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Caleb Synan Returns

December 20, 2022 Caleb Synan Season 8 Episode 85
Comedy Roundtable
Caleb Synan Returns
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Comedian Caleb Synan came into the Comedy Roundtable studio to talk about episode topics Fancy That, War and Peace and Religions-ish.

Caleb Synan is one of the hottest young comics in the country. He grew up as a preacher’s kid in a small southern town, which give him the ability to relate to any and every crowd -- even though he’s a big old millennial who lives in LA.  You've seen him on CONAN (twice!), Last Comic Standing, and on his first Comedy Central special “30” released in 2022 (available on YouTube).

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Ladies and gentleman, comedy roundtable these are great questions. Yes, good comedian a math question. Really good question. Thank you. This is so much fun you guys. That is a good question. And that lightning round was so fun. That's a really good question. comedy fans con versation enthusiast it is a brand new episode of the comedy roundtable pull up a chair settle in. We have a great conversation for you this episode. Let's get this party started. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey look at you getting in on the game. I appreciate that. Usually you're so negative about him giving me the big intro. I just figured people deserve to hear it in stereo. I didn't even know that our podcast was available in stereo. Yeah, it is actually. And actually, if you put the SAP button, it's available in Spanish. We have saved a cheer for you our listener and we've also saved a chair here at the round table for our guest this evening. Caleb sign in here on the comedy round table. It's the holiday season right? Angle curl. I feel bad. There was a Kringle crawl. We have three Santos who participated in said crawl. Yeah, it was a good time. It was a good time. It's like fun. It was a good time. It was one of those mornings where the day after I woke up in bed saying Did I sing last night and my wife seems really mad at me. I was angry Santa. So it may have looked like I wasn't having a good time. But I did enjoy myself. You were having an amazing time. And you're supposed to be Yeah, I mean, I was yeah, he looked like cranky blue sheets and that's that was what he was going I was handing out toilet paper and fireworks and car air fresheners to the children. I had this idea get people in Santa suits. Now obviously not the first person there are some cities that are notorious for their Santa cons or the running of the Santas or whatever it is. I had a much simpler objective could I get 610 Guys in Santa suits and do and across the street kind of little bar hop and it was so embraced but here's the thing that I think I found right Jamie didn't know what to expect right? Your assessment of participation probably exceeded what you thought was what it was going to be. Well I was expecting a certain number of Santas I wasn't expecting the periphery players the buddy elf reindeer the Mrs. Claus so many elves yes showed up which I thought was weird. There was a lot of elves there was a lot of misses clauses clause there were a few children which are such like younger children all can't be Christmas without children it'll just be some it shouldn't be. I'm trying to think of how many different kinds of Christmas related alliterative names that we can come up with because it was crinkle crawl next year should it be slop, slanted slide. Right that a slide? There's Santa crawl seems a little too clauses too on the nose, too on the nose, right we should call up Graper Yes, and see what if we can borrow one of those Icelandic multi Santas which by the way, I will disclose now my costume next year for crinkle Hall is going to be one of those Icelandic is it going to be spoon liqueur? Shaker so in Iceland they have all these 18 Santas. Really? Yeah, and they're all highly specific to the what they do. Yeah, what's Lengai like comes in and sneaks in your window yeah window picqer window Yeah, one God. Right. Polly Santa Santa is one God one Santa one way to get polyamorous going to hell? Yeah. Probably are. What a weird little play I always forget they're real nice. Really have proof that they're real. Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they like if it came out like Pluto's need more. If they're like, isolated, we made it up. We talked to a comedian from there. And we're like so beyond Reykjavik. Can you name like the next he's like, Well, the next largest town has 25,000 people in it. Oh, really? Like that's the second largest town in Iceland. Oh, no. No, we're in all fairness. It was a fun episode. It was nice. And I learned so much about the alternate Santas. Yes. And here's an interesting thing, which I would be interested in your perspective on. He one funniest person in Iceland. Right. Iceland's greatest stand up. Yeah. And then COVID hit? Oh, no. And they've not held it since. Don't you continue to be the reigning champion, I would say until there's another competition held. I think you get to. Yeah, I think that's right. I think it renews like, it's like an automatic renewal, like why wouldn't it be back yet? I'm wondering, it's like, very cautious. He is spreading COVID Everywhere he can to keep the contest from coming back. By the way, I don't know that you need to be so concerned about COVID If you're in Iceland, because it's like there's six of us this entire town like we can separate five feet. And the only way people come from outside is by boat and airplane like and they rarely come. Alright, so it's good to have you back with us comedy round. We're about to turn the page on the New Year. Hmm 2022 retrospective been a good year for you. Great Year. Yeah, busy and fun. I love it. This is I mean, well, you also have compared to the previous years, it's just more fun like 2020 who suck when he 21 was a little better. And it's like, as long as it keeps doing that, I'm very happy you know. All right. So you are familiar with the format of the show we we do hypotheticals so this episodes topics are today of which you will answer only two. They are war and peace. Fancy that and religions ish. Let's do religions ish, starting with religions ish. With Adam. Okay, so there's a lot of things that actually are associated with religions that are not, you know, you don't think of as religious like, first off you have bunnies that Easter, right? You have trees at Christmas. But some of the better ones are you have Mardi Gras is and carnival are actually based on religious periods during the year. So I think for me, those are my favorite religious events like those kinds of it's so my question though, is when do you feel most religious? Like what's something you do? That makes you feel like maybe? And I don't mean like, clearly like a formal religion, but maybe like in connection with the greater higher power or the universe in general. But when do you feel most connected? Ooh, I mean, well, you have turbulence on a plane. That's a big one. Yeah. Oh, connected. And I don't know who I'm like, is this the devil shaking this plane? Right? It did God stop it. Something's up. Right. That definitely gets you going. How close does the snake have to be to you on the plane, like in five proximity for it to have the same effect as turbulence? I think I'd rather get bit by the snake than have the turbulence or not a turbulence fan. No, but I mean, it's like, as long as it's less than a minute. Yeah, the big shakers where you at least get a couple cocktails off some trays. Yeah, there we go. And you get the screen. There's always like some woman that screams on the really big shakers in the airplane. Now who does not wear their seatbelt while sitting? I always love when people don't listen. And if they'll be like, we turn the seatbelt. So no, it's gonna be bumpy. And then people just don't like, right, they follow? They're walking back for the bet. Whoa, yeah, he had an arrow shot. It'd be like Whack a Mole. Yeah, he was just coming up. Jamie, when you said do you think everyone experiences turbulence? The same thing. I was wondering if like the laws of physics tell us that, like a roller coaster. Like the guy in the back of the plane gets the most turbulent shit. Right? You know how like on roller coasters, that last car gets the biggest whip. And like if you're if you're in a minivan, like in a minivan, the last seat gets the biggest bump. I actually would like to know if they showed you during turbulence, how much your plane was actually moving, because it would change my perspective. That's why a window seat is good for that. Because you can be like, we're not moving at all right? Like, yeah, we're 10,000 feet. And we're just going like, inches, right? So it's like nothing, nothing's happening, I think long way to go to be comforting for that. Because you're really just going up and down four inches. It's amazing what kind of impact you can have with four inches. Oh, hey, that's what I feel really? All right. Question number two, question number two, Jamie. Just on your new Colt lu a new cult. I mean, I think it would be fun to sort of combine all the existing calls, because every call has like one or two where you're like, oh, that's how they got. Yeah, that's the good stuff. And then at the end, you're like, oh, so just combine all of them into like, a nice, like a, like a blended whiskey, you know? Yeah. Just take the good stuff. Yeah, just take the good stuff. Because I mean, I was reading the Book of Mormon. And I was like, man, like, every, like five pages. I'm like, No, that's not a bad point. That's not That's not a bad idea. But then he makes like, 35 of the worst points you ever heard? Yeah. So I just want to pick and choose, but just make sense. I'd be like, Hey, I like the idea of being on a farm in the middle. That kind of going off grid for a little while meditating may be the, you know, selling my children into being spouses of other members really quickly. Not so big a fan of that, right. I can do the farm thing. And I would want to be very clear, because I think a lot of people with cults like do I have to have sex with the leader? Yes. And that would be I would go on the news and be like, you do not write have to have sex with me. Right? This is one of the good guy. One of our tenants of this church is we get the cool stuff. We don't get the bad stuff. Yeah, just make sense. Yeah. Everybody join, I think Do you think Cole would send cease and desist letters to you basically saying no rhymes? Yeah. And where they're doing op ed pieces against you. They're like that cold. Although it seems really awesome. Right now. There's definitely a suicide back. And yeah, I would just say it's a call. No one ever says it, right. No one ever says oh, I'm a cold but I'll go I'm a call. So if you send me a cease and desist letter, you're admitting you're one maybe like hey, look, we were the first call to marry children at at eight years old. Like how does he think he has the right to do that? We don't do that. is awesome. Our cold is awesome. That's not the part that would let eight year olds get married but only to other eight year olds. They have a little tiny house, which technically happens in elementary schools all around America. Yeah. The tiny house varied four times while I was in elementary school. gratulations that could have been just a second grade. Oh, man, you imagine being divorced. You're like nine you're like women. Who gets a man? So first of all, I don't know that it was technically divorce. It was just summer break. Yeah, right. That was ever whoever you're married to. It's all over. I have a suggestion for marriage that I think would be cool. Is to make it like presidential terms. That you're married for four years and it ends unless you re up. Is it mutual? Re up? Yeah, I think it has to be mutual. Gotta be mutual. And I think you got to latterly re up at least one of your friends. Yeah, say, you know, you're a good couple. Yeah. The reason that your eight year old marriage doesn't survive the summer is because you have to raise hell summer. Get married. Like, you can't raise hell while married. That's right. It's funny on your term idea for marriage. Like my wife calls that an anniversary. She keeps looking at me like, Oh, how'd you do last year? She's like, I don't know if I'm renewing this contract or not. I'm like, come on, please. I think couples will be on good behavior. Yeah, I think it'll help. Do you literally have like an annual evaluation? Oh, she does. Every anniversary? Yeah. What did we say we're going to work on last year. How'd that go? That's why everybody's podcast with a bunch of dudes. All right. Religions. Ish. Yes. Do you think could you have cross religious trades? Basically say will late in the game claim your person? Oh, as hours? Wow. We talked about this, like people who follow the religion, Ahmed's in the Bible. Are you talking about like figures in religion being traded about me showing it to church? And they're like, Jamie, we're sorry. You got traded to the Baptists. We got to really, really, okay, you could do it either way. So I think individuals oftentimes are very free agent with their faith. Right, right. Yeah. Are you talking about actual figures in the religion? making a move? Right? That's that would be a huge trade. Yeah, that'd be impactful. Right? He's a franchise player. He's probably franchise tag. I'm honestly kind of surprised. That doesn't happen. Like when somebody's numbers are going down to like, Man, oh, the Hindus. What if we got Jesus in here? You know, yeah, like that helped at the box office. Like this. Mary Magdalene. She's got some heat right now. Why don't we trade her to the Episcopal and see what they can do? So you mentioned Mormonism, right? In Mormonism, to my understanding, I'm not denigrating anybody who's a Mormon is there was a person who essentially said I'm going to it was like an improv exercise. I'm going to Yes. And, and we're going to add another section, right? Yeah. Right. Not saying the Bible is wrong. But here's the new Bible. Right, right. Which is different than a cult, which basically seems to say, I'm just gonna create stuff out of whole cloth. Yeah, right. But the Mormon is the only one I know that's a direct Yeah, well, like, like a reboot. You know, it is a reboot cycle. This is like your Bible. That was good. It's still a lot of copies. But now we have a Book of Mormon the Bible too. So why isn't there like, three? Right, it's time, right? It's probably is time that's what I should do. Your cold. Three. This is really not a bad idea. Honestly. Yeah. First, first Bible then Book of Mormon. No. Book. Okay. lib. Okay. So, is it possible that I just stop you there? Caleb really liked the idea of the book. Okay. This is kind of like, whoa. Like, you know how Joseph Smith died? He had to be like, 23 and they threw him out a window. Yeah, the whole town's turn on you quick. It's just I can't imagine joining up in a religion that started by a guy in his 20s You know, like Yeah, like shut up. Like Jesus was like I'm 33 I've been around I just like some 20 year olds like you know, God told me the new Bible I'd be like, Come on, why didn't you tell an adult This is so awkward when we go to break and this it's the to joy Church of Latter Day Saints This is so cool this choose joy. All right, we will wrap this discussion much as it is the season of wrapping here on the comedy roundtable. Jamie, Jamie and Adam our guests Caleb signing we will be back with more of the comedy roundtable right after this we're Millennials very insecure with the most insecure generation we want everybody like us nobody does. We figured maybe Gen Z maybe they don't maybe they got something that other generations don't notice. It all I can see they're all my millennial friends be like I was at work. I think all the Gen Z kids don't like me like I walked in the breaker they all stopped talking. I was like Oh no, my cringe. I think I might be cringe Am I correct? You think? Yes, you're cringe. We're all friends. Just live cringe. It's fine. I never even looked it up and just using context clues we all are it's fine who get why do you need to hang out with kids? These are children remember in eighth grade I didn't give a shit what sixth graders thought. Keep doing that. Till me well hit them with your hands worked in every grade. That's cool. So my friends are having kids. Some Millennials are having kids. What? Why? What? But don't do it. If you're a millennial, and you already had a kid, give it back. Give it back. One of my friends as a kid, he's still a goth. Remember Goths? He's still being a goth Middle School. 30 years old. He's a golfer with lower back pain and a kid. It's not gonna work. How's it gonna work? How's it gonna work off dad? How's it gonna work kid comes home from school. He's like, I hate my life. I hate you go into my room. You're like me too. Then you both run up the stairs. Who stays downstairs. So when asked to stay downstairs, like that. put my foot down. Can't put your foot down a pair of vans. Right comedy round table returns. If you have enjoyed this 2022 Season of comedy round table, make sure you're liking subscribing. Most importantly, evangelizing based on our last segment. For the comedy round table, we will have additional exciting episodes in 2023. And beyond God willing, man really bring him to God. All right, so what do you got coming up in 2023? You know, I'm working on a new special trying to do another one. And hopefully they'll learn a new album, all that kind of stuff, working on a script bunch of a bunch of stuff. We'll see what happens but uh, trying to do a bunch of things. Nice. So your remaining subjects are war and peace and fancy that I like fancy that fancy that starting with Adam. So this is again, an example of our pre show kind of get you behind the scenes a little bit when they say fancy that I actually heard fans see that. So I was thinking what do fans see that others don't as a fan, one of the hardest things for me to ever see was Wade Boggs as of Ross and Red Sox fan. It was very difficult for me to see Wade Boggs riding a horse around Yankee Stadium after they had won the world championship. Is there anything that you've been a fan of? That kind of broke your heart? You just say fans see that it hurts. Well, other than Kanye, it's really a big drop off. Right? Right. Like he's been ridiculous. Because I've always loved his music. Yeah. And then, you know, and you're kind of like, maybe he's an artistic genius. That's just a little bit off. But it's okay. We still enjoy him a lot. And now it's like, oh, no, he's just really off. What's really crazy is you think about there's millions of people who are like, they're like, Man, I love what this guy says. And then they listen to music and they go, Oh, this sucks. They're the opposite. Everybody's a little disappointed. Yeah, Fancy that. There's not one person that loves the music and the thoughts. Right, right. You're either Kanye. Not not even as wide Yeah. There's no I'm sure Kanye. It's possible. He doesn't. Yeah, it's possible that he doesn't a lot of people like Eminem. You know? Like, yeah, when he used to be like a wild guy. And then now He's like, he's like, a dad corporate. Yeah. And he's like, he's got a restaurant. Yeah. Has a restaurant. Yeah, it's called Mom's spaghetti. The guys call with a real Jamie. Hernan, please stand down. Please stand up with a real Jamie Hernan, please stand up. Yeah, that's just it hurts. You know, because at some point, he's gonna sell us a reverse mortgage. Yeah, he's gonna be right. No, yeah. Do you think about all those people in the 27? Club? You know, like it like how weird it would be to see Kurt Cobain, you know, you know, commercial for Cialis? Yeah, he's like, You ever get your dangers out? You know, it's just some people you don't want to say just like I'd rather you be the legend. Yes, absolutely. Can you imagine watching the masked singer and the head comes off? Oh, no. Would you die a little inside obeying your child? Yours would die. So you're just finding out that he didn't actually die? Yeah. And he decided to do the big reveal on the mask. That would be pretty cool, actually. So it turns out Elvis is still alive of Kurt Cobain still alive sounds just like an older Elvis. Could you imagine how much better the ratings would be for that show? They're like, No, this last year, it was Kurt Cobain. Like this year. It could be. It's like a baseball card. It's like there's probably one autograph card in this whole box. Right? So each season, they're like, one person you think is dead. Not dead. If it's ever possible to bring people back from the dead. That's the first thing that will do it. It'll be a big corporation that like the Mac singer. We're doing it for the masked singer. Right, right. They're not gonna bring back Lincoln. It's gonna be Kurt Cobain. That's right. What if they brought back Lincoln to sing? Oh, no, that's what they would do. They wouldn't let him be president. Yeah, no, he would just do Hello, honey with that being in the first round. So this guy comes up and he's like a horrible singer. Like the producers like no, you have to give him good marks. We have to get him through. So you're seeing we spent a billion dollars to make this. This is actually why JFK Jr. didn't come back. And he was supposed to because he got a better deal with the masked singer for next season. So I honestly hope so. That'd be really cool. Gosh, we're we are actually creating some pretty cool stuff. This cult is going great. So far. We are admittedly, I'm still stuck at the host stand at the Slim Shady restaurant. What do you got? Jamie? What day to day activity would be enhanced by you been able to do it in a tuxedo? Ooh, I would say arguing with my girlfriend. Nice. I feel like I would get a little more respect. Yeah, I feel like I'd be more likely to win in a tuxedo. He's clearly an authority on this. Yeah. Now she's just dressed however, or she's feeling like sweatpants right? Yeah, you're wearing a tuxedo you're like I'm wearing a tuxedo and I say it's this way. I probably still lose I'm going on for a shorter point for centuries of wedding day disputes. That show you that wearing a tuxedo does not change the outcome. Oh no. But see the bride is dressed up more if she was wearing sweatpants to the wedding the groom would would win the art would intimidate with his with his outerwear mutual fans. Were equals loss. Correct. You have to have a symmetrical fans if mutual fancy is the same as sweatpants versus sweatpants. Right, right. So you're on the same level pants versus tuxedo tuxedo wins. Okay, well, tuxedo wedding dress ones. Okay. I think that's that'd be number one. For sure. All right, so fancy that you have to deliver the worst possible news to another person. Yeah. Which accent Are you picking to fancy it up? Okay, the worst possible news. I mean, after I just saw that a new knives out that insane accent James Bond has? Yeah, just to be like, I have some news about her mother. Like, I would be fine with that. Like, I actually wouldn't want a British accent for like bad news. Yeah. Cuz then I would feel like they were enjoying it. You know? Like, like, your mother has died. I'd be like, No, I love you to do it. That's a really good call. That's probably that actually is the correct answer. By the way. We've We've done some research and Australia to be like, did you have fun or like your mom's dead to death? Yeah, the Benoit blanc accent? I would say it is elevated southern sort of Foghorn Leghorn. Yeah. Well, they don't say they're ours. Really? Yeah. There's been a murder. Yeah, I love that. It's very soothing. Alright, I watched the most disturbing documentary on Amazon recently. Not the most disturbing documentary pretty disturbing. Okay, let's go with pretty it's about the Jets. No, it's about two traveling young women who take a three month gig called taken. You would have thought I have a certain set of skills where they take a gig at for three months as bartenders at a remote truckstop bar. Oh, in Australia. Oh, yeah. Gotta watch it is the tagline for the show. You'd never believe what happens out back. Ooh. Good, Be good. Be Awesome. Yeah. I'm getting tons of information coming from the side of the table. It's gonna do for this segment of the cabinet roundtable. Jamie, Jamie and Adam sometimes recorded live outside the punch line comedy Club inside the dining room of the landmark diner. Our guest this episode, Caleb sign and we'll be back with his final thoughts about war and peace. Alright, have you ever been pulled over by a cop younger than you that hurts like that at all. 22 year old guy walks over with his first mustache. He's like, hey, you know why I pulled you over and like like, what do you do you know anything. You just learned the types of clouds and you're over here telling me cumulus noodle this weird little things like that, like I hate seeing a young kid smoking. Some 21 year old smoking a cigarette. I want to knock it out of his mouth. Just like what do you what do you Oh, I gotta take the edge off. No pain in my back. Oh, seven more years on my parent's insurance excited one of my friends just had a baby, little baby kid. And it was taking a nap. And me and her were in the kitchen. And she was like, Ooh, he just found out he has a penis. So he's going through that phase where he's touching it a lot. And I was like phase wouldn't worry about it. He'll grow out of that when he's dead. Got a few minutes left here in this episode. So our remaining subject is war and peace. Let's start with Adam. So here we go. Again. I thought it was Warren peas like the vegetable. And I was thinking that when I was a kid, we used to have green peas on meals all the time. And I just never see green peas really going on anymore. So I'm going to ask you when it comes to veggie branding, who do you think is overhyped? Like which vegetable do you think is overhyped? And which one is under hyped? I'll tell you this. People got a lot of beef with asparagus. Yeah, like their pee smells so good. The rest of the day? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know why I think that's really like kale is crushing it. You know, Swiss chard, there's all these vegetables. They're like super foods, and they're good, but asparagus tastes great. Yep. And the people who I don't want my pizza smell like, like, who's gonna catch you? I just I love asparagus. And I feel like it's way down on the totem pole for no reason, except for the urine thing. And that's bullshit, because one doesn't necessarily impact everybody, you know, packs no one it doesn't. Well, it doesn't. Like some people don't even have the smell gene dinner party has gone way wrong. Everyone is finding out you flush it like what are we talking about? Sean heartcare. Yeah, that's not a true negative. Right. All right. So the United States entered a period of peace in the early 1920s With President Warren Harding. Warren's piece. rumor had it that Harding had a nickname for his manhood. He referred to it as Jerry. So my question is, what do you think Donald Trump nicknamed? Is childhood imaginary friend I made it seems impossible that at some point, it wasn't Donald Trump Jr. Right? Yeah, he still calls it Donald Trump Jr. Which causes all kinds of confusion at Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, I that's that's my honest assessment. Had you never played with me? I play with Donald Trump Jr. All the time. Who also what I wonder about these historians like Warren G. Harding. When does that come up? When they're like, oh, you know, he's president during the then he's, what is he asking people that worked at the White House? Like, do you know if you have any nicknames for like, yeah, like kind of historian is this? Okay, War and Peace. Give me something that has a positive collaborative relationship that you would like to see in conflict. Oh, okay. Positive collaborative. I would, you know, it'd be fun to see like, you know, that like, there was that chicken sandwich war. I would like to see and I think it would be fun. I'd like to see Taco Bell just take on literally every restaurant because I think they could win. I think people really are versus everybody. I think Taco Bell and I would think it'd be a fun brand, where they're like, What do you got? We'll do it. And I think though, when we're open on Sunday, we'll do a chicken sandwich. We'll do a chicken taco garden. We're doing a Fettuccine Alfredo. Yeah. Taco Bell will when? When you first hear about Taco Bell's Fettuccine Alfredo, you're like that is I'm never eating. Taco Bell you like I gotta see what this history does talk. I don't know why it's wrapped in Doritos, but yeah, I'm gonna try I'm gonna try. I love them so much. The only fast food restaurant where I off menu order is Taco Bell. Well wait talking about so they eliminated the maximum Maxi melt? Yeah, well, I didn't even know it's a maxi melt. It's possibly a pizza. No, no, not the Mexican pizza. This was Taco Bell had a beef maximal okay, I'm picturing a case of deal with beef was like a mini taco roll up and it had cheese and beef. And so you go and you order that to talk about a limit for you. They don't make them anymore. But they but they do make A cheesy roll up so you do a cheesy roll up with beef, add beef, add tomatoes. Oh, I know. That's smart. That's good. I realized I'm that guy ordering off the animal style. Yeah, you're gonna order off menu at Taco Bell, you need to be wearing a tuxedo. 100% obviously, alright, so that is your war. That's my war Cobell versus everybody I think they went. Okay, Red Lobster. You got lobsters. Have you ever had Doritos cheddar biscuits? You ever had? A Shrimp? Shrimp? Best Taco Bell? Yeah. Cheddar biscuit scampi. We got fries. Like fire sauce in your scanner. Window number one, you get to pick out the live lobster. Go to Window number two for payment. Right window number three, you pick up your last. Okay, so he's hungry. Now. Give me something that is in conflict that you would like to see at peace. Oh, boy. I mean, there's so many conflicts that are like, so many serious answers. Yeah, we're gonna absolve you from all the ones that like I can't believe you didn't say that. Power. It's not a wasted we're not going to actually, who can we get rid of don't underestimate our power. I'll tell you this, it would actually make me feel good. I think it would be one of my favorite things as a comedian ever was in the 80s. I wasn't even alive in the 80s. But I my favorite thing on YouTube still is what limo used to go on Letterman, like I think it was every six weeks. He was the guest. And it was they were just great together. They were super funny. I would love it. If they just the beef ended. I just want to see him do that again. Because I think it's so funny because Dave is always a little mean to Jay Wright and kind of making fun of his jokes and going really, it seems unlikely your dad wouldn't be familiar with that. Your dad is not 1000 years old yet and he would just like make fun of his premises. So could you then see on an upcoming season of David Letterman's My next guest needs no introduction to have Jay Leno. I wouldn't love that. I would really I don't think it'll happen but it's a wish I've had for a while but you're actually going to see is a duo on the masked singer. If anyone's ever guessed sounds like Jay Leno. Big chin on that mask? Huge. Massive. The chins annoying just walks out with his head and everybody's like what's under there? And he's like, No, it's me. That's me. Yeah. Where'd you get this now? Enormous beard just kind of falling out the bottom. Yeah. Well, we appreciate you taking the time to come in with any plans to be back in Atlanta some of the time during the year. Hopefully. I like to come as much as I can here. I mean, it's just the best. All right, well, for Jamie, Jamie and Adam and our guests Caleb signing you know where to find them online is find me on Twitter at dumb Caleb and find me on Instagram at Caleb signer. All right. Not on Tik Tok as before, but I don't use it much. Yeah, yeah. It's a quality not quantity issue. Yeah. All right for Jamie Damien. And we'll catch you next time. Put your chair back where you found it. This is comedy roundtable. We will see you next episode.