Comedy Roundtable

Tommy Brennan - Comedian, Writer and Co-Host of the Roommates in Law Podcast (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia

December 27, 2022 Tommy Brennan Season 8 Episode 86
Comedy Roundtable
Tommy Brennan - Comedian, Writer and Co-Host of the Roommates in Law Podcast (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia
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Tommy Brennan (nee Schneeman) pulled up a chair to the Comedy Roundtable at the Landmark Diner adjacent to the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia while on tour with comedian Kelsey Cook (former guest of the Comedy Roundtable).

Episode Topics:
Spelling Rules
Window, Middle, Aisle

Recently named a Comic to Watch at the 2022 New York Comedy Festival, Tommy Brennan is one of the promising young comics to come out of Chicago. He was also named a 2022 Breakout Artist by Caroline's on Broadway, and is a paid regular at clubs like Zanies, the Laugh Factory, Comedy on State, and many others. He currently tours as a regular feature for both Kelsey Cook and Becky Robinson.

Along with his standup, you may know Tommy from his web series and podcast Roommates-In-Law, which he created with fellow comic Tim Smith. The series has gained a large following and amassed over 1 million views. Link to show:

Upcoming Tour Dates for Tommy:
January 12-14th: PROVIDENCE, RI - Comedy Connection (Featuring for Kelsey Cook)
January 20-21st: RALEIGH, NC - Goodnights (Featuring for Kelsey Cook)
January 26th: HOUSTON - Secret Group (Headlining)
January 27-28th: HOUSTON - The Riot (Featuring for Anthony Devito) 
January 31st: SAN ANTONIO, TX - Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club (Featuring for Laura Peek)

Upcoming Tour Dates:

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Ladies and gentlemen, comedy roundtable coming up on this episode. Here's the thing. I will fart on a plane. Yeah, that could be a bad start, man your top five felonies? Oh no. Okay. So now when the rose is blooming any annuals blooming? Yeah, does the rose bloom and say I'm back? Yeah me like not Tommy. I'm Steve. But you look just like Tommy. I know. I know, Steve, I heard about him. We have saved a chair for you, our listener and we've also saved a chair here at the roundtable for our guest this evening. Tommy Brennan. Hey, thanks. Actually, that's kind of breaking news is the first podcast you're appearing on? It's true. As Tommy Brennan Yeah, it'd be Thomas. Thomas Brennan. Schneemann is my is my whole name. And I'm going through an identity crisis. I thought about changing just going by Tommy Brennan since I started stand up and I never did it. And then I finally just I just I rip the band aid off the last couple of weeks. And I'm doing it Megan leap. Tommy, Brandon seems like a guy you'd hang around with the guy from the neighborhood my buddy. Yeah. You remember Tommy Brennan going with? Everybody knows Tom. Everybody knows. Wow. Did he end up doing? And I kind of lost track of Tommy. Oh, yeah. He did some time he had that. Definitely do get caught up with the wrong crowd. Your real name is Tommy Brennan. Schneemann. Schneemann. Yeah, I think Schneemann was the way to go. Like Schneemann don't tell me this right after I did it. Yeah, you do to me Brennan and a Tom Shannyn. Minh Tom Schneemann. Have two different two different ship chippers. Yeah. I just I just yeah, just put myself on that level with Jim. Jim Norton. Ran it right away. What a cool interesting. Chip Jefferson. Yeah. I can see the marquee you're both names. Yeah, that's the mark. It would actually be terrific. If you never actually acknowledged the fact just come out. Yeah, just did you did the come out as the host introduced you as the feature you come out. You do entirely different jokes. entirely different things. Thank you and good night. And then the guys are gonna love your headline. Back and then they bring you back. A jacket. No, no, no, no, don't change. I never actually acknowledged it. The audience is just like, what pick the same guy for Tommy, you guys. He was pretty good. It was pretty good. I like some of the stuff he was saying. That was pretty funny. Anyways, I'm Tom shaman is available now. It's been relinquished. So if you want to change your name, you can Yeah, that's really Neiman. Yeah, it beats the heck out of hey, hey, egg. Yeah. Hey, egg. Schneemann Yeah, yeah, we're Yeah, we're fighting the same name and it could be a law firm. Or a radio show is middle of nowhere. Stevens show. We're having fun. The weather this morning. Just outside of Fargo, North Dakota. It's hazy, hot and humid again. Tom does the news and he's like, let's go to Tommy for sports. It's pretty simple format. We do round. Rounds of Lightning Rounds. Rounds of lightning. We do lightning round Lightning Rounds. Okay. Yeah, we are going to give you three topics to choose from. You only need pick them one at a time. All right, and one will not get used. Okay. So your subjects that you can choose from are rivalries. spelling rules, or window. middle aisle. Aisle go. Window middle aisle. Yeah, let's start there. For round one. We are going window middle aisle. Alright, starting with Adam. All right. So there are seating issues on an airplane with the middle window aisle. There are a lot of these interactions that we have in our society but then there are when you go to a restaurant and you look at that table booth. Hi top. Yeah, right. And so my question for you is where do you go if you have the table booth Hi top choices and why? Okay, so we're not going window middle. Oh, no. Yeah, I was like, wait to choice. It's it's a it's a season three. I'm a high top here. Yeah. Why do you like the Hi, Johnny. Hi, top. Yeah, Tommy. Hi, Todd. This is I got to consult you guys. Next time. I changed my name. We're here for purposes. Hey, yeah, I'm going high top because, one, it's in a bar. I don't like being landlocked in a booth. Yeah. Unless I'm like really having a big meal with friends that I'm like, I know. I don't care about asking you to leave if I have to leave you know, get out. I hate that high atop is I think a safe move. It's also I think it's the coolest looking table in a in a spa in a restaurant. Yeah. And you kind of are at a place of authority. Yeah, maybe there's a little bit of like an A like, yeah, like a level thing to it like, I like a booth for like a late diner. I guess this vibe basically like if it's like 230 and we're going in after shows. I'll take a booth. If it's a bar that we're hanging out at. I'm going high top. Yeah though there are a bunch of booths here and low top tables if there was one high top table, and you were in that table everyone be liked. Danny, how do you get the Hi? I'm a little ambivalent about is the in home high atop who? The in home Heights High atop kind of as like a nook in the in the kitchen. It's like their main kitchen table. Oh, whoa. No. So it's one thing if you have high ceilings, right, but if you have regular eight footers oh my god you better with a high top and your climb is this high top? Yeah, you can right up on the ceiling at some point. So footers worst combination of all eight footers ceiling, high top table under ceiling fans don't even think about That's crazy. That's basically cheating death. Yeah, yeah. You got like white caps and the gravy on your mashed potatoes. Like hey, Hong Kong finger goes up another guy just got oh my god. That's gonna play well on the audio podcast. Yeah, that's where we gotta have videos. Good tech guy. Yeah. All right. What do you got him? Alright, so someone sits, you're on an airplane and someone sits in the middle seat? Right next to you. You want them out of there. You do not want to take this flight with this person right next to you. What do you do to get them to move? I am the most non confrontational person I will write down everything that they did that annoyed me and I'll talk about it later. And I will not say a word. But if I really had to get them to move. I mean, here's the thing. I will fart on a plane. Yeah. Okay, that can be a bad start. This is whether or not you're trying to get someone to move. You'll just you got holding back. It started during the pandemic when everyone was wearing masks on planes. Because I'm like, people can you can't really smell that well through a mask. Right? It could get trapped. Oh, yeah. So you're basically unless they really get it in there and then it's stuck. Right? But yeah, so I was kind of funky. Also, you realize everyone's wearing headphones if you fart and I mean, no one is here. See? I'm a fart headphone farter fear. I have a headphone farter can't tell how loud it right because I'm like, Did everyone hear that? Or was my noise canceling on and I just had it was was it a silent you're doing it was with your headphones on? Why don't you take your headphones? Take my headphones off and everyone knows it's you. Yeah. Then everyone's like, Oh, that guy just took his headphones. You basically lifted your leg. Yeah, that's basically lifting a leg. But you don't have any fear that the guy next to you is an Air Marshal and you get taken out for farting? Yes. Pretty incredible. I mean, that would be a very great story. Yeah, I farted so bad. I got air marshals. You're in jail. Excuse like, what are you in here for? You know, farting on a plane. You mentioned that that was part of the the training. Yeah. How'd you flunk out of Air Marshal? Did I got a weak nose? I could not distinguish a fart. I got a weak nose. Actually, if I was the Air Marshal, I would fart on the plane because I'd be like he's definitely not the Air Marshal. I'm gonna what air marshals gonna fart on the plane. That guy has no idea how to behave. Yeah, I hate farting on planes. I always it does freak me out a little bit because I always think that somebody heard me yeah, just hear that or did they feel the seat vibrate a little bit as I did it. I get self conscious on planes about what people think of me which is so funny because you never know we're gonna you'll never see them again. They don't know your name anything and I'm like that guy across the aisle hates me. Yeah, it's generally because I take edibles when I fly. I think that's probably it. In my head. Full paranoid. Yeah, like oh, he knows. Yeah, he knows Am I pissed about that we're not aware of it. You've been making direct eye contact with him for the last 30 minutes. disclosures that are you don't have to be so professional. I mean, I'm joking. I'm going to keep edibles. I have a follow up question. Aim your top five felonies. Okay. I'm gonna go well, I farted really bad on a plane one time not a felony. Window. Middle or aisle? Is the question. That was the question. That was the category that was the category Yeah. Both Tom and Tommy got done. Do you attend a house of worship? Now? Not anymore? When you did? Were you attending with parents? Yeah. Okay. Do you prefer Irel? Yes. Of pew. To what? To the middle to middle oh my god, you middle of you. That's Part A and Part B is how close to the front? I like going close to the front of the second section of the I love the bad call. Good call. You know, you're early in communion. Yes. All right. So set the stage for me. Are you inside the gifts are outside the gifts, gifts gifts. I'm going to talk about this the auditory auditory Yeah, right. What's the technical term for you and your you and your your amazing plan are making He says the Catholic Church. Yeah. Yeah, he's talking about when they're bringing the gifts up today. Yeah, that's their sat at a table there right in front of me. Okay. So that's what I mean. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm like, I like being like the third row of the back half. Okay. I actually did go to the Catholic Church that you used to go to recently, strangely enough, and they're like, Isn't my St. Thomas. Nice to be here all the time? I was I was like, whoa. This guy's Minnesota. Well, hold on a second. You're from Minnesota? Yeah. Oh, no. Do you have a scoring system for people who have a scoring system? I have a scoring system that says if you are from Florida, you get a minus one in my book. So like, yeah, you have a handicap that you have to. I'm not saying they're cool people from Florida there are but if you tell me you're from Florida, you're minus one like that. If you tell me you're from Minnesota, you are a plus one. Wow. Yeah, it's totally true. Man. I'm so impressed. And I've said this on multiple podcasts. I'm not just making it up. I rules people from Minnesota plus one. It's very rare that I've met someone from Minnesota that I didn't like that Allah. Yeah, it's I loved I think it might have to do with the cold temperatures and the fact that you got to be inside and hang out with your you know, your fellow human beings. Little more bonding. Yeah, you basically can't be completely obnoxious. Yeah. Right. I agree. I mean, I know from Minnesota, but I know a lot of incredible people to write I think there is just a baseline of a higher Yeah, that just says we're gonna get along a little bit more get along a little bit better. Yeah, I agree. One of these days. Adam is going to meet somebody in Florida, who was originally from St. Paul, and has moved to Florida. We're gonna be very conflict. Zero. Yeah, they're back there. They're probably I think it's where you're raised, though. But yeah, going back half towards the aisle. Very good. All right. Well, we are in the back half towards the aisle of the first segment of the comedy round table with our guest, Tommy Hi tops. And we'll be back with more name changes. Like this is the trend for the episode. We are here. Live at the punch line comedy club in Atlanta. We got good people from Minnesota. Well, the deck doctor but it's also my doctor. We're going to have a deposition because we have to have medical talks and he's like, You shouldn't drink less and I'm like you shouldn't have more. We grew up in a medical household you never go to the doctor. I was 24 years old before I went to a non my dad doctor. I didn't know how to act with this guy. He comes in he's like Do you smoke? I was like are you gonna tell mom eight kids it's crazy. My dad figured out the only way to be a doctor and not be rich Dr. ache is good as a farmer with one of the old saying I do call my youngest sister boat though because that's what we could have had. You know. We do love each other. We suck at saying my mom and I when we hang up the phone every time it's love you bye Love You by storm. When me and my dad and the phone call. It's like 45 seconds of us has been like we're scanning Hey, comedy roundtable listeners. Since you're a fan of this podcast. That means that you enjoy being entertained through your ear holes, and you appreciate unfiltered sarcasm. And that's why we think you'll love our show. It's called Midnight facts for insomniacs. And it's a history and pop culture podcast featuring weekly deep dives into a diverse variety of topics, and also featuring us comedians and lifelong friends Shane Rogers and Duncan McEwan. So whether you're nocturnal sleep deprived, or just a fan of laughing and learning will keep you entertained with more than 120 episodes covering everything from astrology to pirates, colts to UFOs conspiracy theories to the history of personality tests just search for midnight facts in any podcast player to join the midnight masses. What app did you guys get your husband's on? Plenty of Fish. Whoa. Was there a couple of deep cuts it's kind of like putting on a buying bread there And plenty of fish. You guys basically dig deep the old fashioned way because that was on a desktop hang up the phone. To jump to sales is the coolest thing I see every time I come to New York every day it makes because I was raised Midwestern little boy, and I am so afraid of doing that. But I lost my job this week. So I dropped my first one yesterday. I felt amazing. It was on the way out, but it still did the trick. Yeah. All right. comedy roundtable is back, Jamie, Jamie and Adam, our guest, Tommy Brennan. We have two remaining subjects. They are rivalries and spelling rules. I'm gonna go rivalries, rivalries, starting with Adam. In almost everything. There are rivals, trying to figure out like, Where are their new rivals? And so my question for you is, do you think there's rivalries among flowers? And if so, which flowers are rivals? I mean, perennials have to have a god complex, right. Oh, yeah. They look at the annuals that are like you. I mean, you're not coming back. Yeah. You're not coming back. Right. I mean, there's probably an inherent jealousy from the the annuals to the perennials, but the perennials probably, it's probably they probably wouldn't consider it a rival. Right. They're like, it's not even close. Yeah, between them. They probably do. Like I could see, like a rosebush, because roses gets so much love so much love and they're kind of an ugly plant. A lot of the time, right. So they probably have beef with like, like a tulip. Yeah to have is kind of a more conventionally beautiful plant comes up pops up real pretty for a little bit and roses. Stick around for a long time. And the tulips like Yeah, but you're ugly half the time. Yeah. And the tulips when they are not in bloom. You don't really notice them. No, like green here. We're pretty that's what tulips say like roses, you stay around for months, but half the time not that good. But there's one thing they can agree on, which is damn annuals does. Yeah, exploring the question further. Yeah. Oh, we're gonna go. Next level. Is the flower only aware of its existence while blooming? No. Is it the whole plant? Or is it the flower? Is it the flower? Because if it is just the flower, then does it have an awareness of whether it is a perennial or an annual? Yeah, the perennial is like it's getting ready to bloom. It's like, hold on, hold my beer, and it just goes out there. Oh, yeah, it was like, I think I could do this. I think I know what's happening. I think it's gonna happen. Pretty easy job. This isn't gonna go well for you. Literally. ever good. Would you not want to be then the most attractive perennial? Now I'm trying to figure out how to phrase like, we would want to be your most attractive. No, no, no. Well, so the problem with the rose is a rose is attractive enough to get clipped? Yeah, right. Oh, so you'd want to be attractive enough that you're planted, but not attractive to be part of an arrangement or flower versus plant to flower? Flower right. So yeah, so we can't go I can't go fern. How stupid That's so stupid. Because I'm gonna be I'm gonna be a firm because no one's gonna clip me. Oh, okay. I'm gonna be hanging up high above everybody else looking down upon you gonna be treated practically like an annual you're gonna be forget to be watered. Yeah, you're gonna be I don't need they kind of go grow just wild people walk over them. Yeah, at least a piece Lily gives power. Like most famous for just being in fossils. Yeah. Okay. Just want to point out that the level of anger ah was a lot into the whole flower discussion. It was absolutely bullshit. Yeah, yeah. Everyone's pissed about it. I'm still just thinking about whether or not the flowers are aware that they're part of the whole or not. That's a good net. That's pretty heavy. I just think if you happen to bloom at the same time, you wouldn't necessarily know Yeah, right. Because if you have a garden, so let's say if you're talking about your landscaping, you have perennials, and you have your rosebush, but adjacent to your rosebush. Do you plan an annual? Okay, yeah. Right. So now when the rose is blooming, and the annual is blooming, yeah. Does the rose bloom and say, I'm back? Yeah, me. Like not Tommy. I'm Steve. But you look just like Tommy. I know. I know, Steve. I heard about him. Yeah. You didn't because you didn't exist last year. Yeah. He'd like to think we live in a world where there's an elitist group of perennials who are aware that they come back every year but we come in from there. That's the firm. Yeah, the firm never we're done with that question. Thank you John for ruining it. You ruined it for everybody. All right rivalries. What is your favorite species of fern? So stupid. All right, so you find yourself on the international professional Foosball circuit. Yes. Done, but you need to take out your rivals. How do you sabotage your rivals on the foosball? International professional poisoning? Absolutely. Oh, so easy to get on the stick? Yeah, well, I'm the handle. I wasn't the I don't think they ever really like suck on the handles. Maybe you haven't played like high level weird green bars just take the time to write them out. In the thought it was gonna be you touch it with your hand and eventually it gets Yeah. Yeah, that's what I assumed. I was thinking like, maybe like that. You put the advising stuff in there B or something like that. Kind of a food thing? Yeah. Yeah. That makes your stomach upset. Real quick. I drops. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. By the way, like you don't know. Oh, that's Minnesota for you right there. Nice. Nice. Nice. So I do have a theory. It is mostly passive aggressive. Oh, it's Minnesota. Nice is like, everyone's like, Oh, your mom's so nice. Like she I mean, she's behind your back. Yeah. Yeah. She's great at the grocery store. I get it. Let me run this by everybody. Okay, we're all familiar with the large gumball. Yeah. Are we though? Yes. So what if you played Foosball with the large gumball? And every time you scored a goal, somebody on the losing team had to eat the gumball. knocking it around on the foosball court. The gross bar Foosball core. Yeah, we score somebody on the losers team has to eat the gumball. I think about the outside of the foosball court. Maybe not that bad. But you know, the tunnels that that was the last time they flush those tunnels like never never flush the tunnel. So no one's ever clean out. So it's part of the game. Also, it'd be hilarious if you get scored on a bunch and then like, you gotta spit it out. Keep it in there. You gotta take chipmunks. Oh my god. My jaw hurts. What's the score? Hold on. Yeah. Rivalries. Bender rivalries. Yes. You were once a child. You lived in the neighborhood. Did you have a childhood? Neighborhood? Rival? Done? For sure. We don't need your name. And I'm worried Yeah. What was her name? Well, I had Vince Anderson for a little while and then Gino Chicka rally for a little while to those are. Those are both kind of rounds. What was this? What was the start of the what was the core of the rivalry? It was probably clicking this but I had my best friend of all time lived across the block, literally across the street. And there's like just a city block. And then Vince lived like just one block up, but it was far enough where he was kind of on the outskirts. Yeah, but then there was a time that he kind of stole Johnny my best friend. Oh, Shane. Johnny, Tommy Vinnie. Yeah, yeah. And I was like, Hey, what is this about? The North without telling me you're from the North? Yeah. Oh, no, no. How did you settle the rivalry? I think I was better than him at sports. And that ended up just being like, you know, I could, I could kind of like Geno's later on. This has been so I could kind of like, Edge him out by just like we'd have the hole we used to play edge in Johnny's yard. We used to play football, like all the time tag any any game, and we'd have all the neighborhood kids over and I could just, I would kind of target Vince. I'm like, I'm gonna beat you and all this. Do you ever consider swatting events? We can talk about that. You can't joke about that. That's a real thing that causes people death. Keys, Jamie. I was talking about hitting him slightly off the face. It's so dark, so dark. We've noticed the street lights have come on, which means it's time to end the segment. So it's time to go home. Well, it has been our great pleasure both to launch the new name. Yes. Best of luck with it. Thank you. It's really great, by the way. I mean, it's terrific. Thanks, Tommy. Brandon, you Oh, sorry. Tommy. Hi, tops. Yeah, it's catching on. It's gonna be huge. Rip, schneidman. Yeah, right. All right, Pete Brandon. Yeah. Sure. Like, but you know what, when you get those branded cards, those are the most valuable baseball cards. There's like there's only like Mine is pretty weak. Oh yeah there was only like 12 shows we got it all right for Jamie Jamie and Adam and Tommy as well this has been comedy roundtable put the chair back where you found it we will put the chair away for our guest this week look for him online consumed content. I would start with the Tommy part because that probably isn't going to change that won't change ever I'm some kid Tommy everywhere on the internet so good Tommy everywhere on the internet where your favorite content is found. All right comedy roundtable. We will be back next time. Thank you so much from the punch line comedy Club here in add a lentil