Comedy Roundtable

Rod Man (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club - Winner of Season 8 of Last Comic Standing and seen on HBO, Starz, MTV, BET, TV One and BBC America)

January 19, 2023 Rod Man Season 9 Episode 89
Comedy Roundtable
Rod Man (Recorded Live at the Punchline Comedy Club - Winner of Season 8 of Last Comic Standing and seen on HBO, Starz, MTV, BET, TV One and BBC America)
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Rod Man joined the Comedy Roundtable after a successful weekend of shows at the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Best known as the winner of Last Comic Standing Season 8, Comedian Rod Man is truly a gem in the world of standup comedy today. His unique delivery and voice capture the attention of audiences. Rod Man has graced the stage at Caesar's Palace, The Gibson Amphitheater, and The Apollo Theater. He is currently the host of his own YouTube shows -- Time Out with Rod Man and That Good Funny. Rod Man is competing on the upcoming season of "Last Comic Standing" and has made many other television appearances, including "The Bad Boys of Comedy" for HBO, Martin Lawrence's "First Amendment" for Starz, Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out" for MTV, "One Mic Stand" for BET, "The Funny Spot" for TV One, and "The World Stands Up" for BBC America. He even co-hosted a morning drive-time show in Los Angeles on Stevie Wonder-owned KJLH Radio 102.3 FM.

Rod Man is also an actor and writer, known for his roles in Funny People (2009) with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, The Big Black Comedy Show, Vol. 2 (2005), and The Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show (2013).

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Ladies and gentleman comedy roundtable coming up on this episode. I don't need to be on Ward I like land. Yes. I enjoy I enjoy the yo yo, I didn't know Yeah, some trees. Oh shoot your comms when I see you in the street. Yeah, I don't want to sit you in the dining room buffeted by his own thinking going on. I didn't know we will be a test. We have saved a chair for you our listener and we've also saved a chair here at the roundtable for our guest this evening, Rod man. We are live in the diner adjacent to the punch line comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia. Robin, welcome to the show. Thank you, Jamie. I appreciate it. comedy roundtable comedy roundtable. That's right. Is definitely rad, actually round table and we actually had a dialogue and we are in the diner, but we're adjacent to the punchline. Right. So what we do is we sneak over here, usually when the headliners between shows. Right, right. But tonight we're doing it after your last show. Yeah, yeah, this is so we've wrapped up a weekend. Yeah. Ninth Inning has been played. Yeah. final whistle of the fourth quarter has blown. Yeah. And now we're just reveling in a successful weekend. This is home for me. It's always in Atlanta, my hometown of Villa rica Joy so I had a lot of family this weekend a lot of cousins, schoolmates, so it was it was one of them. I always said he's a tough show. We do it in front of people you kind of grew up with, they see me in a different light. Oh, when I start is that because they come up to you afterwards? And like one joke that you were telling that joke about when I was a kid and that was a bully? That's about me isn't Yeah, so that's it. That's always the challenge when Oh, that we I'm actually talking about my brother, my sister right here. So is that thing so? I'm relieved that it was received, and it worked out? Okay. Work that were no good to book this gig after the holidays. Yay. You don't want to do this one in October where some of the rounds are raw in November, and we just had a good you know, 70th birthday party for my mom. Oh, yeah. So we was out. We've been on a good everybody, you know, reconciliation or whatever. We have issues. We've been putting it out and putting it forward. We go good. Yeah, no way to break that and to have them come to your comedy show and have you be talking about them? Right, but not in a bad light. So it wasn't a good lie. You're gonna have some truth in comedy, right? Truth in comedy is good. It is. Yeah, you guys so I tried to pull it from things in my life, relatable, relatable storytelling and things that people that happened to me that I go through the same thing I have gone through the same thing. Yeah, yes, that's good. Stand up to me. So I tried to stay in that pocket. It would be weird, circular experience to have the person that you're talking about in the joke heckle you. You're on the joke. Yeah, that could be weird. That's not true. I was six foot five pin. So the format of the roundtable we're gonna do some Lightning Rounds. Okay, you are going to get three subjects from which you can choose you don't have to choose them all at the same time you choose them one at a time. Okay. We will then go around and ask you a quick question about it. Okay, so here are your choices this evening of which you must only choose one at this time they are cruising Sesame Street lessons, or favorite appetizers. I'm gonna go with a cruise and says mystery of favorite appetizers and we in the diner. Yeah, I gotta go dumb apps man favorite appetizer. Starting with Adam, is there an appetizer that if you were on out with somebody and they ordered that appetizer you judge them a little bit? You kind of like that's an appetizer that weirdos get I don't judge what people eat because food is personal personal is definitely personal so you but like I sometimes look at like that that that spinach dip and I'm like really? But I am a black man. Okay. And black people love spinach Okay. At a high level Okay, yeah Hala was much older sauce on the side it's a whole nother Yeah, yes. Everybody had a table one out but yeah, if you take a laid out or something like that, what is your least love that like if you think of that menu and you look at it, you're like, what? What's the app? It's on every menu you're just like, I can't imagine ordering that. I don't do like the potato with the with the potato skins. I'll do loaded. Yeah. I don't know that. Yeah, I'm more like wings. That's probably my number one. One Yep, go to app. Okay, so let's talk about that. What are we doing on a sauce on that? We're gonna buffalo we're gonna hop mild. Are we doing like a teriyaki we're doing maybe a lime chili lime pepper. Were we doing an AMA we kind of sewer so I started out with buffalo Well, well, I might put a lemon pepper I might go and Lucasian. Nice. I might go a little habanero. Yes. But how do you feel about boneless versus bone? It? Oh, it's gotta be bony. Tradition. I got to have bones on. Yeah, it's gotta be a whole six watts or drums. I can do both. But if I had my choice, I probably go flat. Because I agree. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So we are here adjacent to the punch line comedy club in the landmark diner where you can get breakfast at all hours of the day at breakfast that night. Get an incredible breakfast. Yeah, but dinner is usually where we associate appetizers with breakfast. Should have question appetizers day breakfast. Breakfast. Yes. Okay, so you're saying what would be a breakfast? No, no, that's not my question. My question is, what is a dinner appetizer that you could get away with as having as a breakfast appetizer? Cocktail? Shrimp cocktail? Oh, yeah. Great answer. Yeah. Bring that up to brunch. It could do a fantastic. There should be more appetizers there for breakfast. Yeah, but you the chicken. Yes. That's the beautiful thing about chicken and the chicken and waffles revolution has moved Chicken Fried Chicken records. 24 hour days, so yeah, but still as the appetizer. What? Are there any foods that are really you wouldn't do like breakfast? mozzarella sticks? No. Do like breakfast nachos. Really? I think it's like trying to run with orange. There is no breakfast app. I don't think we would come up with that anything because everything I think at breakfast becomes a side. Alright, Jamie, would you turn appetizers favorite appetizer if the opening act for a comedian is the appetizer? What is your favorite kind of set to have in front of you? What is my favorite data advertisers? What's the you're the entre? What is the perfect setup set? Funny? I like the people. The funny is implied. Do you get them laughing? Is it you gotta get him going? Yeah. Is it crowd word? Well, I always the person over me. I don't always cuz I say you got 20 minutes. I need to know about you. And I'm 20 minutes. I don't I don't need to do crowd work. I might talk to the people because I got tired. That's right. So I need you get to the business. Yeah. So but I need you to have them hot. Yes. When I said when I stepped foot on say I need him to Whoa. And then we'll bring him in my world. But I wanted I wanted to be hot but not all the way hot. No. You want you want them on the on the on the cusp. Yes. Right? Yeah. But bring them to the cost. So if we go to another lab, we had to know we go into the lab, but we had to bring them up to a level. So you don't want to go you don't want to flatline empty belly. You can't go empty belly to entree. Right? Right. Figuratively speaking bring some bread around. I need you to be a little bit of bread just to be a little bit of Yeah, right. Yeah. I need you to be maybe spend it. Yeah, right. There's apps. Yeah, I need some apps. Okay, but I don't need you bring in lots of biscuits. Okay, something like that. Yeah, right. Yeah. Okay. Activate the whole comedy palette, but you're not the star now. Yeah, but you're not. Don't load up on ships. We got food coming up on the third round gone and sat on that took the coat off. Okay, well, you're already in an effort not to turn this segment into the entree of the episode. Let's take a break here. All right. And transition to some comedy from our guest Robin who is here with us at the punchline comedy club in Atlanta recorded inside the landmark diner Jamie Jamie and Anna we will be back with more comedy roundtable in just a moment. I ran a marathon this year yeah. I run every morning I run every morning but I was out there running one morning let's say you you're a good runner. You should you should you know and you don't know if you're a good runner nobody. So you've been watching me be watching me run let's just say Yeah, watch you run you a good run. I think you could run the marathon I say this shoe you want to do that this year you know I ran a 5k before but a marathon that's that's that's all day right? That's all I got to go back to the house. I can't be out here running a holiday. I got other responsibilities that can't be just running and they and they they called it the Dodge stadium to the to the Santa Monica they got it from the stadium to the sea and I said somebody's gonna pick us up along the way that drove that route but ain't never just ran the street down that's that's gonna take a while right I finished it though I finished people I will say what good thank you. Thank you I appreciate it. People say I always ask first question what time you've been in it don't matter. matters. All right comedy roundtable here recorded live inside the landmark honored Lana's punch line comedy Club celebrating its 40th anniversary available at punch You of course are listening to the comedy roundtable Jamie Jamie and Adam our guest is terrific comedian Rob man and you have two subjects remaining. Oh wait, that's more okay. You got to get one Oh, no, no, you get your one of your choice of the remaining two will die which are cruising or Sesame Street lessons. I got time to go on Sesame Street. Let's go cruise cruise. ruse. Alright, so before we go to our choice of subject, we want a little bit of an update of what you got coming up where it started a brand new year. 2023 What are the tentpole projects that we're working on? What's some of the good stuff that we're encouraged about what a big thing for me this year is being in front of people so no see me lab a lot so I'm on tour as much as I can. This year I would love I still like did a full fledge theater tour that's to go do some club day but I also got to work on theater dates because I have grown to that. Oh yeah, they'll come out and support me on there. And I would love to do a Netflix special some alone Ola after we get through tour and and a couple other things. I'm going to even maybe something like this the podcast situation or something. Because I have a radio I did a radio with Stevie Wonder back in the day. Yeah. On Radio. So this is I'm always excited me but I love stand up. So touring live, and maybe Netflix special. Maybe a Netflix special. And, and maybe some along these live. Yeah. So well. And for somebody who hasn't seen you live, it's a terrific show. Thank you, sir. It really is. It's a stylistically it's a stylistically different. You have a very unique voice. It's a terrific show, very engaging, highly enjoyable. So I'd recommend anybody coming and checking that out. Thank you. And that's that's what I feel. My strongest suit. You know, people like we gonna do movies and TV, and I've had opportunity, but that ain't always went straight through. Right, but but the stand up thing. Oh, yeah, that works every time. So I try to cultivate that and know anything. That's my that's my tree and whatever comes from that, then we'll we'll add that to it. But I like labs, if people want to see like, Rob made That's my website and and follow me at Robin comedy on all the social situations. Oh, yeah. Cruising on cruise ships is something that I don't understand at all. Like I think it's weird. I do not like being around that many people on a small thing. Is there anything in your world that you just really disliked that others seem to love? I can agree with you on cruises. Yeah. Right there. I do about three photos and I need to I need to get up out of here. Who were like, that's what they want to do. It's not a vacation from now. I don't Yeah, I feel you on the crew thing. Yeah, just so yeah. And you know, that's what Kobe is. Yeah. So is it any wonder because like, here close to everybody. It's like a small community. Yeah. And you start seeing the people again at breakfast and different things so out but yeah, I don't I don't I don't need to be on Ward. I like land. Yes. I enjoy I enjoy the yard. I like, I like a Yo, you know, yeah, some trees and some things you call and try to get a reservation for cruise ship and they say what kind of room you want. You want like, I want one with a backyard. Right? What do you want? I want a little land please. This is how you enjoy a three or four day cruise. As you get on the cruise, you pick somebody and you inform them. You'll be my mortal enemy on this cruise for the rest of the crews. You let them know you let them know, you say now we're gonna separate. And then like you said, you'll see people from time to time. And as you come across this person, you have to basically treat them as your mortal enemy. And so you have to either avoid them if they've got the upper hand on you. You gotta pick the right person because you don't want someone who's going to be able to take you out you got to find people with beef you gotta make you gotta make beef so that you have bring drama to the ship. Exactly. Bring your dining room you're like oh shit, here comes this. Okay, you in the street. I don't want The city with a dining buffet of his own. Would you would you come to my Casino? Would you ever do a murder mystery cruise where it was a three day cruise? That was a murder mystery cruise. Oh my god, I've tried to tell you I don't like cruising. The whole idea of it doesn't make sense. Like we could do that on land. Like we couldn't have. Because there's never been a movie about like a ship based serial killer. Right? There's no true crime podcast of like crimes of the high seas. So how about a free cruise? It's you don't pay for any but you might die. One person is getting murdered. Everybody on the boat is free. Everybody is one person dies one person I think that's a great movie. I think we write that movie. And by the way, you don't get killed until you're this disembark kill me now I don't know where mystery there. I won't off the boat. Jamie, you find yourself drifting at sea with your mortal enemy from elementary school? All right, can you think about who that person is? Okay, the person you hated in military school, running out of food and you need to play mind games to get this adversary off your boat. So what do you do? Or what would you do that would make them rather jump off the boat and swim to shore than stay one more minute with you? Yeah, a lot of thinking going on and saying what will be like? Yeah, some notes before we begin with the childhood, childhood enemy. I'm gonna simplify the question. Okay. All right. You're on a boat. You're adrift at sea. Okay. adrift at sea. If they see there's only enough food for one person want to get them off the you got to play mind games, get that person to jump off the boat and swim to shore. Okay, what would you do that would make them jump off the boat? Right? What would be so annoying or so frustrating for them where they like I'd rather jump off this boat and take my chances in the ocean then stay one more moment. Like I just gotta throw him off the boat. At the end of the day, here's what I would do. I would pick the guy and then he would ask questions like can I get back in the boat? No, you can't have you drowned yet? No. You're still out of the boat sharks. Please come help me out. Alright, it was implied that we want to avoid murder. So we're just trying to convince them to take the jump themselves. You have to be a mind person to jump. Everyone knows what is your favorite mind game? It's an easier way to ask the question. Do you have a mind game that you like to play with someone with whom you're having fun? No, I find the best mind game is no mind game. Yes. People are we thank you playing a mind game me you ain't got playing on my day saying man I play the same because they're like oh that what you're doing you're playing the no nine game my game. Are you playing a no gun game? My game my game my game? I got you. Anything. Right? Would you like to serve me with an eviction notice because I think I'm living in your brain Renfree in your brain, and I'm not paying right now. Not 60 days from now 90 days from that thing? Yeah. So can you get it somebody? Hey, you know what? I'm in your head right? I think my games do get played you know? You got to magicians and Copperfield and playing the game is no mind game. Great. It is no mind game because people play the Oh my god. Right. So why would I play now we got to minimize or they try to read into your mind game. They're like, Oh, yeah, you gotta conserve your energy because there's them expel their energy and then they go, right? Yeah, I just have a high school basketball goal. Yeah, always say for poor today gonna be tired. We're gonna be fresh. They're gonna be tired. We're gonna be fresh. So we will run the Suicide. Suicide. Now they're gonna be tired. We're gonna fresh so we're football. Okay, they will tie fresh, right? That's all right in that water. That's the mind game. You gotta be fresh. If you stay fresh. Some Mofu gold, calm Little did you know in that basketball practice, that it was teaching you what to do if you were adrift at sea? Oh, snap. All right. My question about cruising. Yeah. as follows. I always think of cruising as when something has become easy. He figured it out. Yeah, you're expending little effort. Because you are performing at a peak level in your lane. What is an area in your life where you have felt? I am Cruzan Oh, standards do I don't feel I've reached my peak. I feel like I've tapped in on cruise control that oh cruise control but i i season enough to know what I'm doing. I Know how to change the switches and get the levels but I still haven't I always say I feel like I'm just getting started because I I still haven't tapped into all my funny yet we all we do stand up once you get to a certain level of doing it well you can be cruising but you're in a cruise because you just know what you're doing and then you had to challenge yourself as you go about it and light another fire get a maybe start beef with somebody else who motivated Okay, yeah, so maybe enjoy it, too, like you kind of like you're not so once you get to that cruise level a little bit you kind of enjoy it right? You enjoy your craft. You're like I'm getting good at this. Yeah, maybe those people aren't gonna laugh I know when I'm gonna hit is the brick but it's the brick by brick mentality. You each each show is his own personal thing. So you never know what the reaction is gonna be. I can be I've done a bit but I don't know how this particular audience gonna react. Right? But when you get good at something, it can look like you're cruising but it's actually it's hard work but I always say ain't got to my level. Is it a duck? Duck a swan where where they're smooth on the top of the water but they're paddling yeah yeah so yes what it is yeah so perceives us as moving smoothly. We're a lot of motion you're working working with with Nick what's broken under the water? Yeah. All right. That's a good spot to end it as any Robin comedy on all social media platforms and all the rest for upcoming tour dates. If in your physical vicinity. I encourage you to go out and see a show by Robin, very talented. Appreciate you being here. Appreciate you being in Atlanta and the punch line. Is there forward to seeing you again, picking up the conversation perhaps where we left off for Jamie, Jamie and Adam. This is the comedy roundtable. Put your chair back where you found it. We will see you next episode.