Comedy Roundtable

Aaron Webber, co host of the Nateland Podcast (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)

November 01, 2022 Aaron Webber Season 8 Episode 78
Comedy Roundtable
Aaron Webber, co host of the Nateland Podcast (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club)
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Science expert and sometime comedian, no wait - comedian and sometime science expert, well he is a hell of a comedian but you can decide about the science expert part after listening to the episode - Aaron Webber pulls a chair up to the Comedy Roundtable discussing episode topics Out of My Element, Asking for a Friend and My Gift to the World.  The co-host of the The Nateland Podcast with Nate Bargatze, Brian Bates and Dusty Slay, Aaron Webber is a standup comedian based in Nashville, TN. He regularly performs at the Grand Ole Opry (Aaron is the youngest standup comedian ever to step into the Opry circle). Aaron graduated from Notre Dame in 2014 and still owes them thousands of dollars. He promises to pay them back when they win a National Championship.

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Ladies and gentleman, comedy roundtable these are great questions. Yes, good comedian a math question. Really good question. Thank you. This is so much fun, you guys. Oh, that is a good question. And that lightning round was so fun. That's a really good question. comedy fans Khan versation enthusiast. It is a brand new episode of the comedy roundtable. Pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. Let's get this party started. Jamie Pendel Jamie, Hernan Adam. Hey look at you getting in on the game. I appreciate that. Usually, you're so negative about him giving me the big intro. I just figured people deserve to hear it in stereo. I didn't even know that our podcast was available in stereo. Yeah, it is actually. And actually, if you put the SAP button it's available in Spanish. We have saved a cheer for you our listener and we've also saved the chair here at the roundtable for our guest this evening. Aaron wherever. Right We are live here in the landmark diner adjacent to the punch line comedy club. You are soon to be on stage just a few minutes. Yeah, yeah, but welcome to our podcast. Thank you for having me, man. I appreciate this is Jamie. Hernan, Jamie. He was alluded to Adam Hey, was normally with us is unavailable this evening to bed. He asks good questions. Okay. So we're going to try to do our part to pick up the slack. Pick up the slack as it were. And you know how that goes a little bit. popular podcast yourself. Yeah. And I'm usually the guy that asked amazing questions. I'm usually the guy that gets down to it. You know, so when I'm not there, they struggle. Right. I get it. I get it. Right. We have the black armbands on, you know tonight for Adam. Yeah, right, right. He's not he's not dead. He's just missing from the episode. Yeah, I thought that was a little strong. That he wasn't with us this evening. Have you seen him in person tonight? He was texting in our group thread earlier. Somebody was texting. You might have been kidnapped. Okay, so I've never seen a movie. Or listen to a true crime podcast, where the doctors are worried about being responsive to their captives, texts. Oh, yeah. You don't want to just watch the show you on Netflix. You heard of you have heard of it. And on you. That's one of the main things he does once he kidnaps a woman. He's a proxy texter. He would develop an entire online presence for this person. He posts on Instagram for me tweet for me tax people to maintain the illusion that this person is still out in the wild. And people are like, Cheryl is just so much more entertaining than she used to. Yeah, she's in Italy. She's traveling abroad. She's liking all my comments. Yeah. And I really liked this Cheryl. Exactly. Right. Cheryl's are usually the ones who are kidnapped. So it's not unprecedented is what I'm saying. Perhaps Adam has been abducted. I think it's more likely he just has a conflict. Okay, but the show went well for show went great. I'm battling this weekend. I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday. Did you? Yeah, hurt real bad last night really? Both shows on stage. My jaw was locked up. It just really started to thrive. I'm worried I have a dry socket. I think I was gonna say it sounds like dry socket. Yeah, I looked it up. It feels fine. Today. I rested all day. I just drink water. I haven't talked too much until the shows. So it feels alright, right now. So this is exactly what you needed to do this additional part. I mean, additional talking? Well, I'd like to push my luck, whatever. I can't. So yeah, they would find right now. Last night. It was it was pretty bad. dry socket is I think the only risk factor of wisdom teeth. Yeah. And it's the one thing they warned me about. And I don't know what I did wrong. All right. Now, I don't want to I feel like I'm a little leaning in. Or asking it this way. Oh, go ahead. But you're an adult. Yeah. And having your wisdom teeth out. I know, I put it off. I put it off because they weren't causing problems when I was younger, like in high school. They're like, you can take them out. But if they're not hurting you, I go, Yeah, let's just leave them in. And then I'm 31 of those teeth was not doing well. It was like abscesses. So they go now we gotta we can't just take one out. You got to take them all and got to take them all out at age 30. I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I'm doing braces next. All right. What are your tonsils? You still got the tonsils? They've got the tonsils. You should think about taking them out. Yeah, might as well. I mean, you're at the point. You know anybody with chickenpox? I'd like to get that to while I'm at it, as well throw in a headgear. Yeah, exactly. And by the way, while we're on the subject, I feel like dentists have become service bullies. In what way? I feel like they're pushing extra service. So I feel like I'm constantly being upsold. Yeah, right. That's for sure. Yeah, yeah. They probably could have just taken off the one wisdom tooth, sure. But they're like, Well, we have to because of science, you don't understand. We have to take all three out and I go, Well, you're a scientist. I guess I have to trust you. Here's $1,500. Right. You know, it's a scam. It's kind of like getting your car serviced. I mean, granted, you wouldn't change one break. Right? I guess we'll replace both sets of pads. But if one tires flat, you don't have to replace all four tires. We've got to replace all four wasn't here because I've got a gambling debt that I need to pay off. Yep, that's what it is. Right, that's deep down what's happening? Yeah. Is this a dentist that you see regularly? No, I hadn't seen a dentist in probably 10 years. So this was the first time this was for those my first time seeing them since it was like my family dentist. When I was a kid. I was just gonna say, I would just imagine that there would be a note, somewhere in your file that you had your wisdom teeth, the dentists made a note, at some point, remind him to take these out of the way you avoid that as you just don't go to the dentist. Yeah, but I needed to go it was like my teeth were hurting real bad. And I put it off for years. Feels like we've heard a lot of dry socket red flags. Yeah. Oh, yeah, sure. Yeah. And it's all my fault. Are you still in an age in your life? Where you think that things are gonna be made better? Just by ignoring it? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because I think they're you live your life for a long time sake, and a time will heal on wheels. That's what you're told as a kid Time heals all wounds, time heals. And this is the first domino to fall. I thought if I just ignore my teeth, everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. Yeah. And turns out it's not. And it cost more if you put it off. So I might need to apply this to other things in my life, too. Yeah, yeah. They say that the best time to fix a leaky roof is when the sun is shining. Interesting. They say you should buy up. You don't buy a plunger you buy it when you don't need it. Right? Because you don't want to have to run and get one run. And yeah. Lessons. Yeah, for sure. All right. So the format of the show is pretty easy. We do rapid fire kind of questions. Okay. It is normally three of us asking questions. So as a result, we'll probably go through a couple rounds. Now here's what we're going to do. Let's make a commitment. Are we going to try to do all three? I think we can we can we can bang through three super rush through. Alright. So here are the three choices out of my element, asking for a friend, my gift to the world, my gift to the world. All right up first, my gift to the world starting with Jamie. All right. First of all, before I ask the question, if you had to run out and get the plunger, you would definitely get other items even if you didn't need them, or would you go and wander to the line or I go self checkout and nobody's the wiser. You self checkout can solve a lot of problems that way if you need to run in and get you know, anti diarrheal pills, right, you just run through the self checkout they have so check out a CVS and Walgreens now to that would be an interesting combo though. The anti diarrheal pills, and I'm having a tough day. Yeah. All right. My gift to the world. We heard that you recently took a year long sabbatical to make the world's next great invention, right? And Your secret is safe with us. What is it, I want to make a dishwasher where you don't have to rack individual items, just chuck it in just visualize a large cubicle pit where you throw everything in with impunity, right? Push a button, and then it opens up and they're nicely stacked and cleaned. That's what I'm working on. patted on the insides and nothing breaks, you can just chuck it in now way there's a lot of details to figure out. But I'm just visualizing from my perspective in the kitchen, I open up this pit I throw everything in, close it up. It's good to go. I think that would probably solve about a quarter of the marital problems in the world. I've thought about that for years. I think this is something we need to be working on. And it doesn't look like we are now I don't think science has caught up with that. Navia it's a great idea. All great inventions are born out of laziness. That's what a Steve Jobs said. He said I'd rather hire a lazy person than a motivated one. Because a lazy person will find the fastest way to do something. Is that right? I don't know. If somebody said that. It might have been my uncle. I don't want to one up your invention, but I just came up with this. Okay, what if you could just push a button and something came over the sink, sealed up the sink? You've just put your dishes in there and they just get washed right there. See is the dish sink is the dishwasher? Wow. Yeah, I like that. That's an improvement on my idea for sure. Yeah, I mean, I'll give you royalties. Absolutely. No problem. It's gonna be my company making it? Yeah. All right, my turn on the question. I have a gift to the world. Yes. My gift to the world. Ryan, follow that last question. Have you ever made a gift registry? Yes. Okay. And what did you make your registry for? My wedding that I just had last summer? Okay. And have you gotten all of the items? I don't know. I don't know. I think we got most of them. But I don't even know how to check. Did you leave it up? I might be still up. I don't know. This was not really my domain. But was there anything that you put on it as a? Like an Easter egg joke? Oh, buddies reading through the registry. Oh, I wish I would have done that would have been funny. If you had what would be an example of a gift to the world. Oh, for someone who read your registry. Oh, I would have put I would have put like a really nice plunger on there. You buy like a$400 ceramic plunger or something? See if somebody gets me that that's actually not a bad idea. I mean, if you were to put those kinds of and if somebody gets a great you have the best plunger in the world. Yeah. And you don't need to go get one you would really just clog the toilet on purpose just so you could make that happen. Want to show you? I need to show you how this works. No Feel free. Wonderful. All right, those are our first two round of questions. comedy round table with our guest Aaron Weber. We will be back with our remaining segments. You're going to hear a little bit of Aaron's material in the break. When we come back, we will have more with our guests. So Jamie, Jamie and comedy roundtable. Don't wander too far. My favorite example that I was at a bar in college, first time ever drinking, I had never been around alcohol. I'd never been in a bar. I got a fake ID. I snuck in. I walked right up to the bar. I looked at the board. I picked something that sounded good. And I ordered a club soda. Because I didn't know that club soda is just water. I thought they were talking about like a like a club soda. You know what I mean? Like an adult Sprite. I was trying to get buck wild out here. Some of this club zona, I'm in the club. Let's get their signature cocktail while I'm here. Let's get wild do college, you know. So she gives me the drink. And then I got nervous because I had never drank alcohol before. And I didn't realize that it wasn't about to so I pointed that out and they go hey, between us is this is this pretty strong? And she goes your club soda. I was like, yeah. She goes, Yeah, buddy. It's the strongest drink on our menu. Like we'll make it a double sweetheart. Here we go. Let's get crazy. I learned a lot that night, y'all I learned about placebos. You don't know what those are? They didn't work. I had 11 Club sodas that night. I thought I was hammered. It turns out I was just hydrated for the first time in years. And my body didn't know what was going on. It was like this feels amazing. Dude. Is this being drunk? Let's say drunk for a while. I should have known I wasn't drinking alcohol because I drink all night. And then I got my tab $3. And that's a good sign that you haven't been drinking, you know. All right back with the next segment of comedy roundtable. Thank you for joining us here at the round table. Our guest is comedian Aaron Weber. We are recording here at the punch line comedy Club adjacent to the landmark diner. It's actually Halloween weekend is what's your what's your perspective on adults in costumes? Well, it's tough being asked that by an adult in a costume. Well, it's only because I said it was a costume. You wouldn't necessarily have I would have thought yeah, you're just wearing a kind of eccentric. Right? I'm all for it. I'm not personally, I'm not that guy. My last two Halloween costumes. This is true in college. I was Jared from Subway. And I was Bill Cosby before both of their data. Which version? Yeah, I'm afraid to dress up as anybody else. You know, you never know who else is gonna take down. So I haven't dressed up since then. I know adults get really into it doesn't bother me. It's like become a thing. I think so too. Yeah, I see it a lot. It's not something I recall as a child. I like what you're doing. This is an easy costume. Right? You just put a shirt on the costume? Yeah, you would have worn those jeans. Anyway. I was in the gene I was gonna wear tonight is under the shirt there. Yeah, so it was very easy on easy off. I remaining two topics are asking for a friend and my gift to the world. We did my gift to the world, right? Yeah, you're right. We already did get out of my element and asking for a friend asking for I like to stay in my time being as to ask him for it. Alright. Have you ever had a night that was so out of control that you had to call and ask people that you are with to tell you what happened? Oh, yeah, yeah. Any particularly memorable ones? No, this was I was in college. This was pretty much every weekend was that you'd have to wake up and then you'd regroup and you're like what happened? And you look at your phone and you'd sent 15 Embarrassing texts to people. And I started just adopting a strategy. You just delete those people from your phone, and just pretend it never happened from your life or just the phone. If you run into them in person, that's fine, but I'm not going to have a phone relationship with you anymore after I've texted something so embarrassing, right? But yeah, that was a routine occurrence was just humiliating yourself in public, but it's always better not to know. I don't want to know what happened. Okay, so you didn't have like a go to friend who was like the secretary of the group that would take notes and like the sober one or something. Yeah, no, no, I didn't. I've got I function as that guy. Now. I don't really drink anymore. Now like I used to in college, so I'll keep an eye on what's happening. But my friends are pretty pretty tame these days, which I know is a boring answer. But there's there's just less and less of that as I get older. Alright, so asking for a friend. Okay. You have a group of guys that are kind of like your tightest, guys. All right. Similarly, age Yeah. Well among comedians, there's a pretty big age range. Okay. So when you have a life question, where you're soliciting advice, you need feedback or input Yeah, who is the go to friend and what is the go to subject dusty sleigh is my buddy. He's the go to for anything career related. Okay, he's my go to guy if I have a question, very specific questions about certain clubs or, or even broader things like career moves or anything like that he's my guy that I go to I'm sure I annoy him in that way. But he's always been the guy where I'll just text him. And I'll always respond. He's pretty good about that. He's great about it. Yeah. Somebody told me it was neighbor gets he told me you want to have a guy above you, like just above you and a guy just below you to kind of confide in. Right, and then they confide in you. And then you have like a symbiotic relationship, right? With those two people. Yeah. So I think about that a lot. Dusty. Dusty is my guy that I go to all the time. Well, and if it works, right, your careers can progress at different levels. Sure, right. Sure. The guy who was just ahead of you, you may be more equal peers, and then they may be slightly behind you. Right? So there's a leapfrog and you can kind of move each other as you're moving forward. Yeah, can I hear Sure. Who's your go to for dental advice? I don't even know about a dry socket. Oh, I've texted my wife. She's furious at me like I did something wrong. You know, which I might have. But I've been trying to play by the rules. I've been drinking water. I've been eating applesauce straws. No straws. Stay away from those. They're waking us Yeah, they're awakened for dry side. But also this could be manifesting itself. Now my go back to the gift registry something you left off. All right, we're gonna put one more break in this episode of the comedy roundtable with our guest Aaron Weber. That is my weakness. Fast food. It is my weakness, dude. It's my Achilles cankle. That's what I call it. It's, it's a real problem. Here's the worst fast food experience that ever happened to me. I was in a McDonald's drive thru here in Nashville, I pull up the lady in the window, go serve the guy in front of you just paid for all your food. And I said, Why do you do that? She said the woman in front of him paid for his food, the guy in front of her pay for her food. They're all just paying it forward. This has been going on for 19 hours. Would you like to keep this thing going and pay for the person behind you? I'm good. Yeah. That was my gut reaction. I was like, Absolutely not. Then I thought about it. I was like, Look, life is good. I'm at McDonald's. I'm hungry. Let's spread the gospel. You know, let's do it. She goes fantastic, sir. That'll be $81. I said who got $81 Worth and I look back it's a woman in a van with like, 15 kids jumping around. I was like, Listen, I'll send them some happy meals. I'm not about to feed the whole youth soccer team. Okay, kids don't need McDonald's. You know, take them to where the kids eat Costco take them somewhere like that. Right? Give them some tuna fish and some cinnamon. I don't have kids. I don't know. uncrustables what are they these days? She goes please, sir, the five o'clock news is coming out here soon. They're going to do a story about this. It's going to be great PR for our McDonald's and Lord knows we need good PR for this McDonald's. Please keep this thing going. I said you know what, fine. I will pay for the person behind me but I'm gonna get right back in line because I'm gonna get my $81 Worth tonight. Okay, that's how you gain the system. Y'all ever order McDonald's with $81 to blow I was going off. Let me get a topic chickens. 11 MC doubles the number nine. I don't even know what that is. Y'all got club soda. It's getting wild out here too. I nailed it. $81 on the dot. I broke even I was very proud. Because I'm not good at math. You know, school math, but McDonald's math. I'm a savant. I really am. I'm sued. Well, honey, that's what my friends call me. I nailed it. $81 on the diet, so I feel good. I pull around the corner thinking I beat this thing, right? But the dude in front of me isn't a big jacked up pickup truck. And the ladies talking to us, I'm just waiting it out. Right? He sticks his entire upper body out of his car sees me and just starts laughing he's a fanboy right? No way in hell, I'm spending $81 For just you to eat McDonald's. So that's how I spent $162 at McDonald's guys, that was a tough tough day you know? All right. comedy roundtable is back. Jamie Jamie Adam is absent. That's what the A stands for in this episode. But a is also the first initial of our guest Aaron Weber. Aaron to you got double A's, double A's. Alright, so you're part of the Nate lamb podcast Right? Right. It's you Nate and Brian Right dusty slay as well. So four of us. How does that room work when you guys are together trying to do your episodes. What do you mean? How's the room how's the room are? What's the game flow as a team who's the point guard who's the shooting guard? Well, Nate's the point guard and the head coach and the shooting guard. Okay, and I feel like Brian and I are kind of will will fill up the water bottles do that kind of stuff. It's Nate's It's Nate show. I think Nate's the funniest guy on the planet. So any any role I just show up and just have fun listening to Nate Bryan kind of puts the episodes together. We all have different roles that Sheriff hill but but it's 100% Yeah, it's night show. It's at his house is in his studio. Yeah. My daughter when she knew that you were going to be on the show. She she worked in Deniz. Oh, real time she's at Belmont. Oh, nice. So she worked and she said, Oh my goodness. Yeah. So yeah. Yeah. Any other projects or anything else going on that you're working on your tour? Anything? I'm just now this is like a new thing for me to be headlining everywhere. So there's been most of this year has just been headlining clubs. So this is a new a new thing for me. So like now until I have Christmas weekend off as the next weekend. I have off so watch us. Yeah, it's just a lot of just grinded being on the road. I love it. But it's a lot for sure. Nothing other than that, man. Just trying to just try to do stand up trying to get good at it. Upcoming locations. Oh, yeah. What is this? You know when this will come out? That's come out Tuesday. Oh, great. Yeah, I'm gonna be in Dayton, Ohio this weekend at the funny bone. And then I'm in Fort Wayne, Indiana summit comedy Club. Then after that, I'm, I'm in St. Paul, Minnesota. And then Austin, Texas. And then Wichita, Kansas, San Diego, jumping all around the world in it. Routing makes zero sense. Right? All good. Yeah. And it's out in home, out and home out. And I'm coming back for a few days in between. Yeah, for sure. Wherever they'll have me. I'll be there. Take them. Right. Yeah, for sure. So yes to everything grow, grow, grow. Right. Got to do it that way. Totally. Alright, so remaining subject is out of my element. Okay. All right. Jamie, starting with out of my element. I don't want apologize for this question in advance. So what is the most underrated element on the periodic table that you cannot live without carbon? Carbon is literally we are carbon based life forms. Everything is carbon based on the earth but it never gets us Do we all talk about hydrogen, right? oxygen and helium. But nobody talks about carbon. You did not fall for my trick there. Gosh, people that go to oxygen on that, you know, carbon, why do you need the fan of oxygen to Yeah, I would say carbon does not get its dues. Jamie, do you know what a coroner's favorite element is on the periodic table? Jamie? I don't know what a coroner's it's bury him. Oh, my goodness, I walked right into that one. You did you know, the only element named after an individual person? einsteinium. Yeah, that's pretty good. As easy. I actually in making this question. I was looking at the periodic table, and some of them did feel made up like there's Californium. Yep. It apparently made me more recent ones that I don't remember from high school or grade school or whenever it was that I learned the periodic table. Some of them are you know, they're man made, they're created. We don't even use them for anything. Right cares. Alright. So let's just address the fact that the conversation about the periodic table has progressed in a way that I've quickly gotten out of my depth. I can go, we clearly can. Yeah, I feel like we could go probably 30 rounds 20 rounds. Before a science happens. My question was going to be out of my element to be to give you the ability to eliminate elements from the periodic table to say which ones are you getting rid of? But now based on the lead up and the conversation? I'm not entirely certain that we'll start with einsteinium do I? Yeah, California tinium now serves no purpose in the world days. Harbans goddess nitrogen stay. Yes, please keep box. Yeah, feels like carbon should move up in number like there should be like a relegation and promotion. Kind of the numbers aren't they're not ranking. Oh, tell that to Helium, though. Right, right. I don't know. It could be right. Wrong. Ish. Maybe that's up there. It's up some something. Helium, maybe two. Maybe? Maybe 40. It's up there. Yeah. Higher than it needs to be. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So which one you get rid of einsteinium? Give her all those manmade ones that serve no purpose in the real world? Yeah, you can't get rid of anything else. Is it possible that if you were to remove one element, it's like the butterfly effect and a time travel? And you'd realize to be like, we don't really need this one. And then you remove it and all of Oh, yeah. How about life on Earth, in the universe would go away immediately. If you just removed one. Carbon. We're good. I know, but not carbon. But if you picked one of the lesser ones, one of the ones that exists in the natural world, right, but Donald table? Yeah, I think Man, some of them. I don't know enough about some of the specific ones, but there's probably some that Yeah, our impact is more than we even realize. And you get rid of them. And then we Yeah, it'd be bad. It'd be an interesting thing. If you could get a sneak peek of to say let's do this. What happened? It's like if the periodic table was Jenga, and you're just pulling one and you like it yeah, that's not the one and not not carbon obviously cars and see how it shakes and stuff. Yeah, I'm surprised there hasn't been like a Pixar movie about the periodic table. And the way that there was like emotionally inside out but for inside out but for the periodic periodic table, I go back and make that my invention. I'm gonna get that movie. Right? carbons walk around all cocky, right, who said high five and everybody can nothing happens with me. Right? And then meanwhile, there's some little guys like me, right? Tired of being kicked around like no matter? Did you find out they all matter? And it turns out it's the feel good story where like argon kicks the winning goal on the periodic table Olympics, Olympics or High School Championship game. I tried so hard not to say they're all are matter. But I just have to say they all our manner, right? Yeah. Yeah. So listen, part of the challenge, sometimes with putting these episodes together, is we don't really that how with what possible direction the topics are going. Right. So we wander into these, this has been the bulk of the conversation. Very upset that we were gonna talk about. I don't know if chemistry would have been a chemistry regular comedy podcast, comedy Club, but please brush up on the importance of carbon relatively small. Yeah. Next time I come back. I'll be ready to go. Yeah, you were pretty ready. Yeah. For sure. No offense. I mean, I could hang at this table. We were in a lab. I don't think I could. But I think we get introduced in a minute when you go on stage there may we may have to adjust the bio a little bit. Yeah, Nashville science expert. Right. Big fan of carbon. Huge fan of carbon. All right. Well, we appreciate you doing here. We know you got a little prep before we got to get you on stage here at the punchline. So continued success real Aaron Weber online. Find them there and this has been the comedy roundtable puts chair back where you found it and we will see you next episode. Thanks, guys.