Comedy Roundtable

Erin Lok (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)

April 05, 2022 Comedy Roundtable Season 6 Episode 59
Comedy Roundtable
Erin Lok (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)
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What is your game of choice at the casino? If you had to make a living by cheating at gambling, which game would be your calling card? You are being recruited to be on a casino heist team because of one special skill. What is that special skill that you have been recruited for? Comedian Erin Lok took a break from competing in the World Series of Comedy at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia to sit down at the Comedy Roundtable and answer those and other great lightning round questions. 

Episode categories: Gambling, Drinking and My Favorite Martian (one of these categories didn't make the cut)

Erin Lok is a NY born, Charleston based stand up comedian, improv, and sketch artist. She performs all over the east coast and regularly in her shower. Erin is an alumna of Second City, Lady Laughs Comedy School, IndyProv and was awarded “Best Newcomer” at the Lady Laughs Comedy Awards. She was a finalist in the Cheap Comedy Festival and has been featured at the North Carolina Comedy Festival, International Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, and Charleston Comedy Festival. Be sure to check out her content online, follow her across social media and find an opportunity to see her perform live.


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brand new episode of the comedy round table starting now grab yourself chair slide up, we've saved a space for you Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey, oh no, no come on up. Yeah, we are recording this episode live at the landmark diner which is conveniently located directly next to the punch line comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia. Our guest is comedian Aaron lock before you join us officially this is the portion of the show where we read the comedians bio, okay, and every comedian hates it, because it's usually the time where we recognize our BIOS need to be updated. Sure, Aaron's bio reads as follows she is a mid west based stand up comedian and improv artists her unique style of comedy gives the audience a glimpse into how her warped brain works. And she loves poking fun at herself and others but mostly herself. Aaron employs a honest storytelling approach infused with her quirky thoughts to take the audience on a wild ride. Although she looks like the girl next door, her New York roots make her anything but Midwest. Nice. She's a graduate of the ladies laughed comedy school and is impatiently waiting to burst out of the box once she saves the world from COVID. Yeah. See what happens when I come out with vaccines? Yeah, I love it. It was me guys. I did it. You're welcome. All you had to do was make it happen. So where in New York are you from? From Long Island, Smithtown originally? What are you doing with all that vaccine money? We cured? COVID Oh, I did. Yeah. I mean, I got every hospital actually paid up. And the rumors are true. That's good. Yeah. It's really good. The tour is slow pillars. Those hospitals. Yeah. All right. So you're here at the World Series A comedy? Yep. You're not yet having performed so this is kind of like an interview before the show. Yep. Got your set. Ready. You got your material set? Ready to go. Any predictions about how it may may turn out? Oh, I have a feeling a very big feeling that I'm going to say stuff and I'm going to say more stuff. Oh, no way. I know. Both of them. Yeah. And then I'm gonna end in just complete silence. Are you just gonna walk off the stage Mic drop? If you did the Mic drop. How long could you just stand there and stare the audience? Oh, for a really uncomfortable long time. Like I have seven minutes tonight. My mic drop. Is it a minute? 30 Oh, that would be incredible. And you just stare at of like, Yeah, some people walk off after the mic. Drop not me. Dare to bitches. Oh. You know, I wonder if anybody has tried to pull off just the clumsy Mic drop. Like whoa. Oh, I just Oh, dropping the mic. doing my job. Like, I would actually love it. If you do drop the mic at 130. But then pick it up at four and just keep going back into your routine like nothing. Nothing. Just fucking stone. Like, what just happened there for three minutes? Are there other professions that are Mike droppable paramedic? Yeah, I feel like surgeon like that's all like when you do that with the scalpel. Like it goes in the body. That's bad. Like this is spleen, sir. So I've been asleep most of the time when I've been operated on most of the time. Yeah, but it would be amazing. If they actually did like scalpel drop there was like some just total egotistical surgeon that they would cut and then it'd be like, throw it on the floor. Yeah, right. It was like breaking dishes at a wedding. Scalpel. Boom. Oh, God this guy again, right. Nurses are like you better bring lots of extra Scalpel. Scalpel party Yeah. Oh, boom shuffle on the wall. She saw me last Wednesday and three in my arm it was great. Priests priests could be mic drop come up homily. They'll be like that's how you go to hell. Oh, baptism of the baby baby doesn't cry. You're like dropping in the water that's a father dropping the baby but yeah, he's gonna cry Lord take the Lord out actually not to be sacrilegious about it cuz I know here we go touchy. Yeah, yeah. Easy those guys that drop the baby. Those guys listening those guys that swing the incense. Yeah, like super Jesus hype man. Oh, like oh, let me just get it ready for the big man. Historically they came up is the Jesus original hype man. You'd like that smell? You'd like that smell who may not have had a perhaps nobody could have talked him into sandalwood. Oh, I'm very mad to be is there a reason Jamie that it was incense Do you know? First of all, I'm not exactly sure how I became the religious expert on Well the correct answer why was incense yeah yes because at the time when Jesus was young his skills and converting things from one to another were not quite fully developed Oh, and so he can convert things to incense he hadn't he hadn't developed the the fine tune. Sandalwood? No, not yet like a puberty conversion. Well, that comes usually like 35. And he didn't make it. Interesting to go with a little heretical he was early. I don't know I don't even like water to wine thing. He's like, I'm gonna put like make this stick turn into smoke. Whoo. never just be better, Jesus, be better and drink that. Yeah, the church is like, let's incorporate this into the whole service. This stick thing is really great. All right, if if there was ever a time where Jesus experimented with Santo comedy, he probably totally would have attempted a lot of early closers Are you be like, Ah, I gotta follow this guy. Again. This whole thing shots for you. shot for you. That's for you. I like to think that his last one was at the Last Supper and like, that's what? That's what did it in it was. He bombed? He bombed at the Last Supper. They're just like, it's time to go. This is awkward. We're probably gonna have to crucify. Like literally, you got crucified by that audience? Oh, sorry. There's gonna be a lot of that. Beginning to say comedy round table with Jamie. Oh. All right. Oh, yeah. What are our so we asked rapid fire ish questions. Yes. So don't overly think what your answers are gonna be. All right. Are these the questions for this? Or do I will tell you that. So there's three categories. Alright, you get to choose one in each segment. There's only two segments. So one of them will be will die forever, forever. Okay, so your categories are drinking, gambling, and my favorite Martian. Oh, ah, let's say gambling. gambling. Starting with gambling. All right, you wouldn't go clockwise or counterclockwise clockwise. Alright, clockwise starting with I don't think we can accept an answer. I miss a question. That was a question was a question. I didn't think I knew what you meant. I was just like, are you going around the quit like the questions are but I think you mean the people. Yeah. Oh, we're not gonna just start walking clockwise and sorry. But that we're about to work. We're about to play like musical chairs. Musical Chairs. We're gonna switch seats. Alright, oh, you walk into a casino. What is your game of choice. It used to be used to be roulette. And then I started to learn how to play craps. Oh, you live roll them bones. And you love it. I gotta say, like, it's been a it's been a minute since I've done it. Yeah. The first time I ever played where my friend's wedding in the Dominican Republic at this resort. And I also had a casino. Yep. And, you know, I was going to, you know, playing roulette, having a good time. And someone's like, you know, everyone's at the craps table. And I was like, I gotta see what's going on over there. Yeah, that looks like fun. So I was like, I want to go check that out. So I'm standing there, one of the bridesmaids is like, kind of behind me. And she's like, AC, when they do that, that's when they do this. And that's this. And that's this. And she's like, just feeding me all of this information. I was like, okay, cool. I'm ready to play. And then like, she would just kind of like telling me like, Okay, this is what this means is what this means, like the heart aide, and this and that and like, and then it was my turn to roll. And I was hot. Oh, yes, I was so hot. And like, it was amazing. It was one of the best feelings I've ever had in my entire life. And like, I made the father of the groom a buttload of money and, and he tipped me and which is like, this is my favorite person here. Getting married, but like, this is the one more and more pressure with every throw. You're like, oh, this could be the this is the one that ends it. Yeah, I didn't really know. I was just sort of like, I'm just gonna keep rolling. Keep sending out money. People say don't roll a seven, right? I think like, the next time I played I was more like, oh, like, you know, like, oh, man, like, Don't do that again, because I felt like shit, but like, continuing to roll. Yeah, amazing. I don't know what's happening. They just keep cheering for me. And it's great. Oh, I felt like a rock star. Like I felt kinda like when you do and you have a great set on stage. You know, where everyone's like laughing and clapping and roaring and like, that's what rocks. I love craps. Yeah. All right, Jamie. Alright, so if you had to make a living by cheating it gambling, right? Which type of gambling would you find the most success for cheating at gambling can only cheat you have to gamble and cheat I feel like cow pie bingo. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming I did not know exactly how it happens you know that is not No Yeah, it's number it's squares on a Yeah. Then you wait for the horse to cow. So basically like you have like a square you have like a square fan scenario area and you have like mines on the ground like a grid of numbers and then people bet about where the cow is going to take a shit. Oh, look at that. You feed a Taco Bell and it shoots in Every square Oh, Blackout I'm betting some games go faster than others. Could you imagine just sitting there waiting for that cow to go? Oh, this was fun is a great idea but you know that that game was invented by some people sitting around watching cows. Why don't we bet I got an idea on where this cow is gonna go to the bathroom now you just can't stop is there a point at which you feel bad? I don't know. Yeah, I just can't stop like oh, this is getting really what happens then then we have burgers ah bad. Yeah, I was out there hitting every spot. I bought it. And then they brought me into this room. Yeah, it got way worse. Yeah. Yeah, the slaughterhouses what she's trying to say in the politest way is that you don't swap out the board. You swap out the cow. Oh, you're up because our subject is gambling. Sure you are being recruited to be on a heist team of a casino. What is the special skill that you have been recruited for to bring to the team? Oh, like an Ocean's 11 kind of thing. Okay. Oh, man, that's a really tough one. Are you the code cracker? I like puzzles. I'm a big puzzle girl. Okay, but I don't think that's it either. Because I'm not that great. I like puzzles. having so much fun to get in, we need to get in there and Aaron's like, oh, my gosh, this is so impossible. Art is over it over the laser. It was so fortunate that the code to get in was a Sudoku. Oh, that I'm great at I actually wanna I want us to go contest on my study abroad. By the way, congratulations on that shit. I showed that in my bio. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Um, I would say I'm probably Are you the getaway driver? No. casino floor distraction. I was gonna say on the distraction at the craps table where? a buttload of money. Yeah. Excellent. All right, that's gonna do it. For round one. We are going to cash out this set of chips. And we will be back with our next segment here on the comedy round table I love crafts, love craps. Love rolling the bones. I love throwing the dice. I love the dance of the tables. craps is you don't have to know anything about craps. Do and have a good time at the craps table. You don't even have to gamble. No, it is I love the idea of gambling. When we sit there and we say we're all in this together. Are there people who show up at craps tables and vote against the group the roll? Yeah, those people are saying what kind of peer pressure situations start happening get really dirty looks. But these are the trolls of the casino. They are the trolls of the casino. They're worse than like the PI gow people, the PI gal people very bad the slot people the slots. What are you doing on those slots, but the craps person that walks up and bets against the roller? It's called a no combat. No, sir. Well, what I know is Aaron Locke would not bet against Aaron's a roller Yes, Aaron and I are gonna go make millions probably gonna stop doing the podcast. Aaron's gonna quit comedy because we're gonna make so much money. When you are the GM of a heist team, General Manager, what is the most important team member the code breaker code breaker? You got to be able to get into the safe? Okay, so you would start code breaker What are you starting with? I go for the distractor you start with good distraction? Yeah, what good is the distraction if he can't get into the safe? Well, I'm assuming that if I have a really good distractor I buy more time to get bad code. Right. I can have a lesser codebreakers. I'll go with that. But if you have a really good codebreaker and a horrible distractor, you're really under a lot of pressure. I'm convinced I'm convinced. I think I start with driver because I need driver things go well, and I need driver if things go bad. Yes. It's the only job of the group that you're picking based on the job going for it. Right. If it's a success, you don't care who you driver is. No, I need good driver. We got the money. We need to get away. Right? If we don't got the money, we got to get away. Instead of getting the getaway driver. Could you use Uber? No. People have tried that. It doesn't work. Well, like it says three minutes away. Now it's as five minutes away. Any place where it goes bad. They will give you a free Uber ride. It'll be lights on the top of the car. It's not even going to say lift on it. It'll probably say LAPD just off the backs just have in the back. We got to ride for you. Let's go back to the guest. All right, final segment here of this episode of the comedy round table. We are recording a live this series of episodes at the landmark diner conveniently located immediately adjacent to the punch line comedy club in Atlanta. Georgia comedy competition the World Series of comedy is taking place in Atlanta. While we do these episodes, we're taking the opportunity to talk with some of the comedians who are participating in that our guest this episode is Aaron lock Aaron, you are going to get again posed with the option of one of two subject matters for this last and final lightning round. Those choices are drinking or My Favorite Martian drinking. Drinking. Yeah, it just makes sense. Yeah, that's the right choice. Congratulations, Aaron endpoints. Beer wine or lager clockwise or counterclockwise? We're staying. I think she's Yo, I think I'm ready. Here we are. I love you like I'm starting with me. How dare you dare you? Easy, buddy. Just back off. wine. Beer liquor. I'm an equal opportunity employer as long as it's not fucking gin. Gin zero. Liquor choice though is vodka is a was a whiskey whiskey is a scotch. Okay, it's a whiskey. And is it a scotch? Is it a rye? Is it? Yep. Bourbon favorite? Yeah, right. Yeah. Excellent. What's your drink of choice? Well, I'm a gin and tonic, but yeah. So what's the drink that goes with that? Or is it is it meat? Is it on the rocks? Or is like old fashioned? What are we doing here? Manhattan are old fashioned. There you go. Excellent choices. Very well done. All right. That's fine. Okay, let's debate. Oh, the topic is water. pro or con. I'll take pro you go con. You ever put water in scotch? It fucks up the scotch. What's good point? She's actually got you there is. I'm convinced it's a Deleter. Yeah, yeah, I got I got nothing. You just beat you. Yeah, yeah, a lot of that whole it's the substance that keeps you alive. And that, you know, it's basically a necessity to live. And those are the things I was gonna go with. Yeah, she crushed you with that it dilutes Scotch just get out of my house. Yeah, I hear people do water and tequila. And those are some of the smartest people post basketball game. Sometimes pour a little bit of tequila and some ice do that with the in the mid in your Gatorade bottle. It's just tequila and water to keep you hydrated. In high school? No, no, no. No longer have to make apologies for how you consume beverage. Oh, remember like my Poland? Spring? Poland spring water bottle with like orange juice with vodka in it? No, I'm just being healthy. I'm getting my vitamin. Yeah. So recently, we had a conversation about fake IDs. Okay, and how young people today I'm avoiding saying kids or children, younger people, people who are under 21. Yeah, can get novelty IDs on the internet that are as good as anything that your DMV is going to issue. Interesting. And it completely changes the nature of childhood. And we're not advocating for kids breaking the law and doing things aren't supposed to be doing. But links will be in the show notes if you want to, if you need a fake ID. But my point is, is that if you use discount code comedy round table 20% Your example of orange juice and a Poland spring bottle. Yeah, almost doesn't have to exist now in the modern era, because there are 17 different flavors of water. Right? That's true. But it was also when I was stealing the Grey Goose out of my parents Grey Goose bottle and then filling it back up with water so that they didn't think that I was taking it. I wasn't going that was when I went to the bar. When I went to the bar. I did have a fake ID though. Your parents are like, hey, my tolerance has gone way up. I've had like six of these. I didn't feel anything. Then they go to the bar and they're like, I can have six. Bringing them up, bring them down. Drinking question. I haven't asked my drinking question yet because you're still in the middle of it. Are you done with your dream question? He debated the water question. She shut it down. My question was over before began that was Yeah. Okay. So that's a Mic drop. I almost said Do you drive gig to gig sometimes? Yeah, comedian. Yep. Okay, so my question is now when you are on the road, you are the driver you are in charge of the road trip? Sure. Do you place any limitations? About how many fluid ounces of beverage your passengers can consume? My passengers? Yes. Are they drinking in my car? wherever they are? Wherever they go, saying at all I'm just saying to avoid bathroom breaks. What is the amount? I don't really like to stop people for being who they are. Jamie so they're gonna like drink a 64 ounce coke like and they're gonna freak flag fly. Yeah, like I'm not gonna get in the way of that I am going to shame them mercilessly and not stop for bathroom breaks they're gonna do whatever they have to do. Like the reason that they got that large cup is so that they can pee in it. You know what I mean? Like they have they have a vehicle wrap a vehicle. They made their bed and they can sleep in it and they can. They can they can be a noun in it off Can you stay off the shoulder please come on. It is the truest recycling Do you feel like we're just trying to save the planet? Yes is very low. Yeah. Never. So here's, I think the way all people should shop for vehicles, okay? You should never buy a vehicle whose fuel capacity is larger than your bladder. So if you have a 300 mile bladder, you should only buy a car with a 300 mile cruising range, right? So you have to like, coordinate your stops. Yes, if you got if you have a little bitty 178 miler, right you should not be buying cruising miles Yeah, buy a scooter because you're gonna have to fill up every 100 miles. All right. Well, we wish you the best of luck in the competition. This Yes. He says people are gonna find you online. searching your name. Aaron L O. K, correct. Yep. So on Instagram and Facebook. It's Aaron lock comedy. That's where you can come find me or on Tik Tok at Aaron luck. Perfect. We appreciate it. Good luck in the competition this evening. And no matter the outcome, continued success in your comedy career. Yes, yeah. Thank you guys so much. This has been a blast. Alright, comedian Aaron lock, great guest very interesting. Or another comedy round table. We will see you next time. Put your chair away. We'll be back before you know