Comedy Roundtable

Mike E. Winfield

December 07, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 42
Comedy Roundtable
Mike E. Winfield
Show Notes

What is the best thing you can buy for less than $100? What is socially acceptable but really shouldn't be? What is the perfect meal, the perfect place to have it in and the perfect person to have it with? And, if you could have that perfect meal in the perfect place with the perfect person, would you agree to become responsible for a sloth for a year? What is the greatest love song of all time? These and other great lightning round questions, strange hypotheticals and curious dilemmas are posed to guest comedian Mike E. Winfield. Tune in to hear all of the questions and each of Mike's incredible and hilarious answers. 

Mike E. Winfield is a nationally touring comedian, podcast host (check out the Black Tee Podcast) and the king of positivity. You can catch Mike's new comedy special "Stepman" on Amazon Prime and see his comedy streaming live on Netflix in Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo as well as the show Cooked with Cannabis.


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