Comedy Roundtable

Gary Cannon

May 17, 2022 Comedy Roundtable Season 6 Episode 65
Comedy Roundtable
Gary Cannon
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On Comedy Roundtable, our hosts Jamie Bendall, Adam Haigh and Jamie Hernan interview stand up comedians, and other funny folks, in a series of segments during which the guests choose from a set of categories to answer lightning round questions. Sometimes off the wall, occasionally contemplative, the questions inspire fun conversations and give our listeners the chance to get to know the comedians they have heard on the radio, seen online or enjoyed during a live performance.

Stand up comedian and TV warm up comic Gary Cannon sits down at the Comedy Roundtable to answer questions from our categories for this episode "Pretty Sure That's Not True" and "Hot or Cold," as well to spill the tea a bit on Hollywood and give some insight into the role of the warm up comic in keeping audiences engaged for TV shows from Conan to the Batchelor to the Masked Singer.

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