Comedy Roundtable

Michael Palascak

December 28, 2021 BHHcast Season 5 Episode 45
Comedy Roundtable
Michael Palascak
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Which of Santa's reindeer would you want with you in a fight? Who would win in a bar fight between Carrot Top with all of his props and Gallagher with his sledge hammer? Paprika has been called the happiest spice in the world. Which singer would be the paprika of the Spice Girls? Would you rather be constricted to death or chomped to death? These and many more great lightning round questions are tackled by our amazing guest, comedian Michael Palascak.

You have seen Michael's work on late night shows with Letterman, Conan, Craig Ferguson, James Corden, Stephen Colbert and Lilly Singh. He was a Top 5 Finalist on Last Comic Standing and his half hour comedy special can be found on Comedy Central.   

Look for Michael's comedy album "The Internet Live through 800 Pound Gorilla" and his Dry Bar special "1984." 

Be sure to follow Michael Palascak across social media and check out his website for lots more information including tour dates, his stand up clips, his internet show "The Bright Side," and his short film "You're Alive."


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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch with another episode of the podcast is starting now. It is a brand new episode of the podcast Jamie mental Jamie Hernan Adam. Ba Hey Craig. Welcome to vaca she's got a great episode, we are joined by comedian Michael Pelisek. Michael, good to see you. Hello. So we do lightning round style questions. Those conversations hopefully lead to additional discussion as the show progresses, we give the guests a sample question to familiarize themselves with the format. And that first question is merely a practice question and it is clockwise or counterclockwise. Okay, like counterclockwise exists? Yeah, it's a good point. We're going forward. Could you imagine if we didn't have a word for counterclockwise and it was just you want to go clockwise or opposite way of climbing? called anti clockwise. So clockwise starting with Adam. Okay, we are nearing Christmas. This episode will come out right around Christmas. My question for you is when we think about the reindeer in general, excluding Rudolph, who do you want to have with you in a fight? Well, Dasher is fast. Yep. I mean, if it's a West Side Story about you want dancer or that'd be good to have dance fighting. That's a good point. I don't really know what a vixen is that they sound a little feisty. Yes, blitz ins probably like the one that you want. On the main lead. The charge for sure. Blitz in is probably from maybe like Southie in Boston. Oh, yeah. He's on the he's on the tougher side of the North Pole. Right? Yeah. He grew up in the main streets. I don't know what their hopes are that he's got brass hooves. Did you ever see that that Wahlberg movie where it was like a guy that played backer football that made the Eagles? Yeah, I feel like Blitzen is a guy that just plays backyard football with like, adult sense. Exactly. right all the time. Imagine you're at the North Pole. And he's like, I'm from the south side. And everyone's like, we all are. Like, everybody's gonna sell side dummy to the North Pole. Everybody, so everybody's okay. It has been said that Paprika is the happiest spice in the world. Which singer is the paprika of the Spice Girls. We're gonna go through the Spice Girls really quick. So scary. Right. And that's right. The last 40 sporty or OSH PA? I think there was ginger. Ginger was just Mel. Mel. That was scary. Yeah, that was scary. Okay, I'm trying to think through the song in my head. You got me to die. You're you're gonna ginger. Ginger is the paprika. It makes sense. The spice? Yeah, that's I had ginger. That's right. Isn't it interesting how relevant the Spice Girls have become? What are you talking about? Well, I mean, we didn't we couldn't name them very much. Right? Well, I meant to explain. I was at a formative age of defining sort of who I was around my friends. So I think there was a rejection of Spice Girls, because it wasn't like a man. thing. Yes. Right. Like I done. I purposely like run away from it. But I didn't ever like meet them. You know, I like their song. I remember their song. So you always felt a little bad rejecting ginger though, because she was so happy. I looking back. I feel bad rejecting all of them because they're all talented, successful artists. Okay. I think one was baby spice. Wasn't there a baby? Yes, there was a baby. I would say yes to any because I don't know. But I probably should have done that. Yeah, I probably should have my reason. Yeah. So I watched that formula one show on Netflix. Great show. Amazing, right? Yep. And the guy from Red Bull is married to ginger spice. That's correct. Yeah. All right. So for those who may not ever watch this episode, our guest this evening is in front of the open mouth of a shark. It's yeah, intimidating. He's about to be eaten as though the shark was sneaking up him about to chomp on him. Very quietly, very quietly, very quietly, and almost now has stopped frozen. Mouth exposed. As though he's about to be busted. He's it's recognition of the of the job that he's doing right now. Don't get caught. Well, I think the shark thing Wait, are you doing the podcast? Now hold the shark has a great dental hygiene. Oh, yeah. It's a number of teeth. I mean, they're all they're all white. Yeah, it's great. Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, it feels when you're really hungry when you eat. It always tastes better. So he's probably like, it's probably better for me if I wait a little bit anyway. It's it's an intermittent fasting for sharks. He's like, I gotta hold off for one more hour. And then I'm gonna eat the heck out of you. Does that really work? Like can I if my kids you know, they don't eat vegetables. I'm like, Just hold on. Let's just wait. Just wait this out. If you can, if you can be the parent who's strong enough to only offer that because I've I've worked on another disaster crackers and bread or Whatever. Like, if they're hungry, there's gonna ask for what they want. But one thing that Jack does is when I'm getting ready for bed, that's when he says he's hungry. Yeah. And so that's how I break up vegetables and like, well if you wanna stay up or even these nice the counter to his counter because he's running a con on you, right, which is that I'm hungry now, dad. Yeah. And you're running the con right back at him. Okay, but we could do veggies all night. With our party, guys, what do you want to break out the piece? We're gonna go count peas, right. Instead of counting sheep. Let's see what we got. Maybe we can order maybe order carrots delivery. Crazy up in here. Remember that time, Bendel was asking a question. I was in the middle of that. Yeah, sorry. Go ahead. So my question is this, would you rather be constricted to death? Or chomped to death chomped? For sure? Yeah. Cuz I feel like there's a chance he might just get your head and then you don't have to think about it. Right? The speed of it. The initial pain is pretty big. But could you imagine being constricted? Yeah, I would feel like I could do something. But obviously you can't. Right. Alright, last raid your question, I promise. But we're going to do another one. Again. We're excluding reindeer. Or Rudolph. You know, he's, we're gonna do our own reindeer games over here. Not with that guy with the red nose. Yeah, which reindeer do you take with you as a wing man? If you're going out on a night on the town, and you're trying to meet girls, um, me personally, I'm always I'm a little more introverted. I think. I would want someone who's like more like extrovert and I feel like comment based off his name seems like someone who's gonna sort of have a little sway in the bar and, like, you know, initiate more conversations. Good one. I want to revisit that one in this next episode. Yeah, I think it's an interesting one. Come back to them. Yeah. Alright, so you have an unlimited budget, and are tasked with making a Hallmark Christmas movie. What's the plot? And who do you cast in the main roles? unlimited budget, okay, so it only takes place in helicopters. And everybody's in a helicopter and they're going somewhere and the whole movie is about the right there in the helicopter. And the plot is one couple in one helicopter is in one of the persons is in love with someone another helicopter. And they realized that through their conversations in helicopters, so helicopters are really expensive. So I want to do some a whole budget. Interesting. And so who are you casting in the main roles? Will Ferrell because I like to see his dramatic side, and then maybe like Cardi B I think would be a good road love interest. They're excellent. Um, and then like the friend who like helps we'll meet her could be like walking Phoenix, like someone who really wouldn't want to be there. Yeah, and then of those three, which one is the one that is afraid of HELOC? So this is your third question. No, no, it's a B is definitely afraid of helicopters. But he knows it's the only way to get with Cardi B. True Love. Yeah. I think we just got pitched Yeah. And Will's playing himself, by the way. Oh, he's playing Will Ferrell. But is he married? No. Well, that's Will Ferrell. He's a comedian. Live bangs kind of back then. But he's that good actor. He can play himself in that role to play like the Bill Murray Lost in Translation like it's not Will Ferrell but it's like a famous actor that's going in USL and in love with Cardi B. Love it not really love it. It feels kind of a bit like pitch perfect for what it feels like. Yeah. So keeping on that theme. What is one of your favorite books from childhood that you would like to see made into a movie but yet has not yet? Well, there hasn't been a live action version of it play. Have you ever heard of The Phantom Tollbooth script? Yeah, I would like to see a live action. And there was a cartoon version. That's my last question. No, you know, I've had my, I've had my we gotta go back here. We got to get to this next. Alright, so that wraps segment number one with our guest comedian Michael Powell sack. We'll be back hang tight. Here we come. So what was your relationship with Spice Girls? If we had Facebook back in that time, we talked about my relationship with Facebook? I would say it's complicated. Being a fan of the Spice Girls was difficult to acknowledge what is a movie, and it's hard to admit that you'd like Neverending Story? That's right, but it's a little bit soft, isn't it? I've never actually watched it. It's pretty soft. Yeah. Princess Bride. Also a little soft, classic. That's not soft at all. pretty soft. There. swordfights and large rats as you wish what was your question? It's a movie that you wouldn't like to own up to liking? I'll give you mine. Notting Hill. Oopsy. Daisy, amazing, great. Again, never saw. There's somebody. I don't watch a lot of movies. Most movies I've not seen where he goes, tries to climb a wall. Three times his roommates in that movie, which I don't know the actor's name but his roommate is fantastic. He actually got an Academy Award for that the roommates did he get got a best co 40 accurate Supporting Actor? Oh really? Are you serious? No, I didn't think so. Or the actress. One is Hugh Grant and the other one is Julia Roberts and then there's some dude in his underwear. Interesting. And I was never a great guy didn't like movies. Not charming and I didn't like that he really never saw love actually either be seen Star Wars so it was it the you don't like you grant or you just don't you've never seen his movies. I also just don't like you. You've never seen this movie. So how could you tell that because I just seen He's repulsive ships and yeah, it's just it's just it's just something about his whole effect. If I'm trouble, are you anti British? I'm not I assume the whole country isn't like that. Okay, so you're not anti British? Imagine if I want Americans Okay. British to deal with let me just let me just start with the British that are. Also Hang on, sir. Let me clarify this. Yes. To resolve any issues now. That's good. If Hugh Grant was a beetle, yeah. They would never have been talking. Honestly. We were gonna solve this has gone back to the guest. Let's go back to this. Back with our second segment here of this episode with comedian Michael Powell. Zach. This is the podcast Jamie Bendel, Jamie Hearn and Adam Haig. So in this segment, we kind of dovetail off a little bit of some of the things that we talked about in our first segment. So does anybody have any we dig in on some of your first answers. I want to go a little more in depth. So you did say that on the Spice Girls, when you were when you were the Spice Girls were big you were coming of age, and you kind of avoided them to keep a more masculine tenor. Who was the replacement for the Spice Girls that kind of the bands that got you there? Well, my older brother was a he was a little older, so I would listen to what he listened to. Which was like 90s, early 90s alternative so it was the offspring was a big one and Bush were like the two prior like, favorite bands. Not that I thought I could like and still be cool. I liked collective soul. But that wasn't didn't seem as cool as the other two. And where did you grow up? Yeah, rural Indiana. Okay, in your former room. Okay. We didn't have an alternative rock station. You had to like buy the tapes, or the CDs or like parking one part of the parking of your driveway to get it? I don't think it was hard. Listen to Oh, so you had to be committed. Yeah, now the good radio. Yeah. So I made it special. Like, so if someone accused you of being a Spice Girls fan, how would you have reacted? Well, I think I was so good at like, not involving myself in it, that it would have been easy to just blow it off. My main go to when denying something in high school or middle school. It's just like to be kinda like what, like, clearly lying. Like no purpose I'm trying to do I was lying. Did you have a poster of the offspring on your wall? But on the backside of it was the Spice Girls and you could just flip them depending on if anybody was in the room. Now. He didn't like the Spice Girls. I think we need to leave. Saying that. He didn't like the Spice Girls. I think he's saying he denied the Spice Girl. Okay, I did I remember hearing them playing. I was playing high school baseball game and hearing them playing. Tell me what you want. I wanna I want my head like the song was dancing with Britney Spears. But I wasn't it wasn't embraces like you could like they weren't the cool girls to like when it came to musicians. Do you want to talk reindeer? So you We did talk about the wingman question. You went with comment, which is a great guy. The thing about comment though, he comes in and he's gonna pair it. The whole thing you know, he's gonna come in there and kind of, or peacock. The whole thing. And yeah, he might pull from you. The you know, the and that's a little issue with comment. He's a big deal. That's how confident I am with my if you're gay. Yeah. Yeah, because you can go with the comment and be cool. Yeah, he's only gonna amplify everything. That's nice. And oh my god. It's so funny. Yeah, he's hilarious. Have you seen this Michael though? He's funnier. Yeah. Listen, you want him there for the first part of the night but later on you're oh god he's ridiculous. Yeah, we told you to cut it off the answer strong because he's always you know hitting the dance floor he gets you get your mojo working. He's he plays the dance floor. Well, no dancer five in my second because I like I like to win to dance, but I'm not comfortable being the first person out there and I feel like you'd be out there you know? So I bring him to a game by the way bring the a game because dancer don't play. So it's interesting. I would have gone with the answer. You said Donner comment and but I think comment You're right. As long as you're not intimidated by what comments bringing then I think that's the right answer. We got the plan, but who knows I might follow the wayside and be rewriting that choice. Yeah. As comet leaves with all the girls walks out. It's actually funny to recast Santas sleigh polars as like a Christmas Ocean's 11. Right where they're all pulling together for a heist and they all have a very special set of skills right in comments the tech guy that's like behind the scenes cracking the code comment, you gotta hurry up. I need these numbers. I love this idea, actually, because it's the one night of the year they're allowed to break into people's homes. Do whatever they want. Like, come on, we got 19 We gotta go go go cut the green cord. Yeah. If we leave a yo, yo, we can take the flat screen. Yeah, right. It's take take a trade. Yeah, okay, I'm gonna read right there. Like, should we run with Jupiter? Jupiter's got no chimney magic. Jupiter can't get off. So wait. Okay, so this is what we really need to write because this movie would actually get made. Ocean's 11 No, oh, Christmas purge. Oh, it's really dark. It's It's the greatest night. But it's also you can commit all crimes. So you're basically saying the kid that gets up and actually sees them. They murder know that that some kid wakes up thinking it's the greatest morning ever and his parents were murdered in the night because it's the purge. Okay, listen, we're just brainstorming here about we're just riffing. We're just we're just trying to make it up as we go. Yeah. All right. We have criminalized reindeer. We have murdered the parents of young children who got a yo yo but lost their TV. Like, alright, so I heard since we're on the subject, Mike, have you ever bought any thing off of Poshmark? I can't say what's a Poshmark. So Poshmark, you know, is basically like you just give it a weird reference that no one's ever heard of patchwork? Poshmark is no, it's like, it's like ebay but for clothes only. Oh, gotcha. Right. So it's a it's like a renewed clothes. It's like a It's kind of it's kind of like a Yeah, it's like secondhand clothes secondhand, but who the hell wants to have to go to eBay and take all that time to go up to the search bar and put in clothes? I need to place it's already limited for me. Okay, so I don't think it's first of all, what's what's on there is interesting because I myself, I'm trying to find a specific kind of sneaker that is no longer meant. Oh, so sneaker head. That's a big deal. Okay. But I also got thinking, I wonder if you could get away with a crime by selling the crime scene clothes. Like if you had committed a crime and you wanted to ditch the clothing? Could you then just sell it on Poshmark and it would be a way to get all the clothes away from the crime scene. Can we talk about Son of Sam law? So Sam law says you can't can't profit from you know the murder, so he wouldn't be able to do that. Oh, but you wouldn't say he's talking about a used No, I thought you were actually saying the big money. No, this was a murder. He's not saying he's gonna be a collector of murderers. No, I'm saying just one McCobb guy. We're just talking about the purge with Randy. Christmas. Yes, Rob that you just uses his birthday. You just robbed the bank. And you sell the sweatshirt that you're wearing during the bank robbery on Poshmark to get rid of it. Okay, but it's not it's not you're not autographing it as a jersey warm in the heist. Oh, no, but that'll be awesome. Somebody didn't know but they get it. Alright, we will be back with more of the podcast and the second of our Lightning Rounds in just a moment I've been noticing a lot in these Christmas specials that Rudolph is actually not featured. When you see Santa sleigh. That's because his rate is too high. Is that right? Is his rates too high? All of it's gone through his head. I mean, he's got a rider. That's ridiculous. See, I always kind of went with the fiction that Rudolph was good on the foggy nights, but otherwise, we don't really need him. He's kind of like change on your tires. Like if it's been a really bad storm. You pull out the change. You pull up the Rudolph, but otherwise, you're fine. Let's get real first. Let's get real Christmas. Yeah, real talk. Real talk. I believe that there is no Christmas Eve that doesn't have inclement weather in some part of the world. Okay, I think we're gonna have always and it's only one night, so there is no other I don't think Santa has taken the sleigh to Publix. No, obviously. So he only fires up the sleigh one time one night the whole crew only works one night. No, no, no, that's not true. They do test run get it? That's not work. That's no no it's like it's like the seals how they prep you know like the Navy SEALs how they do like before they do an invasion they roleplay it out. I don't think I don't think that involves Rudolph. I think Rudolph is a one one time a year and he's needed every time here okay, you got to have a router you have to have route off because you're going in it's just because it's clear where your house is doesn't mean it's not snowy, rainy, windy, foggy somewhere else. Okay, so we're back to the reason Rudolph's, not in a lot of these Christmas special seasons riders are too high. And also headlamps weren't better. Are you saying that Rudolph not needed now that headline true but there is an untold reason why they didn't let Rudolph play in the reindeer games. Why? Because he's an ass. He is. is so helpful. He pulled off Christmas for everybody. The fact that you're getting into his grill about that is a little bit. I think the I think the message of Christmas, Jamie, that you're missing, yes. Is that we are all a Rudolph in our own way, and that there are Rudolph's in our lives that we're not allowing to shine at their best. Because we think they're incapable or incompetent or have nothing to contribute. No, I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do. It is it is it is just a reindeer with a big red. I think you're reading a lot into the story. It's basically high beams on a car, right? So he has a role to play. He has a special skill that without it, you'd be less I mean they could just turn on the highway. No, that's that is the route off we are back next lightning round about the star Jamie Jamie and Adam are comedian guest is Mr. Michael Powell. Zack great for another round of lightning. Yeah. All right, we posed the question again, clockwise or counter clockwise anti clockwise anti clockwise, anti clockwise or anti clockwise, starting with that. Excellent. We mentioned succession in in one of the first segments is so which character from succession do you identify with the most, which is not a good thing to identify with any of them? They're called kinds of scumbags. So I like the Kieran Culkin character as a comic because he's like, the funniest kind of students. Yeah, yeah. But I feel like the relationship with the debt like I had a much I love my I have a really good relationship, but I can feel I relate to the pressure. I haven't seen the third season yet, but that the oldest son is under and trying to like, do really well. Ross. I feel like that was the most fuck off. Jamie, if you had to go back to any age that you've been in the past, with the caveat that you would stay that age for eternity? Which age would it be? 39 that's where I'm at right now. But you have to go backwards or have to pick a different age 38 and a half. Bingo. Just be 39 yesterday. He could just be like yesterday loopholed the crap out of that question. I mean, it is the night of the Christmas purge. All right, final question. What is the top speed that you would feel comfortable driving on the highway with no other cars on the road? Over 80 But under 120? Well, I mean, no other cars on the road. I probably like 85. Okay, he's never driven it Atlanta. Yeah. 85 is flow of traffic. Yeah, that's actually slow. Yeah, that's rush hour. Yeah, I have no need to go anywhere that fast. Okay, good. All right, pedal. I was at my Oh, because what was your question? Oh, about the car as well as too. So you forgot both of them that quickly. That's his was the Ferrari question. No, no, it was. You're right. It was the speed. Okay. My apologies. We talked earlier this evening, I think maybe even before the episode began about shows from childhood and remakes, live versions of old shows. If you were given the choice, what live version of a favorite show from the past would you like to be in and what role would you play? Oh, that I could be in? I think it would be really fun to be the an idol. I don't know if I know. I I would love to be George on Seinfeld. That's a good pick. That is a good pick. Yeah. So who would you cast in the other roles? Oh, okay. All my friends. Like who cares? Yeah, right. Right. Bring everybody. Yeah, I think I would like to play the Harry Anderson's rolling. nikecourt to be the judge in my court. That'd be fun. What they're doing a live action. Nightcore they do kind of have a show like that. It's called Judge Judy. Yeah. Yeah. Live action. nikecourt. You mentioned Will Ferrell you like seeing his dramatic side? Which dramatic actor do you think is probably has the killer comedic side? That's a really good question. I feel like the funniest dramatic actors are the people that really get into that role. So be somebody like a I mean, I don't think you'd be walking Phoenix but it'd be someone like that. Like who was the guy that played the butcher? Dallas? Yeah, I think Daniel Day Lewis, if you gave him something really good would be really good. Like he'd be really good at like, Billy walker or something. So who would win in a cage match between Carrot Top with all of his props? Yeah. And Gallagher with his sledgehammer? Well, that's a good question. No, no, it feels a little bit. Like you're gonna do it all around. Doesn't feel real anymore. My instinct is Gallagher because I feel like he's getting he's getting something out with that. And it's I feel like the wheel is gonna take him over the top. He's been hammering those watermelons for a reason for so long. So true. So true. Just the heffleys Bringing? It's an interesting question, because I think I hate to say it was a good question because it's kind of like Holyfield Tyson. Right. I could see Carota kind of hugging him keeping him close like getting Jab, Jab, Jab, Jab, but all you need is one big Gallagher Bob bash, and it's over. I'm picturing Carrot Top toilet seat catches the sledge hammer flings it out of his hand. Mm hmm. Yep. Know that sledge hammer goes right through the story. The more interesting question Now that now that you've posted in that way is why has there not been another smash oriented? Comedian? That's true or really a prop comic that's at all tried to come along and be a new character. I think comics in the beginning, I think, um, either don't care about it, which is good, or they care too much about and I think that's what limits people's in their creativity sometimes when they start. Oh, I would totally agree with that. Yeah. Okay. I have good news. Michael, you are now the world's most popular high school guidance counselor. The trick is you can give only one profession that you're going to recommend to all of your students. Is that profession, comedian stand up comedian. Really? Yeah. Wise? Well, it's not going to be fair for the world because you need like factories and stuff and lawyers and doctors. But I've found this to be a job where I work for myself, I get to create, I love expressing myself, I love to take things I feel that might be connected to a negative thing and turn it into money. And I love hearing hearing people laugh at things I say. And so that's the only recommendation I would give is to go do that. How long would it take for the world to delve into absolute chaos? If everyone was suddenly a stand up comedian, and abandon all of their responsibilities? Yeah, I whenever I hear about so this other side of it, whenever I hear about someone who is a lawyer or doctor, like a professor, or someone who has never done stand up be like, you know, I think I might just give it off to go do I cuz I'm like, I know how much of a challenge it can be having started at a very young age and having no other choice at some point to be like, well, this is how making the most money anyways, and to get all that up. I don't see it being worth it at all. Right? That's right. You're like you made your path on this doctor. Do it? Yeah. What is something about which you have an irrational fear? In a rational? Like, I am afraid when I go on a balcony, like a hotel that all like, I don't know, get sucked down or something. But that's pretty rational, I think. Is it though? I think it's pretty rare that you're gonna get sucked down from down. I just feel like if I look at it long enough, like it's just so scary. I have no reason to be scared about fall and there's no reason I don't want to fall. Was it a rational fear? I don't know. I think that's, that's the biggest one is I don't want to fall. I'm gonna side with Michael on this one that there are certain balconies, especially when they're, you know, obviously higher up where, you know, you don't feel that comfortable going to the edge. It's like if you've been to the top of the Empire State Building, yeah. Which is totally secure. And you're not going over the edge. You don't really want to go all the way to the to the edge or top of a lighthouse, or do you have no fear of heights? I do have a fear of heights. I actually sometimes to your your, your balcony question. I'm always worried about New Orleans. And the balconies in New Orleans. I always feel like the code is not being enforced in New Orleans at the level that it is everywhere else. This whole, you know, let the good times roll lifestyle that goes on there. I've always thinking that this balcony is about to go. And if you're so many people on these balconies are gonna fall you're gonna fall on a crowd of people. You're like gonna crowd surf, if you're gonna fall. That's not the best way to fall where you basically fall to your death with your shirt over your head. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, you can't catch yourself. No, Michael, if you haven't been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras with Adam. I mean, he's got a nice rack. So he gets the big beat easy. He's a little overweight, and he this guy throws this kind of stuff at me. That's not nice. I've never been so I don't know. Oh, it's a great time. We went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but we went to the family parade. And the threshold for what they refer to as family is considerably different than the rest of the country. Yeah. We were at a parade recently where they were thrown out candy, and one fire truck. Apparently they were in a hurry. So they just threw hold bags of candy and it was kind of dangerous. They wouldn't take the candy out individually. They just threw the whole chunk of candy at us. That is so phoning it in. So before we wrap up, I have one question who is one unknown comic that we should have on the podcast? Well, I have some I know comics that are really funny. So my friend Ben Brandon is very funny and last name is spelled br a nd fo n and then Steven Haas those are the two guys I like working with the most an h a s where are people find you on social media online? Yeah, that'd be great. It's everything's pretty much at my name, which is Michael Pelisek. Michael and then pa la s ca K. I'm on Instagram the most and then I started doing Tik Tok recently, and then Twitter, Facebook and my website I have an email list. I send out an email like once a month. With like stories and stuff, so Alright, well, we appreciate it Michael continued success my friend. Hopefully we'll see you here in Atlanta before too long. All right, we appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks, guys. Thanks, Mike. All right for Jamie, Jamie and Adam. Our guest this episode Michael Powell. Zach. Thanks to him. This is the podcast don't wander too far sheep. We'll be back before you know it was more comedic account. Sheep. We love you don't go for Dakka Dakka fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. Dumb to go back to where you came from. We'll call you back. It's time for another podcast. Talking