Comedy Roundtable

Geoff Plitt

November 23, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 40
Comedy Roundtable
Geoff Plitt
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There is a knock at your door. You open it to find a toddler that demands all of the money and blankies in the house? What do you do? Or, you encounter a new dating app that only includes pictures of potential companion's bedrooms. What makes you swipe left and what makes you swipe right? These and other great lightning round questions are posed to our guest comedian Geoff Plitt. Tune in to hear all of the great questions and Geoff's answers.

Geoff Plitt is a LA based comedian who studied at Second City and iO in Chicago (not to mention Carnegie Mellon where he obtained an engineering degree). He has performed in festivals and comedy clubs around the world. He co-founded Jetpack, a highly-acclaimed alternative standup showcase in Los Angeles, and he now writes and hosts the weekly YouTube late-night comedy show "What You Need to Know", whose clips have 3+ million TikTok views.


You can catch Geoff most Wednesday evenings at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood at the Totally Comedy Show. Catch national headliners and other amazing comics performing each week. Be sure to follow Geoff across social media.


People around here trust the shepherd. Jamie and the other Jamie. They always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch with another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast starts now. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey go get you some we've been getting so much hate mail about that. No, we haven't. It's so great. All right, we have a guest with us this episode we're excited about. He is comedian Jeff Plitt. Jeff, welcome to the podcast. What's up guys? I'm glad to be here. We're back with another good episode, we've got a lightning round. I mean, the way we do the show, Jeff, pretty straightforward. Game Show style, we ask lightning round questions, we hope to get interesting answers from our guests. We want to surprise and delight and challenge we may explore some of those answers in subsequent segments. And then we ask more lightning round oriented questions. Well, let's, let's let lightning strike Okay, so here we're gonna practice the same practice the same way. Be careful, very, very sets the ground rule sets the tone helps us understand you as a guest practice question, but we use it as a barometer for what happens next. Pressure clockwise, or counterclockwise. Clockwise. Yeah. All right, clockwise starting with Adam. All right. What is your favorite low cost meal that you will eat regardless of where you are financially? Well, I I'm a man of habit. And lately I've been eating chicken caesar salad. Almost everywhere I go. I don't know why I'm just obsessed with chicken caesar salad. croutons are no croutons. I'm a Keto guy. If you talk to La people get ready for crazy diets. So so no croutons, or extra cheese extra dressing. It's mostly cheese. It's like cheese with a little bit of salad and a little bit of chicken. But at home, I tend to make just basic stuff like oh, I'll make like an egg salad. So your hard boiled eggs, add some mail and chicken salad. Nice. Go to it works for diet food. And as a low cost meal. I would not survive in California. That answer just tells me right now I would not survive like your biscuits too much. Yeah. Maybe in and out burgers, you know, still around, but I could go there but now outside of LA. There is tons of you know not so shishi fufu cities, so I think I fit in well, and I don't know you know her most of Beach, Long Beach. sand beaches. All of a sudden, any of your beach town at a beach? Yeah. All right. So Jeff, a Dodger fan is sitting at home this week with nothing better to do when suddenly there is a knock at the door. They open the door to find an armed toddler demanding money and all of the blankies in the house. If you were the one opening the door, what weapon would the toddler need to have for you to hand over your wallet? I'm not scared if he has got a gun because I would assume it's a fake gun. Right but either has a taser. I mean, doesn't take a lot of expertise to use a taser and I would be down for the count. You'd be okay with the gun. No. He's not thinking the kid has access to a gun. Oh, yeah. Okay. It's probably a toy gun. I'm always reluctant to challenge the answers of any guests in a lightning round. I feel there's a buck coming on. There is a button. Yeah. But is driven by the fact that most toddler accidental shootings are because they in fact Discover real guns. Oh, so I would think that toddlers do have access to weapons toddler, a toddler who shows up at your door carrying a gun. I would. I would bet the opposite. This toddler has discovered real gun this might be another cultural difference between California and Atlanta where our toddlers all have guns. Well, most of the toddlers here have lightsabers. I do think the backstory would be more interesting with a toddler who has the taser. Yeah, my toddler has the gun. Well I like the fact that the toddler you're right to be afraid of that Taser toddler because I don't care if he aims it anywhere near us, by the way brings you down is how it's going to be headlined taser, toddler Taser toddler that hits again. I know the toddler would aim the Taser right at my balls, which is a classic form of torture. And the deep Taser toddler hits the balls again. I am blind one of the interesting parts about being a grandfather as opposed to being a father. Is that when you pick up a toddler is that your balls? Yeah. Have fallen out of the kick zone. Oh, oh, right. That that's a big drop that we have to wait yeah, for all for the shift sake. Let's not bring that again. Yeah, okay, literally thrown out. The next question like with that one, can we just stop and move on? It's my turn. Yes. My question. Are you agree My father, no, but I will say that deep crochet is is that you get older. It's a historic it's a stereotypical joke that right? as men age, they fall further and further towards the ground. Do your ears hang low do they fall asleep? And now I'm saying when you pick up your grandchild, right every new dad when you're still high in tight, boom, toddler crushes them. Grandparents don't have any of that concern. All right. I don't love it. Actually, grenade launcher was the 10 point answer. But Taser was one point where you'd be surprised at how toddlers have struggled with grenade launchers more than you think like just lifting a grenade launcher is beyond most now the grenade itself that's if you can avoid the the blast of the grenade the toddler will be nowhere around the kick of a grenade launcher held by a toddler. A kid's gonna be on the front yard someplace. Let's move forward to lightning. All right. All right. My first question yes. Is Jeff what is the maximum number of times a pair of jeans can be worn between non spilled washings? I mean, I'll go two to three months without watching Jeans and I'm talking wearing the same pair of jeans every day. Yeah, so 90 days, 90 days, 90 days. Okay, right. Because everyone's only eating salad. Well drop a leaf jeans, you're fine. You just flick it off and move on. Alright, Adam Europe, this one may play out differently given that we've now established the California diets are differently. But what jelly or jam Do you prefer with your pb&j? Assuming that you were going to have a pb&j? It's been a very long time since I have eaten jelly or jam but I wouldn't say blueberry, that would be good. Ooh, are you more a jelly or jam? Um What is the difference? So I think a jelly is kind of like the clear stuff this flavored like flavor gel. And the jam is actually a pieces of fruit in it. Oh, we got to go jam. Yeah. fruit in there. That's right. I'm surprised at the blueberry or marmalade answer combined with clockwise as his choice. I would have figured blueberry goes with counter contrarian Yeah, over to you. All right, the first of the month is coming up and you got bills to pay. Okay, and you decide that you need to rob a bank to make ends meet but you need an accomplice which child actor do you recruit to join you in the crime spree? And you can choose between a current child actor or a current adult that was at one time a child actor 1990s Macaulay Culkin, I mean with all those booby traps kills that's and he's got the BB gun, you know? Are you taking them in 1990s version? Are you taking them current version? jaded by life, more life experience potentially more skills? Well, maybe the current version because he's got all those, you know, skills from the movies, but now he's a full grown ass man. Additional skills. Yeah, yeah, he's bringing a lot to the table. Right? He could probably handle the grenade launcher. Alright, Ben. No, you're up. Jess. I have terrible news. Yesterday for the purposes of our question. You unexpectedly passed away true. Who are two of your pallbearers? Well, my brother and and probably my my best friend, my brother is a he has been my best friend. And he is actually a lawyer in Hollywood lawyers filmmaker, and then my best buddy who I run this comedy show with he I'm sure that he would enjoy carrying my my dead body. I was so so morose but yeah, guys who gets better placement one get front row back row. I don't know if there's placement on the casket but there were there's placement you're either in the one spot or the two. You like basketball? Really? You're I think you're at the I think if you're at the head first one out of the church first one setting it on the on the that's the bumper of the hearse. I got two guys in the front. Yeah, one on each side. Those are the two leads. Are they equal? No. That's the one with the captain armband. Yeah, it's like it's you have a C on your lapel. Okay, so who gets your C? Probably your brother? I mean, it seems like Was he your best man don't influence him. Yeah, this is the same question as who's your best man. We're talking about a pallbearer so we got to be strong like what if your sibling or close friends are weak? Then you got to start calling in all the all the acquaintances that lift weights you know? I think my pole bear has to be strong. I'm thinking about you with the keto diet. I'm not sure your pallbearer has to be that strong. You I'm seeing you in the video. I think you're gonna be fine. Picture in this situation where you have someone whose nose they're dying and they reach out to someone that's going to be their pallbearer. And they say look, I really want you to make the cut, but you're gonna have to work you're gonna have to lift Yeah, so the other one your co producer of your comedy show. Does he get a speaking role and can you trust him not to try out new material as part of his eulogy. It will get a speaking role but he would definitely be first of all, he'll be roasting me right even at my funeral. Totally roasting. Alright, what is the dumbest way you've ever been injured? I've only broken one bone. It was my left pinky, probably the least useful bone in my body. And I was just catching a volleyball and broke who that is. Isn't that embarrassing when I don't have a great Oh, I broke my I broke my leg while I was roller skating over a cliff or anything. I don't have any No, the pinkie volleyball is one of the more embarrassing Yeah, but you pretty impressive. You are in California. You could have told us a shark story and we would have bought it. Yeah, but no, I think that's a volleyball story, but it works. Yeah, you have taken a third question. Oh, I took my third question. We were supposed to break after that. Well, we're gonna I can be done to question the next round. No, no, no, you. Thanks, buddy. Yeah, thanks, buddy. Bring us home. Alright, that's gonna do it for the first of our lightning round our guest comedian Jeff Plitt. We'll be back with more of the podcast right after this Alright, have you guys ever broken a bone? I have any good ones? I have a crazy broken bone story, but it's too long. Alright, let's go. It's the fucking Shakespeare of broken bones story. It's Homer's Odyssey of broken bones. Yeah, actually, I can't do it. Unless I get editorial rights over it and we you agree to not cut anything? Okay, so let me ask you this. Yes. Let's 20 question. Yep. Go away to what the answer is. Okay. What is the bone? On an extremity? What is in extremity arms or legs? Yes. Okay. Was it your arm? No. Was it your leg? Yes. Was it your left leg? Yes. Is your left leg your dominant? I don't know. Why are you wasting the question on dominant leg? It's an important fact. It's irrelevant to we don't know the story yet. So we don't know if it's irrelevant. We'll find out if it's irrelevant. You wasted it on an early dominant is is safe for last right. But sounds like he said the story's amazing or skateboarding. Yeah. Um, no amazing broken bone story ever includes. And by the way, it's my dominant leg. I don't know that. That's true. This guy's like Natalie's I break my leg. I broke my dominant leg. Are you a child? What's a child? A child is? Is someone younger than an adult? And what is an adult burning through 1000 questions, what relevant? Questions there a subsection A Subsection B? It's one question. What is an adult? 18 plus? I was 18. Plus? Yes. Are you 19? No. Are you 20? What are you alone? Be careful. He's burning quick. Were you alone? No. Were you assaulted by a toddler? Armed that's never happened. Leg? That's a no, no. It was a broken bone? No. Was the broken bone meeting? Yes. Is the person who did this to you in prison? No. If they were in prison where they've choose the puzzle. Okay, go ahead. Go ahead. Jamie. Were you under 30? Yes, I was under 30. Were you married? No. Have you ever been to a Turkish prison? No. Were you skiing? No. Were you playing a sport? It could be called that because of the way you were playing it or because of what the activity was. But I think you might be on ESPN at two in the morning. Do you consider chess to sport but like Axe Throwing is more I would call? I wouldn't say those are necessarily sports. But it was sport in that. Not in that genre. But ESPN is a sport that involves a ball? No. Is it a sport that involves power tool? A power tool? Yes. No. Sports Do I answer? Okay, so you're so close. Alright, so what? How was I injured? You were run over by a four wheeler driven by a baby. You're really close. You were run over by formula? No. He was supposed to that. But I'm not know. We've established why it isn't a middle segment. Yeah, story, the campy because the discussion is too great. Yeah, the story is too good. Right. It's a thirst trap, if you will, for the second. It is. Let's get back to the guest. Sure. Back for next segment here of the podcast. Jamie Bendele. Jamie Hearn and Adam Haig guest this episode. Comedian Jeff Plitt. Jeff he feeling pretty good after lightning round number one settling in? Oh, yeah, we learned we laughed. I'm ready to dig in. Let's let's do this. It was a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that needs I think we need to explore a little bit more. So this is a this is a segment of exploration where we explore kind of your answer the answers read a little deeper. See where Yeah, so one is the chicken caesar salad, an inexpensive meal in California, cuz I feel like everything's expensive, right? Everything is pretty expensive. Yeah, but I just I don't eat that many super cheap. But your salad is pretty cheap. Right? You throw some eggs and some mayo in there. Yeah, that's pretty cheap. Yeah, yeah. Okay, let me ask you actually, cuz I was the other day I was at the supermarket. And I thought I actually enjoy egg salad. Right. But I'm reluctant to buy it. Because candidly, it's very fatty It is at least storebought. Okay, all this talk about salad. I've just learned that Bendel and I think shopped differently in the grocery store. Adam, do you ever find yourself in the grocery store and you're trying to select something? You're like NAD to fatty? No, no, never. That's never happened. For me. It's just tasty. Or not tastes. Yeah. It's more like Haagen Dazs or not cut ice cream. Not tasty enough. Yeah. I have a California question about salad. I would fear eating a salad in California with the drought. Do peep are people allowed to wash the salad? The drought is definitely a problem. But yes, they're washing this. I think that's propaganda. I don't think that's true. Our water companies like emailing us, like, you know, you can take a shorter shower and I'm like, wow, like, you have to bring the salad into the shower. Oh, yeah. I'm like Kramer, I'm washing my salad in the shower. So are you as I was just wondering if are you judging Jamie at this point, because he abandoned his best man for his pol bearing. I mean, so in other words, we as friends of Jamie now he's pretty much gonna dust us 20 I mean, and I'm not even best man material. I don't think for Jamie. So what do you think about Jamie at this point? He's a little he's a little sketch. Right? You know, he bands a lot of his friends. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. Yeah, you know, you're the man and he's not even on he's not in your top eight anymore. Eight. Well, it's not this isn't like a twin XL coffin. And additionally, some being cremated. I need like, maybe one person you think like Menuett bowl and those guys get extra pallbearers? No, they cut out the middle. I think they are you know, they do they go. It's like a magician's trick. It's just torso. No, eliminate the middle section. So if you pick it up, you see feet if you look, you see the top of Menuett that can't be true. That can't be true. 100% true. Whoever looks in the middle often. I also think what was the last time you looked in the middle of a coffin? Did you ever add a thing look peek down and see if the rest of the bodies there? Nobody does that. Oh my god. So you're telling me it's only the top of the body? Yeah, no, it's got to be an extraordinarily tall person. You don't leave the entire body there. You can just eliminate the middle section. So you're so away that coffin is the same length. I'm saying. I'm saying there's a standard size. are they cutting out the you know the balls? I mean, like what area? Are they? Yeah, I would assume roughly mid quad to ribcage. Oh, it's something like that. If it's a grandfather and they've dropped too much you might have to you might still have his balls might still be there. A little addendum at the bottom of this little little bag like a little Crown Royal bag. Yeah, the bottom of the COBie like Truck Nuts for your coffin listeners. Right now Google are there talk often because I got this cannot be true. This cannot be true. I hate the idea that tall people are being shoved into the same size coffin as everybody else. But then if you are being cremated, you still need six all bears for your it's gonna be the greatest thing ever. So hold on. What if you got cremated and you actually set it up as like a bucket brigade from the front of the whole scoop. Pass a bucket? You're dumping it into the out of the hall scoop pass out your ashes? horrible. It's horrible. I just Googled it. And apparently if you're taller than six foot seven, they bend your knees. Oh, okay. bending knees not bad. Yeah, I mean, when I would you have any cutting off at the ribs? To mid thigh? Yeah, at least isn't there some way to shorten them up? If you want to talk about survival skills? You need to have if you were six, seven or taller? Yeah, you need to have somebody in your tight group of friends. That God forbid you keel over dead. Did you like fold me up fetal before rigor mortis sets in? Because they're gonna have to talk me into this thing. I don't need to be yours, right? richer, more. You can't and you just take a break in full voice. Oh, God. This is this has gone very badly. This has gotten absolutely wrong. I feel like this is a good time to talk about toddlers. Oh yeah. About the weapons that the toddlers are bringing in? Yeah, it's probably not a good time. I just was picturing the toddler coffin Yeah. Oh my god Stop it right now. I mean, let's just stop it right now. We're gonna go to the break and we're gonna be back with a second round of the lightning more lightning round questions during the broadcast returns, even shacks. How do you get hurt? Or how did you break you both heard you broke your left leg. I broken many bones. I heard you broke your left leg knee to thigh. Sure I did. Yeah. How that happened. Need need to fly? I couldn't. I couldn't remember. You need to play fun How to Have spiral fracture. Gruesome metallic. I have a story of how it happened, but I can't. Maybe we'll do a bonus. Why don't we do a lightning round? With episode? Terrible? It's shameful. Anyways, you need to go to timeout. You should be in timeout. Let's go back to the guest. Were you in timeout when you were injured? Nope. Back with another segment of the podcast Jamie Bendele. Jamie Hearn and Adam Haig guest this episode comedian Jeff Plitt. Are you choosing to stay with the original direction car clockwise or counterclockwise? Alright, now that I know the context question, I'm gonna go counterclockwise now. All right. Starting with Adam, if you could eliminate one color right now, what color would you be eliminating? I would eliminate yellow. That's actually right. Yellow correct answer, right. Yep. Good job. All right, a baby approaches you speaking in fluent German. He's alive. Relax, okay. Okay. Another baby comes up, tells you don't worry about it and starts immediately translating for you into English. Do you trust the translation of the English speaking baby and engage in a conversation with the baby from Deutschland? Oh First, I would frisked them to make sure they don't have tasers, lightsabers or gun Good call. Yeah. What What choice do I have? I don't speak I don't speak German. I would trust the translation. But I'll bet when someone plays it back with subtitles that the result would be hilarious. Especially if the translation was not an honest one. Interesting. What would the baby be telling you in German? I'm fascinated by the premise of the question. Because you're you're treating it as though there are not multilingual children who sing babies baby. So first of all, if a baby comes up to you and is speaking German Can they even walk I think you have to be a toddler even to ya know this. Now you haven't. So now you have a you have a baby laying there. No, no. Okay. It can walk walking. Baby walk. If a baby can figure out how to speak fluent German, you can figure out how to walk. I'm thinking the Doogie Howser so babies is what's happening right here. Is it possible that it's baby Hitler, you know, got a little mustache? That would be Yeah, I just reincarnated and he's walking up to your city. You're about the toddler. Now does he do the big kick as he walks up? But it's a little tiny kid. He was 656 Damon? Yeah, I'm gonna translate it for you. It's just every every world war two movie I ever saw. That's what it seems to be says baby Hitler's anyhow without pulling me before we go. I need to just I want to round I understand. Yeah, good. Anyhow, my question is without saying the category. What are your top five? All right, top five Rubik's Cube. Yep. Slap wrap bracelets. Yep. Pogs. Very good. And magic cards. Is that That's his magic cards. The first or is Rubik's cube the first Rubik's Cube. Okay, so So magic cards are fifth. He gave us four. Yeah, that's that's that's for Okay. One more. Last one would be a Gameboy. Yeah, that's a good one. All right. Now, what's your question, Jamie? It's my turn to ask a question. It is I will allow it. Can I tell you what the category was? No, I we know what the category was. I don't know that. We know what the cat know. What was it? So things I found it my girlfriend's vagina. Oh, wow. I didn't actually know that was the category when you found the rubies? Was it solved? That would be incredible. Right? If she just said hold on, wait one second. Wait just one second. Shimmy her hips for a little while and I wasn't sure about her as a girlfriend. But then she pulled that trick. I was like, Yeah, this is a woman I'm gonna marry. The question is how do you accidentally discover that talent? How do you don't think the colors are so hard to read? Anyhow, and then he said he needed to have his magic balls inside of her. Yeah, the Gameboy. Appreciate that. So it's hard to get the Wi Fi in there. You know, we should do this. You know what I was thinking we should do for this. Right? We should allow Jamie a question. All right. Bendall. You're fine. I get finally we will allow it. All right. All right, Jeff. Go ahead. Jeff. To the extent that you are a sports person, is there one significant sports accomplishment that if you were given the opportunity, you would like to be able to go and experience that moment? Probably the bowls and their incredible run in the 90s. I guess I just I mean, even as little as I as I'm into sports, that documentary about Michael Jordan and all that stuff was ridiculous. I just fell in love with basketball for like a couple of weeks just thinking about I actually bought a basketball and I still haven't used it. But yeah, if you would have the opportunity to be part of the bowls roster on a year that they won the championship during the era. MJ give me the rock and then I guess their player, so you're a guru. Okay, and you're living on the top of a mountain. Bendele has hiked up and down the mountain trying to find you. Essentially hiking a distance the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest. Exhausted he reaches the summit and finds your hidden guru lounge. What words of wisdom do you impart upon him? I would tell him. Do not do not try. Do I now sound like Yoda? Oh, that was yeah, it's not exactly like Yoda. But it's, it's fine. I wasn't 100% sure you were a guru. But after that answer, pretty sure I'm a believer. Yeah, I'm a believer, or maybe I would tell him, you know, take the elevator, pitch heavy if I just hiked the equivalent of Mount Everest. And he's like, by the way, on your way down, if you wanna take the elevator so much faster. What a sweet gig to be ski mountain guru, ski mountain guru. I'm assuming like, if you're, you know, you're, you're going to Guru and you're going to be information based emails will make it in a place where people are going to be biking, skiing, make sense? Using the mountain, not the big hike? No, not alone. Not a random mountain. I would want traffic, if I'm gonna build my guru business, right? I want to be able to, you gotta have foot traffic, literally foot traffic. That's what they've always said. The Guru is location, location, location, right? Yeah, there's a dating app that's launched instead of a photo of the person it shows a photo of their bedroom. What makes you swipe left and what makes you swipe right. Hmm. Okay, well, first of all, if there's a Rubik's Cube, easy to hot. If there's like food in the bed. That's not good. No, I don't want girls snacking in bed. All right, my turn. Yeah, this is your last one. Okay, Jeff, what happens after you die? I don't believe anything happens. I had an I had an appendix surgery once and they put me out and I, I just woke up and I felt like there was no dreaming. There was no anything. I was just I didn't exist for like five hours. And that's what I think that is. But it would be nice if you got reincarnated as a I don't know as a puzzle or something. Right? Or Rubik's Cube? Or this cute. Which current American politician Do you think you would have wanted to hang out with as a kid? That is when they were a kid? Not not you as a kid hanging out with them. Now, when you're both kids? You get answered either way. Either you as a kid would wanted to hang out with them as an adult or reverently. Let's go out with you. This is her in America. Questions where I do? Politician kid you hearing him? I was asking him as a kid would want to hang out with which current American politician when they were a kid got it? Or you as a kid would want to hang out with them as an adult. Alright, so even though I'm a liberal, progressive, and I'm not into his politics, I think Donald Trump would be the funniest kid. I'm imagining that He's eight years old, but all the same insult humor that he knows that he uses now. So can you imagine like, you know, you know, the teachers like, you know, Donald, you got an F on this assignment. He's like fake news. You know, like that would be. I would never stop laughing at his quips in the classroom. Alright, I've got fruit roll ups. In my lunch. He got the greatest fruit roll ups ever. The biggest largest the best tasting, Donald got suspended again for grabbing a classmate in the Rubik's cube. And when you're like making a sandcastle on the beach, he'd be building a wall around it. He'd be building in front of you keep building the ocean keeps ruining the castle would be building your sandcastle he would go in front of you and block your view. I just built a sandcastle. Yeah, do that. I've got I've been blocked the view of there's all this beach. You can you can't go to any other part of the beach. This is the most important part of the beach. So Jeff, tell us about your show in LA so our listeners can make sure they're they're out and looking for it. And also, where can we find you online? Yeah, so if you're if you're in Los Angeles, the my show that that? that I do every Wednesday is called totally comedy. We've had some, some fairly big names. We had Bill Burr drop in totally by accident. We had John risky from SNL. And we so we've had some bigger names, but also we always have a lineup that that's mostly really seasoned comedians that have had specials or albums, even if they're not really huge, famous names. And it's it's been an amazing opportunity for me to get better at stand up over the years by running the show and performing on it. So that's every Wednesday at bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood. You can find me on social media. You need to know how to spell my name is Jeff with a ge ge o FF. Last Name Clint runs a shit PL ITT so I'm on Twitter as Jeffrey Plitt Instagram, as Jeff underscore Plett and tick tock My name or what you need to know is the name of the channel and I post jokes every day about the news. So follow me on those and yeah Notice he didn't say it rhymes with clip because no one would have been able to teach. When I was a kid they called me clitoris. Oh, I knew that was gonna be a hard name as a kid graded Hide and Seek though. What is what is what in the world has gotten into you in this episode? Yeah, who aren't you? Yeah. Jeff, thanks very much for joining us. Thank you. You are some some pretty funny goofballs, and I enjoyed this thoroughly that is gonna do it for this episode. We thank our guests this evening comedian Jeff Plitt. Jeff, thank you for your time for Jamie Jamie and Adam. Back out to the field cheap taco taco fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. Dumb the gold now. Back to where you came from. Your call you back. It's time for another podcast.