that we appreciate and leverage the ability of our mind to influence our outlook on life. I couldn't have said it better myself can you write that down so I can read it so if we're going to look you up online look search incredible Boris that's the easiest way to do it. You'll find a million things I'm everything from videos. I have a website incredible Boris calm. Yep. But all of my handles are at incredible Boris. So if you search everything from WWE Wikipedia to YouTube. There's a ton of stuff millions and millions of views. Alright, we appreciate it. Boris, thank you so much. Thanks for being our guest here on the comedy round table. Let's put the chairs back where they belong. And call it an episode. We will see you next when we record next. Make sure you like subscribe, follow not just the guests but this show as well. five star reviews are appreciated both of guests and of the program. Oh god, can I help get to help a little bit? Yeah, you will subscribe. You will enjoy and you will forward all of these episodes to your friends. Perfect. I appreciate it. Boris, thank you so much. We will see you next time for Jamie Jamie the missing Adam and our guests Boris turning. This has been the comedy round table. You're dismissed.