Comedy Roundtable

Molly Ann Hale

December 14, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 43
Comedy Roundtable
Molly Ann Hale
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Would you live in a neighborhood with a Nextdoor membership that mostly discusses murders and owl sightings?  What is your road trip snack of choice? Have you ever made a teacher cry? You have been given the power to save all of the unwanted dogs and cats in the world, but to wield this power you must choose one large animal species to make extinct. Which animal doesn't make the cut? And, what is the most underrated piece of household furniture? These are just some of the lightning round questions posed to LA based comedian Molly Ann Hale.

Molly is a stand up comedian, award winning producer, writer and all around funny witch. Molly is also Head of Partnerships and Head of Ambassadors at social media platform Vurbl, an excellent source of outstanding audio content delivered in a unique and easily consumable way.  And, let's not leave out peace monger.  Venture over to Molly's website and social media accounts to find the latest places to catch her comedy live, follow her across all platforms and check out Vurbl while you are at it. 


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People around here trust the shepherds Jamie in the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch with another episode of the podcast is starting now.Brand new episode of the podcast starts now. Jamie Bendel Jamie,Hernan, Adam. Hey, short, I was waiting for a clap but pause or something. Yeah. Together. All right. Well, our guest this evening is comedian producer,Molly Anne Hale. Welcome to the bucket.Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. Hi, Molly.So first of all, I'm a fan of the Twitter descriptions, what people put and how they choose to deploy.Oh, how they describe themselves. Yeah.I noted the word peace monger.On Molly's little description.Yeah. Which I love. Thank you.Yeah. Longer mean, like you ask?Yeah. Just ask what is it?What is it? What is Moncure?mean?I don't have an exact breakdown for you. If the word monger and I couldn't do it while we're on the air. In general, it's just you know, I'm really underworld days, I'm pro, you know, I'm pro like, Let's just all get along.So I think you've actually got something that was we think about that laughter people aren't shooting each other, if they are laughing. And that's comedians are about bringing people together, although it's a new strategy for the UN, like when we have high crisis talks between each country should bring their funniest stand up.groups who have met and discussed whatever they're discussing, come together for a break. And those two stand ups work the entire room, right? I love to laugh together, and then you get back and you're like,okay, they're not really my job. I'm, I'm writing that down. I've got great, that's good.I like that. Yeah, I'm gonna send this up.It was also me the most aggressive roast battle over the precedent.What would have happened, right?You'd have the comedian from India and the comedian from Pakistan, and they'd be just in their sets, but then all of a sudden, one would tell a joke about the other one's mother,and then it would all you know,well, I think if we're assuming that these are the best comedians that country has to offer, they're probably doing something better than your mama jokes, but they also could probably have a set that doesn't include disparaging the other side.Anyway. Alright, so my format of the show is nothing like what we've just been doing. We asked a series of rapid fire questions, your answers then form the basis of additional questions or discussion in subsequent rounds. We like to give our guests the opportunity to practice one such question,that question is as follows clockwise or counter clockwise,clockwise, clockwise, starting with Adam.So everyone knows the best lobsters they come from Maine.Right? If the supposedly lobsters can live for a ridiculously long time, let's imagine for a moment that there's a 1500 year old lobster that sitting out off the coast of Maine, and decides to roll in and becomes self aware, right that he is and he's got these enormous claws. He's probably weighing like King Kong of lobsters. Do you think the entire US military could fight off that lobster effectively if you don't use nuclear weapons?Absolutely. Yeah. Okay, just and how do they do that? Is it just butter and it's just heating up the ocean.They're making a movie about that. It would be Jeff Goldblum,of course, as a scientist, and he is and he would say, you need a bigger pot. So you're gonna need a bigger pot.Alright, buckle up. Okay, long question. Oh, always are with you. Alright, so a Frenchman and an Englishman are traveling on train in the Chunnel deep underneath the English Channel,the train stops abruptly and they're right on the border between France and England. At that moment, a Spaniard and a German sit down next to them and begin to engage in conversation finally, in Italian and a Swiss passenger, you lost me, but keep going. Which part of the Luzia I think actually like was with you to the two nationalities the four became to stretch the brain and now the interruption probably really makes a great footballer. I feel like I feel like that question train is actually stopped.Yeah. Alright, so then an Italian and a Swiss passenger sit down, but now the conversation turns to an argument between them. And in summary, we have a Frenchman named Fishman, a Spaniard, a German and Italian in a Swiss passenger. Thank you for the summary. What is the argument about and who wins?Oh my Gosh, yeah, I mean, it's probably about cheese. Who's got the better shoes?Oh, that's definitely, you know,who do you think?And the Swiss person wins? Yeah.My it's my turn to ask you a question. My question is, what is the best new band that you've listened to in the last six months?Oh my god, that is so hard. You guys, I only listen to like Drake radio. So I don't know.This is really hard. I have a new album. And Drake's new album, great, perfect. Whatever cardi B's doing nice. Yeah. What were you known for in high school doing weird theater? With my English teacher?Weird theater.What makes weird theater the fact that you're the only one into it? Okay.Okay. What's an example of like,weird theater?Weird theater would be like our town, but it's like, there's only five people in it. And you're all playing multiple roles. And you're doing it after school for endless days. Just because you think it's fun, but it's not really for presentation.And they're like, there's that Mali girl doing our town out?Yes, again. Yeah.I'm picturing now Molly out at recess, just reciting our town.Yeah, basically, I hung out with the nerdy English kids and so one time we made the English teacher cry because we were just really into the book and we were playing devil's advocate and really, you know, asking a lot of questions about Beowulf and and upset my English teacher so much that she cried and report us to the principle that that's the kind of person I was I was really intellectual.You out English the English teacher until Yeah, but maybe not in a fun way. You know, I mean,your powers for evil are speaking of powers. So you have been given the power to save all of the unwanted dogs and cats in the world. But it comes with the catch. Okay, to wield this power, you must choose one large mammal species to make extinct.Oh, wow. Which animal doesn't make the cut?Holy crap balls. Um, humans? No.Probably cool. Probably true.That's if that's the twist. I didn't see that either. Yeah,it kind of leaves the dogs and cats on attended.Maybe that's the way you saved them. You didn't. He didn't say how she saved them.I love the idea that cats and dogs cannot get along without us. Without going to the piece,I actually I'm now thinking I may start holding myself out as dog and cat mediator. Yeah.Like, listen, I got this. You have feuding pets. Come on down.I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna go caucus with the cat now. Work it out. I'm not gonna disclose all the things that cat told me in confidence about the dog. Yeah.Right, right. Could you imagine like you're walking between those two caucuses and you go to see the cat. And the first you see the dog and he's like,what's up, Jimmy? You've been gone so long. I've been waiting for you. You walk into catch like sub pitch? Yeah. Why are you bugging me again?Final question.Final question for this round.Correct. Okay, what subject matter teacher is in point of fact, the easiest to make cry.English teachers. It's a good English.That's real life experience.Have you tried to make other teachers cry and failed?And no, I just think that English teachers are a bit more emotionally connected to you know, themselves and you know,math teachers are very Yeah.Can't be fazed. You know, my math teacher in high school was actually having sex with one of the students. Um, hey, um, you know, PE teachers are very,like, you can't faze them. You know what I mean? Right. But English teachers, they their hearts in it too much, maybe.They're a lot of poetry reading.There's a lot.We chose England to teach about literature for their life,and they're passionate about their art and they want to pass it on. You're just getting it. I do.Like how often these episodes we do prompt self reflection on subjects that I have never considered before. And I never ever considered how awful it must be to be a high school English teacher reading some of these overwrought teen poems.Oh, right. Right.Because they all think that they've finally emotionally graduated.I know how to get them. There say right. You gotta be the most jaded reader. Right? You must have to have the hardest heart to just be like, I cannot stand another. You come to your spouse. You're like,Where? Where? Emotional, blah,blah, blah.You want to see what Brian wrote? Three. You have any idea what heartbreak feels like? What he said? Oh yeah, do can't.Ryan's been listening to Duran Duran songs and he finally pulled The real meaning because you can go to Brian, you can say, I read your poem Brian and it got an 83 I poured my heart out to you he like your hearts worth a B plus.Yeah.Are you guys good? Students in high school or I bet these two were I was definitely not my mom was the head of discipline for my school. And by the way, not homeschooled. Yeah. I went to I went to a private school and um,and she was the dean of student by the way why? Why do not homeschoolers just say their private schools?Right?That was my world. That's my world in high school. It was it was when when I got in trouble actually went to see her boss,which was the headmaster, right.I went to the headmaster and and he because I was the only kid that went to see him for disciplinary issues. He was great. Like, he was always like,okay, Adam, that's hilarious. I love what you do. But he's like,this is where it went across the line. He's like, right up to that point you had it was really, really funny. But here,you took it too far. And now I got it. Now I got to do this detention. Because at Magners,you know, you shouldn't have insult this family. That's where it went over. Everything was good, right? Right there. He had no idea how to do discipline at all. He always just sit me down and we'd chat for a little while. That's why your mother had a job. To do discipline, your mom's job would have been eliminated. And every student he was like,grooming you to be a comic. You know, he's like, pretty good.That was pretty funny. But you just got to know like when to edit.He was just giving me notes.Like that was a pretty good set.Otherwise, yeah. Like,I like where you work. I thought it was funny. Up to this point.It is time to bring this segment to a close with comedian, Molly and Hale. We will be back with more of the podcast right after this.What do you think the best way to clean up a body after you murder it? Oh, I don't. I've never really Oh, hold on a second. You've never actually thought about that. How would you get away with murder? No.Oh, I do that game. I do a game where like, I, whenever I'm in a bank. I always think like, if I went and robbed this bank, how would I do it?So listen, not a robber. No,just spitballing? Yeah, I think if you're just coming up with the plan to rob the bank. Yeah.While you're in the bank. Yeah,you've waited too long to start your plan.I'm not talking about robbing that day. This is day one of my walk in the scene. Yes, yeah, it would be a great infomercial. You know, they have those infomercials where they're showing you how to get out the stain. And there's the guy and he shows the two different samples, what this product does that the product does. And it's literally at a crime scene.It would be funny if they set it up that way, and didn't even comment on just showed it. And it was the outline of the body and the scrubbing. They don't say a word about never never mentioned your back that it's crimes. It looks like it's apparently been murdered. But I actually think the things that gives you a good plan for post murder, cleanup, yes. Are the things that also speak to premeditation. Yes,I think you're definitely right there.So I think what you want to do is not put a lot of time. Yeah.And thus, perhaps reduce the severity of the sentence if you get caught. So my plan is to never get caught.You're saying that, you know,you need to plan that. But you need to build it in enough time to be able to plan it. After that.We're saying don't plan to murder. I'm saying don't plan the murder, because that's the easiest way to get man. So aren't you planning the murder? If you decide to not plan murders in question.This is what I'm saying. Right?Right. Hey, I have something that is premeditated. We need to go back to the guest.All right segment to Molly, this segment of the podcast, we do a little bit of a deep dive. And by deep dive, we mean shallow dive. Right? Going head first into the story we want. Right?We want to go a little bit deeper than we started but not necessarily all the way and we left it with a there was a there was a cliffhanger at the end of the last podcast trying to actually keep the listener through the brain.Oh yeah, we go right with Adams mom is a disciplinarian black.Okay, so Molly, do you think that there is any genre of podcast to be in other than true crime? It seems like that's where all the action is.I mean, comedy is pretty good still. Yeah, you know, people people still Google comedy podcast Lux people want to laugh, man.Totally. I'm kind of in the thing where watching even shows nowadays, I don't really want thrillers. I don't really want drama. I want like dumb comedy.Like I want easy comedy where I don't have to think about it.It's not political in nature.It's not it doesn't make me think at all. And I guess there's sometimes they slip in an underlying message and that's fine. I don't mind it. And just to get you back to like, one my mom never told me about disciplining other kids. But to every other kid told me about my mom disciplining them like so as soon as they left her office, it was walk over to Adams locker and lay into him about what a horrible woman is mother.We go into the other kids and in you know, selling yourself as a as a broker of Oh no. Oh, no, no, but my response was always the same to those kids and I have to go home with her. Can you believe that?Right? Yeah. I'm like, imagine living with her. Right? You should have sympathy for me,man.Do you think your mom was harder on the students? Are you? Well,the discipline ended up being harder on the students,because the headmaster really never did too much. You know,Masters thought you were hilarious. Yeah,we thought we were getting on No,no, no, no, no. In your house.Oh, when you did something wrong, but I think your mother was harsher to you in the house than she was to the kids in the school. Oh, yeah. Course.Really? Yeah. She was harsh. She was a hard lady.But that being said, it also created an interesting dynamic,because like the the Proctor's that would sit in your detention where other teachers, right, and because my mom, you know, was in her position, we often had the teachers over to the house. And this was like, you know, and I think about like, the 80s. Like,what the world was different than because the kids at least at our house would often 10 bar,right? Like, like, yeah, like,my mom would always, like,wanted me to sit to like mix drinks for people like that.That was my job. Like, some one of the other kids would take people's coat, right when they came to the house, and then another kid would be like, What can I get you? Right? That and so the funny thing is, I actually get drinks for most of my detention, Proctor's. So I'd walk in and be like, Hey, buddy,still doing the bitter.That's why you got away with stuff at school. A good Highball.They liked my Martini. Yeah,they're trying to turn you in for something you're like, Oh,really five, aka Vicki. Are you sure you want me talking? Right?I remember you. You were kind of talking to miss McCloskey. Kathy McCloskey. A little close at the party that night. noticed your wife wasn't around. Good talk.It kind of sounds like Adam had a little mafia thing going on.And no, it's not true. That's not true. I just was lucky enough to be in trouble all the time. Nobody cares. Yeah, exactly. It was like if it wasn't attention if Adam wasn't there, like he came in every other attention. He got a varsity letter. And I was a lifer. Yeah, it was. It was Tuesday or Thursday. I was after school.And most Saturdays so you couldn't stick your mother on somebody that that you didn't like?Oh, no, she would that would be no, that would have been completely she would have killed me. Sounds like you would have gotten in trouble. Yeah, at home, which was worse, which is worse detention. At the end of the day. All you're doing is sitting, you know, studying or being quiet for an hour.Molly, what are you in trouble in school?I was a very good student. But I did get suspended in high school for drinking beer in the bathroom during a fire drill.During a fire drill. Oh, that's got to be so uncomfortable. If you like today's the day I'm going to drink a beer in the bathroom. And mid beer. You're like mother fire drill.I was thinking did she like immediately the question to me was Did you set the fire drill?Let's ask that. You set the fire drill, or do you just were you just constantly carrying beers around and you're like, Hey, we got an opportunity. Let's hit it.Yeah, definitely brought to school just because I was just whatever right? And somebody pulled the fire drill and I was like to my friends like, let's let's go Can we go the bathroom?Today's the day we went for that fire drill like up your pockets you in?I think you'd have to own it at that point.Could you imagine if it was a real fire? And unfortunately, we lost two kids. There was a bunch of beers sitting around them.The beers the aluminum survived the fire, but the kids did succumb to smoke inhalation. But they also would Milwaukee's best if I'm gonna die in a fire. I want to get a buzz on you know,we had a question about dogs and cats. Are you a dog person or a cat person?She's a cat person.It's definitely going to be an answer that you're not going to like but I love both. Yeah,I mean you have to choose one.Okay, cats. Oh, see? That's quick. Yeah. Yeah, I believe that you love them both less how quickly you went to Cat Well,I don't have to walk a cat you know what I mean? I never have my cat goes shipped outside that's the key though. The poop outside thing the boxes Sorry.Yeah. Boxes horrible. That's the thing that I can't do with cats.Do you?Are you on next door much?I love next door.Oh, you do? Right. Yeah,there are a lot of people looking for missing cats on next door.See, that's not my neighborhood.My neighborhood is mostly a lot of murders. No, no invasion.Seriously?Yeah, yeah, you you have next people posting on next door of looking for leads? Yes,I just Just yesterday, a man got shot outside of the 711 and they were complaining that the media wasn't covering it. So they went to next door to ask if anybody had seen anything because they were looking for info for the family who had no idea how it happened.So I am always struck by how seemingly socially inept some next door posters are. Because be like they go next door and somebody posts I saw something really weird at the 711 I don't know who I should go to to share this information. It's like,well, why are you putting this on next door and then when people reply, have you considered calling the police?It's the dumbest. That's funny thing.There's a lot of Bird watching as well in my neighborhood, you know, people are really excited and they see an owl and they want to share.I'm trying to figure out that Venn diagram where the neighborhood is owl watchers and murder and potential murder victims.It's a lot of nighttime.Totally is you know the worst part about that is Jeremy. In both instances the same question is being asked to back with another round of lightning questions here on the podcast with comedian producer Molly and hail Jamie Jamie and Adam don't go too far. We'll come on I have become a next door post responder.Oh, I don't engage at all because I always assumed that next door is the highest level of care and in all social media.It's a lot of carrots. Yeah,you kind of have to be to decide you're gonna publish stuff about your neighborhood at a high level and I'm surprised at the number of bullies there are you would think that the social media the non amenity anonymity, thank you of social media allows the bullies to come out so Molly talked about her neighborhood and the conversations on next door about murders I happen to see recently. The next door is now doing something where you can sponsor neighborhoods a company can come in and sponsor a particular neighborhood what type of company sponsors the murder negative stain removal service master backcast content branded news segments. Right now the second of our Lightning Rounds is about to begin with comedian and producer Molly and hail Molly,what's going on with the production stuff? He says,oh gosh, well, I sort of stopped producing film and short I like for 10 years I've produced just a ton of short films and I produce short films for funny and die for near die and Awesomeness TV and a Super Deluxe. I mean, pretty much every short form comedy house in Los Angeles, but I got to tell you guys, it can be very backbreaking right now when I'm producing his comedy so I produce a monthly show the Dalia comedy show over at the Glendale room, a brand new comedy house in Glendale, which is really cool. Sean Casey used to be with Mrs. West Side. He was with Michigan probable for many, many years and ran the west side for a little while and was west side just opened a new place in Glendale, where it's like,stacked with all these old books from an old library and old school library that he bought in a shipping container. Oh my goodness. And so it's a really cozy little room. And yeah, it's a neat space. So I'm just I'm just trying to produce and do as much comedy do as much damage as possible. I'm really loving the stand up scene right now. And I'm getting a lot out of it.Did I also see somewhere that you made reference to which Yeah, I'm a co founder of the modern which movement? Okay, we established the organization to help fledgling and seasoned which is find each other find events and find community and resources. So yes, I'm quick plug monitor which movement comm if you're thinking might be a witch or you don't know what that means, or you're intrigued,and you want to find some information, please, we have lots of good resources there.Alright, so second lightning round of questions begins now.And we always give our guests the option to either continue the way they were or change it up a little bit. So clockwise or counterclockwise for round two?Sure. Let's go counterclockwise.Why not counterclockwise starting with Adam.All right, Molly, what do you think is the most underrated piece of house furniture?Oh, my gosh. Oh, you guys. I live in such a small apartment.I don't even have any furniture.I don't know. The dining room table.You like your dining room table?Everything happens there. You know what I mean? But nobody and I mean, it could be Yeah, yeah.Yeah, exactly. You could have sex. You could have dinner.There's a writing center to crafting center if you want it to be.It's a crafting center. Yeah,exactly.Alright, so here's my question.Alright, for this one. I'm gonna make a kind of a game show style. So I'm gonna open it up for Jamie and Adam. So Jamie and Adam get to participate in this question. Okay,okay. I'm gonna get back up to the microphone. So are we buzzing? Am I supposed to have a buzzer?Yeah. So this is your in to just jump in tonight? Can I buzzed in with a cough? Yes.Yeah.All right. So you're ready.Alright, at train leaves Boston at traveling at 100 miles an hour. Alright, a train.Traveling 100 miles an hour. The train conductors name is Joey.That's a distractive fact. But let's just keep going. The train travels 200 miles to New York City has a layover for one hour,then heads to Chicago with a few hours, miles and hours. So Ted's to Chicago which is 800 miles away. What did Molly have for lunch? Click Oh, Molly. Oh,eggs with a really nice She's a bit of a cheese man.What kind of cheese?I threw the wrapper away. You know sometimes I just like to go to the grocery store and get the cheese I haven't had yet, but I can't remember the name. It was just like a really nice hard cheese. Okay, so hold on a second. If you're going to the supermarket to get a cheese you haven't had before and then you consume it and have discarded the wrapper. Doesn't it subject you every time to bringing home a cheese cheese.It's possible man. It was a month ago.A Manchego cheese.I feel like it was a month ago.I don't even know if my triggering is a real cheese. We're gonna go dig in the trash. Yeah,let's get it out. Big Dig and I don't want to bring this down. But Molly while you're doing that,by the way was about lunch.Yeah. Was she correct about okay, cuz I'd still like to buzzin if she was wrong.Yes, she was correct. Well done.Well done. So while you were looking for that, did you happen to see an owl or murder? No,thank God. Yeah. Seriously?Which one? Would you be more afraid to see? Um, murder. Okay.Okay, good. Cuz I was like, some people are really scared of owls.If there was an owl in my house,I'd be like, awesome sign.It's a sign so we're gonna find out the chaser. No, yeah,it's a Chardonnay, Bella. Gitano Bella.Oh, I love it.Oh, yeah. Is it 2014?No, but it's Chardonnay, Bella Putana, which means it's bait.It's soaked in wine on the Chardonnay on top of that.Molly, you have been asked to perform a one woman show based on Beowulf. Yeah, what are you calling that one woman show?Oh my god. Bail Wolfen out.We'll find out. We'll fan out.The tagline is Oh, baby.Oh, yeah. Yes. Molly, when you go on a road trip, it was a it's a long road trip. And you pull it to eat and I'll eat I'll give you the option of the convenience store or the supermarket. What is your road trip? Snack of choice?Oh my god, some kind of chips.I'm I love chips. You know,whatever Doritos doing these days. They're nailing it.Okay, so you you're looking at the Doritos. Maybe not the ruffles or the Lay's.Oh, fuck that shit. Yeah, no,we're gonna go full flavor.Baby, right on the heat. If you have to. Yeah, yeah.Who would win in a fight between the cast of the music video thriller and the cast of the musical Annie.Thriller, obviously.Yeah, thank you. I mean, did you see thriller?Did you see any of your children?Kids and Annie? I mean, they're scrappy. They're tough. Just a couple. They've seen something.Oh,yeah. Exactly. Just a couple.Have you ever tried to kick a child? It's relatively easy.Yeah, and first of all, I don't want to that's definitely an LA sentiment right there.Yeah, I don't want to disabuse your emotion but I think Depression era orphans being thrust into werewolf video.Yeah, but they're wearing the same clothes.Gonna be a little bit.I love that. They're just very overwhelmed.All right, where was the last road trip that you went?I recently I'm obsessed with Austin. Now. I know that sounds so fucking cliche. Right? I am obsessed with Austin and I drove there from Los Angeles because I wanted to go there.Help me understand. Austin. What is the attraction? Okay,you know, I'm a witch. There's a river running through the city.They've got a ton of bats hanging out under other bridges.There's so much comedy and music and tattoos happening. I mean,they've got craft beers and great food. But the river I think really makes it special you guys know is that in San Antonio they made like a river forced a river through the city right where it goes back it's like a river walk. It's a big deal. Is it a forced river who in their right mind would know whether a particular river was a forced River?No in San Antonio it's all uniform with and it's it seems to curve in exactly a uniform pattern I know all the canal that didn't happen out maybe the San Antonio's now do you mean me about the court?Now? That's hilarious. Thank you. Stupid.Are you anti canal?No, I'm pro canal. But I think a canal should be given its do as a canal. Don't call a canal. No canal wants to be called a river.I think every canal wants to be called.Oh smarty pants. I think you're onto something. I think there is a difference between a redirected River and a canal. I think it can now is something that is manmade to connect to bodies of water that don't otherwise connect that don't otherwise Connect. Whereas I think a river of manmade river would be just like I mentioned,it was an existing river that was rerouted by manmade right the way the tone of your voice.No Yes, that I'm upset about earlier Do you really have to pick a site on canals in our cod canal? Right gotta know now?Are you a canal? denialist canals exist? Yeah.I'm not saying there are no such thing as canals. I'm just saying there are no canals that are also rivers. Yes. Last set of questions. Let's go. Would have popped corn be better if it was dried earlier in the process?Oh,sweet popcorn.Yeah, right. That's what I'm thinking.I always thought popcorn was corn murder. Yeah. Yeah, you're,you're eating like corn, and then you go blow it up.How much better the pop pop pop.Guys, I hear gunshots in my neighborhood every day.Alright, so a fight breaks out on that previous train ride from Boston to New York. to Chicago,and it's between a resident of each of those cities plus a tourist from LA shows up. And they're all fighting. So it's someone from Boston, some from New York, some from Chicago and some from LA who wins that fight.It really depends on what neighborhood in each city. I think that's a quality answer,because there are some townies from Boston that will get you dangerous people. Dangerous fucking people. Okay. But also,I mean, you know, it's like New York, like where are you? You know,the softer side of Sears Right?Yeah.Are you are you in Brooklyn? Are you downtown? Like where? What?What's happening? You know,I didn't think this question through. No, yeah, that's obvious. No, you California the same way, right. There's some neighborhoods where a person from LA is probably dead.Alright, my question, last question,right. It is.What's the last thing that made you super sad? What the hell?Ouch.Oh my god. Well, my grandfather died recently.Thanks, Jamie. What's the last thing that made you super happy?Like crazy happy? You think of like the most intense joy you've had? First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. Yeah, we okay. He was old.He wasn't murdered at the 711 by your house. Was he?Oh, are we asking guys for? Can you see anything? Did you notice any strange? No. Every time I do comedy, you guys i Absolutely.Feel elation. I love comedians.I love the act of telling jokes.I love watching people tell jokes. I'm so happy that my soul chose to be a comedian in this lifetime. It really does bring me a lot of joy.That's good. I can.Yeah, that's awesome. So Molly,where are people going to find you? Online?Malian Hale on all social, you know, YouTube, Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Molly inhale.I also work for verbal or love verbal, the platform, you can find me over there. I put a lot of my jokes up there.Can you expand a little bit more on what verbal is? Yeah. So verbal is a an audio platform,okay, that is trying to revolutionize the way we consume audio. So most audio platforms have paywalls. And they're really about these, this old RSS form of you know, you want to listen to a podcast, you have to download it to your computer and you have these. Anyway, so verbal is like YouTube, in the sense that it's streaming, it's free. And as a creator, it's very easy to monetize there,which I think is an issue that a lot of podcasters do have, you can start monetizing right away if you join the ambassador program at a lower rate of a3070 rate or if you get to 1000listens a month on your station,you can become a full partner at5050 right away, I think for all of us that we've been podcasting for too many years. It's like oh, cool, we can actually jump into making money. So that's awesome.That's cool. All right. Well, we have appreciated your time with us and it's you guys good bit continued success and hopefully we will see you again soon. And I will see you guys on verbal was awesome. Thanks for being on the podcast for Jamie Jamie and Adam and our guest tamale taka,Taka,Taka, Taka sheep.Farmers getting low. This episode of the podcast is over.Door back door your team will call you back for another podcast.