Comedy Roundtable

Mike E. Winfield (You've Seen Him on America's Got Talent)

December 07, 2021 Mike E. Winfield Season 4 Episode 42
Comedy Roundtable
Mike E. Winfield (You've Seen Him on America's Got Talent)
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Before Mike E. Winfield was making judges laugh out loud on America's Got Talent, he sat down at the Comedy Roundtable (when it was known as the BHHcast).

What is the best thing you can buy for less than $100? What is socially acceptable but really shouldn't be? What is the perfect meal, the perfect place to have it in and the perfect person to have it with? And, if you could have that perfect meal in the perfect place with the perfect person, would you agree to become responsible for a sloth for a year? What is the greatest love song of all time? These and other great lightning round questions, strange hypotheticals and curious dilemmas are posed to guest comedian Mike E. Winfield. Tune in to hear all of the questions and each of Mike's incredible and hilarious answers. 

Mike E. Winfield is a nationally touring comedian, podcast host (check out the Black Tee Podcast) and the king of positivity. You can catch Mike's new comedy special "Stepman" on Amazon Prime and see his comedy streaming live on Netflix in Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo as well as the show Cooked with Cannabis.

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The people around here trust the shippers Jamie Attell in the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch of another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast starts now. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan Adam, dude, smooth. That's right. I'm looking forward to this episode. It is my great opportunity and good fortune to introduce my friend, comedian Mikey Winfield. Hey, what's going on? How are you? Good? Alright, hey, extrordinary you know, I feel like I'm in the business of waves. Generally, I'm on an even keel, even when it's going great. And then when it's going terrible, I'm just like, it'd be great again soon. Do you feel like you've completely reset from the pandemic, feel like it's a lot of kind of PTSD man just from being home with my wife for a year and just kind of staring at her the entire time and her stand back. And I'm not getting over that, like, soon. And I wasn't essential. So that's why I wasn't working. My wife just a stay at home person. You know, so she was just there. And it was we have to coexist. You know, people talk about the mystery with your spouse. Yeah, being home and everybody being in everybody else's business. A lot of the mystery was revealed the mystery, faded mystery, favorite people that got so fed up with each other that they chose the risk of COVID over hanging out with their spouse, oh, I'm literally gonna show the public because I would rather catch COVID from a stranger than spend five more minutes with you. Oh, I'm pretty sure 100% That happened a lot, even in successful marriages in strong marriages that happen in reading articles more affairs happening in quote, unquote, happier marriages. I read that, too. It's not the ones where people were like, Oh, I'm unhappy, or this is what I'm not getting. It's the ones that are like, Man, I got a strong foundation. Right? And let me start some other foundation. Alright, so let's get into the lightning round questions. Yes. We always give a sample question to the guests to get them acclimated to how the format works. So the first question to you is clockwise or counterclockwise? Counter? All right, counterclockwise, starting with Adam. All right. What is the best thing you can buy for less than $100? A charger? Yep. Do you believe in ghosting on a fundamental level? No, no superficial level. Now is a strong no but ghosting. Good. I appreciate the fact that you you were trying to support my question. You weren't sure where I was going? And you were trying to give it something more? And it was just like, No, you know, it's just no ghosting is that's a no. Yeah, cuz you know, you know, it can lead to situations you don't want it to lead to. So you can't have a real hard shut the door. Because that person might come back and knock on the door where your family is. And you don't want that to happen. On a fundamental or superficial level. Mike, I have typed in a search term on Twitter. I'm going to read to you the first tweet under the latest category. And I want you to imagine it is the first sentence of a book. Tell me the character and the kind of book it is. I burned over you my love. And I need you in my life. I'll always miss you. Because I already know you in places you haven't yet discovered. Whoa, that's a heavy tweet. Okay, great. Yeah, this is actually the book is like a suicide note, actually. Oh, and it's a guy. It's a guy character. And he's pretty much putting all his messages out there. What could have happened? Wow, things could have been door and this is where we stand now. Yeah, it's kind of a sign off. You gotta be really patient. And if you're committing suicide in your suicide note has to go through the publishing process. Like there's editors reaching out to you. Oh, yeah, like, yeah, you know, this is chapter two, we might want to tweak this a little bit. And we have your, your suicide note essentially, like, right like to rewrite this section. Can you just hold off on the hanging for another week? No, no editing after that. Like, what's what's your hang the mean, no more. It's there. What's there. Alright, what's socially acceptable, but really shouldn't be socially acceptable, but really shouldn't be. Huh? Gotcha. Obviously, again, yeah, you got me on that one. What's socially acceptable? Oh, yeah. The waitress coming over and asking, are we going to split the checks? I think that should be texted to you personally. They should just they should text that to each individual and then get the answers back and then come back with which unanimous because when you do it publicly, and there's multiple people and you're like, split it and everyone's like, Oh, really? Oh, Oh, oh, we're splitting it. Yeah, I only pay for what I ate. Actually, it should be like a safe word. That when you're ordering the order, everybody would make some orders and then get to you and say, What can I get you? And you'd be like, oh, so I'm gonna have the cheeseburger I'll have it. Medium. And when it comes time to on the meal, we're, we're gonna have banana splits. Oh, banana splits was gonna go bananas splits this whole, right? Yeah, that's okay. You gotta have code word codeword? Yeah, right. All right. So what would be the perfect meal, the perfect place to enjoy it in and the perfect person to enjoy it with? And if you could have that perfect meal in the perfect place with that perfect person, would you be willing to also have to take care of a sloth for a year in order to have that? Whoa, wow, that's extraordinary. So I mean, I could tell you the perfect meal was like, lately, it would be like some vegan macaroni and cheese, you know? And if we're really going through wanting to know the answers, you know, like a coffee shop. So comfortable. Sometimes a little bit of scenery, not too much traffic. Yep. So you know, you got the bowl of vegan mac, you got the coffee shop, and then you want someone that perfect person and be someone who's just gonna make your life easy. Just just everything. They're just like, I just want to see you happy. So every move and everything they say they just are trying to make you happy. And if you know you're going to get the chance to be with someone who's just wants to make you happy. Yeah, I would. I would do the sloth. I will take care of it. It will be worth it for you. For the vegan coffee shop with the good company. Oh, yeah. What's the background music in that coffee shop while enjoying her vegan mac and cheese with that? Perfect person? Definitely opera. You know, that took a turn. I didn't expect. Yeah, you know what I've been bumping lately is this is called like Carmina. It's this one. You've heard it before. And it goes pom pom pom, pom, boo. It's kind of my walkout music lately. It's very dramatic. And it just, it makes you want to work harder. Alright, my question to you is the following. Pick the game where you get to hit the home run, score the basket, throw the pass, kick the field goal game and team. Which one do you want to win the championship? You know, I've played some sports, but the ones that I didn't and I just circumstances didn't allow it. It would have been baseball. Right? Yeah. So I want to pick the game. And you mean like a specific like world game in history? Like is there a classic moment? Like, I grew up a Dodgers fan if I could be in the Time Machine and be the Kirk Gibson? Right? Right? Right, huh? Member member booboo. You know what? Then I'm gonna just go back to basketball. Okay. Yeah, I think I'm gonna go to is probably 9798. I want to be Jordan, where I push. And I want to really push Byron Ross. Well, I want to really wish him. Oh, yeah, he shoved his day. I want to push him away. It's so blatantly obvious that he has the handprint still on the side. And he shows that in his interview, in his interview, he's like, No, he did push me Look, this joins print right on my side. And I walked into a shitstorm and I hit the J. And then I walk off the court with my arm out knowing this is my last game for three years. Oh, let me my prime still. You mean that game where Michael Jordan was sick. He had an upset stomach the night before it the most overdramatic sighs and the one so I'm a huge Utah Jazz fan. You just walked into the wrong and that still stings every time I see it. And every time I see that play, I just feel he pushed off. He pushed off man even worse. They didn't even know his name. They will call him Brian Russell. Then they were calling him by when Russell and they were calling him Brian wrestling. They just disrespected him completely and a handprint in his side and walks off. Wow. That's words. Alright, that's gonna do it for the first of our lightning round segments. This is the vodcast Jamie Jamie and Anna Maher, comedian guest, Mr. Mike Winfield are too far. We'll be back. We will all be back with more right after this. So perfect meal, I wouldn't choose a vegan meal as the perfect meal. And I wonder if a vegetarian was being executed? Do you think in their final meal, they go vegetarian, or do they say I might as well it's my last meal. I think it's worth exploring what is the concept of perfection. So when you contemplate things like the perfect meal, does that meal stay the same when it's with your perfect person and your final pre execution? So for The final meal, you're not worried about calories, you're not worried about fat content, you're not worried about anything, you're just having the perfect meal. And of course, if you're having a meal with a person, you might want to adjust what you're having, there might be a different meal, that perfect meal that you would have alone versus with say your question. That's my question. So I would say then it defies the definition of a perfect meal, because a perfect meal should translate to any circumstance. Any company, it is the perfect meal. Yeah, I don't think you're getting focused on the wrong thing. I'm saying a single slice of leftover pizza could be the perfect meal if it's with the perfect company, but no meal could be perfect. If you know that upon its completion, you're being executed. Would you be more upset about the insult to the concept of mac and cheese because it's vegan and has no actual cheese or the execution? So I think Macs and cheese is like your best friend, mac and cheese is the person who always wants to make you happy, because mac and cheese could care less what you put now. Mac and cheese will let itself be prepared to vegan mac and cheese will let you put shrimp and hot sauce on mac and cheese just wants you to be happy. And when all you want is to be happy. Who do you go to? You go to mac and cheese. We are back now next segment of the podcast begins now. Jamie Jamie and Adam comedian Mikey Winfield is our guest. This episode. This is the segment this is the portion of the show where we maybe flesh out some of those things from our first lightning round answers. And gentlemen, is there one that comes to mind? Can we talk about disappointing moments in Utah Jazz history? Oh, I don't think we should do that. That list is so friggin long of disappointments in Utah Jazz history. I have I have one that I want to flesh out. Okay. And and it's and it's a little bit deep. Oh, let's go. So do you want to you want to bang out some shallow stuff first. And then I want to go to your deep. Okay, so let's talk about the you started with baseball as the big play how much fun it would be to do like the last big hit. Now my question is, would you rather be the guy that hits the homerun to win the game? Or would you rather be the pitcher that just throws gas past the guy who swings to the moon and he misses it as good I would rather be the pitcher with the pitcher can do is he can start walking? Yeah. As the balls. Throws it. Yeah, he just so confident. I know it. I know it. I don't get hit and miss bam. Walk walking off. Okay, yeah. Now man knock. I can imagine that feeling. It just gives you a great feeling just watching this huge man swing a bat that this ball that you're throwing, and he's swinging as hard as he can. And he just fancy it. And he's second, third or fourth in the lineup. So no, he has hidden ability. Yep. Everybody can't hit you. You can't get your stuff. Yeah, that would be that would be such an extraordinary feeling it would be actually walked off. Yeah, you throw the pitch. You don't even wait. Yeah, well, where's he gonna just know it? Yep. Umpire just. And you want the OMF to be real loud? I like when they say that. Yeah. I think I think part of being successful on is having a demonstrative thing. You mean, when you throw somebody out? I got your point, whatever your move is? Oh, yeah, I would go for the incredibly long yanking of the chain where I just pull them back, you know, when I strike them out? Jamie, you had an incredibly deep question. All right. So I had deep questions. So we talked earlier, a little bit touched on the nature of happiness in the ideal meal with the ideal companion. Yes. And you talked about being with a person who was committed exclusively to your happiness. And my question is, does that require you to be clear on what your happiness actually is? Because you can have a person who says, I'm just committed to your happiness, but is wrong about what your happiness is? Okay. You know, I feel like you should be you should let them know. But when they have the energy, and you know, someone is giving you a whatever it takes, things are going to fall into place. And I think communication is huge. Yeah, you should say, when you do these things, when you show up with dried noodles, amen. It really warms my heart. So now, this person is going to show up with dried noodles, because it's already in their nature to do that for you. So it starts with having a person I think the communication of what things you love will just come in time, there's going to be more that you don't even know that this other person is going to do things and you're going to say, I didn't even know I love this that much, but you're committed to my happiness. But if they're doing something that they truly believe makes you happy, even if it doesn't make you happy. Will it make you happy because of how committed they are to making you happy? Absolutely, yes. It's almost like the fact They want to Yeah, the effort. I just appreciate how affirmative your answer was because I don't think it was a very good question. I don't think I worded it well, but you just really, again, you supported my question I appreciate I felt like I gotta try to make you happy. I know. He's trying to make you trying to make you happy. It's putting the effort in. That's what I always struggle with. Because I think I've been bad at that at various times in my life. I think there have been times where people have been invested in my happiness. And I was uncertain about my happiness, because what they were trying to make me happy about didn't seem like it was making me happy. Are you talking about us? What are you up saying? I'm saying sometimes people can say, I'm doing this to make you happy. And I'm saying, What am I doing that makes you think that would make me happy, right? I mean, Adam and me, so you haven't been clear about what makes you happy. I feel like you're accepting. I'm saying maybe they had a better understanding of what my happiness was, oh, and I was wrong. I didn't understand what was my own happiness, and they were able to see better. What might happen is truly was interesting. You know, you hear people say that, you don't know what you had until you lose it. You know, in situations like that, when you go back and you're like, wow, when they were, you know, folding my shirts up. I didn't know how much I appreciated that. Right. And now I'm dead every day, every day, your shirts have wrinkled, and you're wearing them out, and it's still wrinkled. You're like, damn, I had these things folded, and I left and it was so simple. That I don't even know that was really a great portion of my life version of happiness. I was actually thinking when you were talking about the appreciate something after you've lost it. Maybe I'm gonna miss Bad dog. Could maybe my dog that I lost Bad dog. Maybe we haven't lost him yet. I almost didn't go chase Bad Bad Dog ran away yesterday. And I contemplated for a long enough time period where he could have escaped. Just let me go chase him go. So Mike, Jamie has a good dog and a bad dog and he dotes on one dog, and he completely neglects the other dog. Neglect is a strong word he disagrees with on many different intellectual levels. And we do talk about bad dog a lot. But I do think this time, it's appropriate because I do think bad dog probably is 100% committed to Bendel's happiness. No, 100%. I've just proved my theory. Oh, he may be wrong. In his approach. He's wrong. But he's 100%. committed not to do it. No, he doesn't know how to do it. And that makes him a terrible dog. But he did. Though, you should be happy by his attempt to make you happy. No, that's the whole point. He loves it. When I run away. Every time he opens that door. He kind of gets me with this car. He really loves me. He loves that. I want to do it every time just to make Jamie smile. Checkout he loves when I dig in the yard. Sounds like something you could appreciate. Yeah, he's trying all wrong. Like that. Gotta be fun stories to share. That's right. No stories. Gotta bring joy. I gotta tell you. I like the energy of Mike's putting out in the world. He's just talking about waves riding the waves getting on a good way getting on a bad wave. Don't let him rock you too much. It is a true it's a good, good karma you're putting out in the world. Hey, you know what? I would hope so Mike would never refer to his dog as bad dog. Probably not. He would refer to him as trying hard dog or given it 100% effort dog. He would take care of a sloth just to have vegan mac and cheese with the right person. Let me let me just insert here for the record that in the event that he had a sloth that was a runner not going to get very far. That's not a big deal. runs away. This last runs away. Three days. Yeah, you got three days. Hey, honey, this last hour. Remind me to go check on him. Tomorrow. I gotta go get the slot. 12 hours later, you're like, I think he's at the end of the driveway. Teddy does always run to the same place. The same place? Because he wants to make you out there. Adam, do you see what just happened? Yes. He just referred to in his real name. He gave Bad dog a real name. So beautiful. This is this is a moment and I think we need to end on it. All right. We're gonna be back with more of the lightning round here on the podcast right after this Do you really think that it is in a dog's nature, any dog to seek anything but its owners happens. I'm not certain that a dog understands happiness. They may not understand their own happiness, but they understand their owners. I think that dogs are pain avoidance. So they learn that when I do this set of behaviors, good things happen. I want to do that set of behaviors bad things happen, and I want to avoid bad things happening. I just like to think of the dogs is just always seeking my happiness. Not a kitten I think do the same but something happens as a kitten becomes a cat. Once it's a cat. It is now seeking to cause pain. I'm not a cat person who is and I think it's possible that bad dog is in fact a cat. Maybe that's the thrust of the disagreement. And it would be more efficient if he was a cat because he wouldn't have to say bad cat. You could just say cat. second and final lightning round for this episode of the podcast begins now. Jamie, Jamie and Adam, our special guests, comedian Mike E. Winfield, is here with us this evening. So would you like to continue clockwise or counterclockwise? No, no, no, let's go clockwise now. Clockwise. Starting with Adam. Mike, what do you think makes life worth living? Ah, man. Balance. That's beautiful. Balance is a great answer, Jamie. So continuing the theme of deep questions, daylight savings, time, discuss. Okay. Yeah, you know, I'm very pro or anti. No, I'm with it. I'm with it. You know, I like at certain times of the year, it's like, oh, man, it's gonna, it's gonna get dark early. And now we got a longer night. Now we can even eat earlier and it feels better because it's dark out. My turn. Mike, I'm going to read you a quote that was posted as a meme on Instagram. I would like to tell you to tell me if the quote is real. And if you could guess correctly, any portion of the posters Instagram handle, okay. All right. Yeah. A shaman was asked what is poison? And the answer anything beyond what we need is poison. It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, vanity, fear, anger or whatever. Definitely real, real answer. Definitely real answer. Okay. And the handle is at spirituality plus. Okay, for extra points. Are there any symbols emojis in the Instagram name? Oh, yes, the Sunlight? Sunlight. It's the sunlight. And it's something blue and yellow. Adam? Mike, what was your Oh, that could have been so much easier moment. Oh, that could have been so much. Did you do it the hard way? Oh, it Hey, yeah. So I owned a car. Right? When I started comedy, you know, and I didn't take it in for service, you know, and that was at Peak Road years. So I made it to 239,000 within five years. Whoa. But you know, what, if I would have took it in for service. Could have been so much easier. Right? Really last? That car hated you. It's like, please just change my oil man. regrets. i There's a multi part question. The first part, what is your favorite type of cloud? What's the one with the most precipitation? That one when you go through and it goes? He's like, which cloud is the wet one? The one that you just you just go through? I think that's cumulus. I think they call that fog. If you could have a cloud form, the perfect shape. What would that shape be? Oh, yeah, that's easy. I like the one that looks like it just looks like a like, almost like cotton. It's just just very soothing. It looks soft. It looks like if it was over you, it would still be sunny. The perfect cloud. Right. Okay, so then last question. If you can have the opportunity to see that perfect cloud, in the perfect location with the perfect person. Would you be willing to abandon your responsibilities to the sloth? I will not abandon the sloth, because I'm getting the sloth so that I can have that vegan mac with that person in that coffee shop. So Mike, what is your favorite word starts with a G. And a favorite word starts with a G. Hmm, probably gigantic. Gigantic is a solid word. Yeah, cuz you know, like, big is normally enough to describe when someone has to go out and say gigantic. Slack is such an exaggeration. not large. It's not really big boy. It's gigantic. And it's when GE gets to say I'm not going to be go right now. You're gonna be I'm gonna be Joe. I'm gonna be gigantic. Right. All right, Mike. A parakeet goes into a bar in South Texas. What drink does he order? Margarita? Yep, like a giant Margarita? No, they only need a little one. Ya know, when they dropped the glass inside the glass for shots. That's the one Yeah, yeah. Elephants however have gigantic margaritas. Well, I see what you did there. Yeah, they were really good. My final question indeed. Like what is the greatest love song of all time? Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah, it was Whitney when she said you can't take her away was our that what if a parakeet came into the bar and you were in the bar and the parakeet came in and was singing that song? Would you buy the parakeet the drink? I don't think you would have to, I think Everyone would be buying that perky Look at that guy buying his round. That'd be out of line. I think that drinks on the house, right? That works. You come and sing on that. If you found yourself in jail, and you were in a cell and you get to you were the first one to make to enter the cell. But you know, you're gonna get a room you come in behind you. Do you take the top bunk or the lower bunk, man, you know what? Oh, right. It's a lot. At the bottom, the bottom, I will take the bottom. Thank you. Oh, whoa, thank you. Oh, yeah, the question that gets posed a lot on the show. And usually top bunk is the way to go. Why the bottom kinds of the other person? I don't trust them. So if they're underneath me, I can't have the same eyes. Oh, and then then I can have I'm in the top. I'm more vulnerable. Thank you. Whoa. 100% That's the first time that's ever been. That's a great point. It's my whole theory. No, your whole theory was you like that. It could be like your own little fort or your own little Kate my own little space. So the guy I don't trust I can I know where he's coming from always. You're always watching him. You have your eye like that. Actually, I've been a solid top bunker. But for the first time of all the guests we've had, that's an excellent point that you gotta gotta be eyes on. Gotta be eyes on you got to be able to watch people. Hopefully you both are in there for the same thing, then you got things in common right off the bat. I don't want to make light of the challenges that come with being incarcerated. Right? Because I would assume there are some but it would be interesting if you were in there with the person who had committed the same crime as you. Because you know, that you think your crime is superior. Like I pulled that bank robbery off significantly, whatever that whatever the crime is, you'd be like, really? No wonder you got caught. If you had to choose a roommate. Your choice is someone similarly situated to you. More like identical if possible. Okay. So identical if possible. And in theory, would you would you want same crime same time? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yep. All right. So I'm going to bring this back to the lightning round. And I'm going to have my final question, but I want to I do want to get a little swag. Get skaters here know your Oh, I did skip. You know. Your last relax. Don't worry. Okay. So you're at that bar in South Texas. You're with the parakeet. You've been you're drinking with a parakeet. All American is really drunk. Well, that's very small. So yeah, but he's been drinking all night. You find yourselves locked in a room. It's you in this parakeet dark room, and you're told the only way out, and the parakeets told the same thing is to kill the other one. And you've gotten to know him. You even know his name. I forget what his name was. Do we name him? No, we didn't. Okay. So you got to know his name? Probably PD. PD. He's told you that you can call him Pete. Whoa, okay. Do you get out of that room? I actually had the honour in Atlanta to do flotation. I think they call it a floatation therapy. Yeah. And the experience was great for me. But I couldn't close the egg completely. Like you're in like an egg shaped thing. And I couldn't pull it down because it was just dark. And then I had to live alone with my own thoughts. And up to a point, I'm fine with that. But up to another point. I'm really not. So I'm in this room in his dark like you say, and that's the only way out. I'm killing Pete. Okay, okay. He's even calling him Pete. Yeah, he kills him. Mel, but as I respect, sorry, Pete recipes, dignity death, though. Yeah, yeah. Bendel amount. I thought I had no more question. Oh, you get one more. It wouldn't do it this way. Yeah. I think you were the one who initiated the bonus round. I did initiate bonus round, but I didn't ask the first question. Alright. Because that's how it goes. Okay. All right, my turn back to my turn. In my hypothetical, you have a twin brother. Are you fraternal? Or identical? Huh, definitely identical. Because I want to try to play the trick one day, I want to try to do that and just see if it works. I just sounds like his lifetime full of fun. And when you master it, you can do it often. Right? And especially even if you're identical in years past and one of you ate differently. So your weights are a little off. And now you're like, putting this way it just sounds like the comedy. And the entertainment just never ends with that. Especially when you don't reveal. Yeah, that'd be a lot of pressure to be called the fat twin. No, but the great thing about the fat twin is he goes into the other guy's office or whatever. And everyone's afraid to mention the weight gain. Like they're all like that'll be really rude if we pick up how much sure you gained 20 pounds last night like your lunch was huge. What did you eat for Thanksgiving bro? Definitely identical. Yeah, before we go quick fall. Question If you went into that jail cell and your roommate was already there, and it already claimed bottom bunk, do you sleep on the floor to maintain that lower trajectory? Well see how the lights just went out. What I've learned to do is I don't even need a bunk really? I know how to sleep standing in a corner. Hey, and do you know the intimidation factor that comes to someone who can sleep standing? You could be the roommate of a murderer if you're the carburetor thief. But you sleep standing up in the corner still intimidate you or intimidating the hell out of that murderer? Murderer scared all days. Like how does he do it? What's he doing? When Imagine if he could sleep with your eyes open standing up? I don't know if he's sleeping standing. Well, I think that brings us to the end of the episode. Indeed. It's been a good one. A lot of positivity. So Mike, where people gonna find you online social media, how are they gonna find you? If they go to big ass They'll find me pretty immediately or if they go to anything Mike E. Winfield. Did you feel the pauses? Because he's in the middle. Right. So it's Mike. And then there's E and then there's Winfield. And it's like when like victory and then field like field. It's just that simple. And I'm all online, even YouTube. You know what? I haven't have a YouTube page now. I have hours of Stand Up content as well as a bunch of other junk. So you're gonna be back in Atlanta before too long. So we will see you in 2022 at least one time and I'm always excited about it. One of the funniest guys on stage and my work. It's great to be able to talk to you and continued success, my friend. Thanks for being a guest on the podcast. Thanks for having me, guys. Thank you. All right. That was comedian Mike E. Winfield. Check him out at a comedy club near you for Jamie Jamie and Adam. This has been a double cast. See you soon cheap Dakka Dakka fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. Dumb to go back to where you came from. We'll call you back. It's time for another podcast.