Comedy Roundtable

Jasper Cole

January 11, 2022 BHHcast Season 5 Episode 47
Comedy Roundtable
Jasper Cole
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It's the latest Purge night and you are locked in your house watching a movie when an armed toddler comes to the door screaming to be let in. Do you open the door? And speaking of movies, which movies do bad guys watch? Does the movie Airplane! hold up?  Who wins in a shouting match between famed chef Gordon Ramsey and eleven Karens? We welcome veteran character actor and Hollywood's Bad Guy Jasper Cole  to the BHHcast to answer these and other great questions.

You've seen him in MacGruber and are currently enjoying his acting chops as Cory Black on BET's The Family Business. Of course, there are another 100+ credits to his name. Jasper moved to Hollywood as a youngster with the intention of becoming a professional stand up comedian. Although he has had plenty of comedic roles (such as Zeke Pleshette on Macgruber or his work with Funny or Die!), he has found his niche as the resident bad guy of film and television. But, as you'll discover after listening to this episode, Jasper is one heck of a good guy.

Check out Jasper's radio show One on One with Jasper Cole and be sure to follow him across all social media.


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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch with another episode of the podcast is starting now. Alright another episode of the podcast starts now. Our guest tonight is a veteran character actor who has well over 100 screen credits. He is known as Hollywood's bad before we get to into the actor. Do you understand how much I work intro? Okay, first of all, this is scary because Jamie is great at the intro. I know, but we let him do it. Okay, well let Jamie do it. I'm sorry. Bendel go ahead you do the intro. Well, that's weird because he's not here. Oh, well, maybe that's why I was doing the intro. He had been in MacGruber The Purge anarchy Brooklyn nine nine The Forgotten captured and you will no doubt see him ruining people's days in many movies and television shows to come can also hear him on the nationally syndicated radio and television show one on one with which is currently in its 10th year I believe. Hopefully this isn't a bit like leaving the door open for the bad guy to sneak into the room and kill us in our sleep. The podcast is pleased to welcome to the show Jasper Cole. Welcome Jasper. Hey, I didn't realize that somebody was in training today. Yes, I did it sound like I was in training. I feel like I did sound like oh, I just I thought he's great. I mean, I didn't I Yeah, you did a great job. It's so embarrassing to sit here and listen to you talk about me like who's this asshole? All these alleged credit. It's very impressive. You know what I'm blessed to be one of set. A lot of them actually took me years to get to get on any list whatsoever. So I'm happy to get on that list for sure. A humble bad guy. I love it. Yeah, when this episode comes out when I announced the name of your show one on one with Jasper Cole. I'm going to bleep out your name just to keep the suspense until we actually introduce you because I don't want to just give it away there right in the middle of my that's good point. soliloquy right idea like that. Not my real name. Anyway, I changed my name when I became an actor, so it's all bullshit. Oh, good. Oh, Jamie is not actually my real name either. It's actually Adam. Adams. Right? Oh, okay. So then you are Jasper Cole to the movie and TV world. But when you return home, you are known by a different name. Have you disclosed that name publicly? Or do you keep that a secret? You know, I keep it. I mean, all my friends we just talked about you know, I'm born and raised in Georgia. I'm really jealous. You guys are there. Now. I grew up Chuck. What I like about having that second name is it allows you to verify if they knew you or not, and you can immediately kind of get some kind of street cred with you. Right? When they walk up and they say chalk and you're like, okay, this person somehow knows someone who knows me, right? What's embarrassing, though, is like people who knew me before. If they tried to call me Jasper, first of all that site. I feel like such a hole that they'd ever do that right? I'm like, please don't you know, you know that. That's too pretentious. When his friends from back home call him Jasper. And he's like, Look, you don't need to call me Jasper. It's Mr. Cole. Just please. Please call your majesty, right? Yeah. So on the show we have pretty simple format lightning round questions rapid fire and we have an initial question that we ask of each of our guests. It's kind of just a test question just kind of gets you acquainted to how questions and answers work clockwise or counterclockwise clockwise clockwise starting with me I'm imagining that in your roles as different bad guys you've learned a lot of different bad guys skills. What is the coolest bad guy skill that you've learned as an actor? It's all in the eyes right? You got to you got to raise an eyebrow you've got to scowl a lot you've got to and then see I can take one eyebrow up it's called eyebrow acting as you can see oh, this is a podcast No but seriously there's your eyebrow game is on point is to say I forget we're on zoom but no one else as well. Um, yeah. And you also actually lower your corners do the Clint Eastwood boys and you know so much a bad guy. My director once said Jasper you already look the part you don't really have to add anything to it. You know the catch is we want to sort of like make it more than it really is. But when you already look creepy like I do you really don't have to do a lot. The great thing about this even though it's an audio podcast that's the first time I've ever heard eyebrows move like that was eyebrow Yeah, that when you can hear eyebrows move it's just it's powerful eyebrow acting on multitalented? Um, surely are. You heard two sounds there? You heard the eyebrows moving and my jealousy? Yeah, that was incredible. Okay, based on having similar characteristics, which animal is most likely to be named Zeke PICHETTE Hmm, I think Zeke plush it sounds sort of like a barracuda. Right? Yeah, I think that's do we know what a barracuda Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Zeke PICHETTE would be an incredible Barracuda name would but then it would be like all of them are named Zeke bloodshot. So they were just were all like As they're like attacking you somewhere in the in the cat Kingdom you know somewhere in the tiger big big tiger world yeah and Tiger Barracuda Sphinx, Bobcat kittens. No kittens. I don't know. I don't know Zeke goes to the kitten. Oh, no, it's more of a grow into that name. You get to earn that name with murdering people in the wild. Yeah. So what movies is the bad guy? Watch? What is the movie that you've watched the most you think? Well, here's the guy. Now here's the thing. I may play a bad guy. Yeah, but I really when it comes to my own viewing stuff. I'm a real SAP like I like my, my old all time favorite drama was like ordinary people. You know, with Judd Hirsch and yeah, and Mary Tyler Moore. I do love comedies. Like I mean, recently, there's a few movies that made me laugh out loud but bridesmaids is still one that so no matter where if I clicking around, you know that whole scene in the dress shop in the bathroom and all that it's just like so I have this range of like really cool dramatic stuff. And then I'm really into like the raunchy comedies as well like the other night I you guys are young. Do you ever see airplane the original? Oh, yeah. Live by I mean that that should holds up today. Like I was still laughing out loud the other night watching that? We were just saying, I don't think you could put out an airplane anymore. Right? I mean, it does that. Do not fly anymore. Right? I think they would be a little bit frowned upon. But it was such an entertaining movie. I'm pretty sure the boys sitting on the pilots lap being asked about if he's ever been in Turkish prison probably doesn't. This is great. Jasper said that we're young, which I'm wearing a hat and a hoodie. And I'm never going to not go out in public now with a hat. Yeah, you look young I am Hi. Thing is totally gone. It's really nice. So on this show, we asked questions, usually with kind of strange hypotheticals. And for some reason, murderers, toddlers seem to be a recurring theme. And so I've tried to pull back a little bit on using those because it seemed to be almost borderline fetish. But with Hollywood's bad guy in the house, I think it's fair that they resurface. Right. So as I mentioned earlier, I believe you were in the movie, The Purge, enter. Right. Okay. So it's the latest purge night. And you're locked in your house. Okay. And you're watching ordinary people. Or maybe it's maybe that night, you've decided to put in Notting Hill because you appreciate how great a movie that is. Mm hmm. And a toddler comes to the door, and he noticed that he's armed. And he's screaming let me let me in. Let me in. Do you open the door? No, I'm not gonna allow anybody to interrupt my viewing pleasures. If those two films I'll absolutely Fuck him. Yeah, so it has nothing to do with the Purge is it's just the movies on like, it's movie. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He just had to get up and how rude. Yeah, rude for someone. It's like calling a dinnertime, right? No, he won't remember if he's a toddler. He won't remember anything until he's three years old. Anyway. That's right. So he holds no. Coming back. That's rendered my follow up question. Totally useless. Indeed. It has. Good night, everybody. What is your favorite word? And why? My favorite word is Hmm, that's a good one. Probably. Fuck. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people probably say that. But it just kind of it kind of says it all and it can be used. There's that and then my other three favorite words are bless your heart. Oh, yeah. Which is a good southern expression. Right? We get that a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz you guys know that can mean so many different things, of course, and you drop an F bomb. You can be using it as a verb, or as an adjective, or you have and you can use it as a compliment as an as an attack. You know, you can say you're so fucking good looking. Right? Or Yes. Fuck off. Right? Very different. Fucks What the fuck? Right? What the fuck? He kind of does cover it all pretty much. Is there a word that can get that many purposes? That is not a curse word. Right? I suggest there is not? I don't think so. I suggest that fuck has been empowered to give us so many different places. I challenge you to find it. You know where in the Bible it says fuck is not okay. It I don't think anywhere in the Bible. It doesn't say fucks not okay. Yeah, no, but this fuck that. Buck you fucking fuck. Fuck. Alright, so that's gonna wrap up the first segment of the podcast. We will be back with our guests, Jasper Cole. That is his real name in just a moment so, Adam, yes. Do you think you have what it takes to be a bad guy? I wouldn't be the greatest bad guy. I don't think I would either. No, I just I don't like confrontation in that way. But what are the elements the essential elements of a bad guy? The hard stare the hard stare? Okay, the intimidating stare? Yeah, good hair, I think is important. Except there's the bald bad guy. The bald bad guy. That's still good hair. Yeah. Yeah, so it's not like real hair. What are the characteristics? Well, I think you usually need to be physically intimidating, right? Can you not be physically intimidating, but with a great stare? So I think that Capone, for example, is not a physically intimidating guy. But a really powerful stare. So you can be on the fatter side. I don't think you want to be too skinny to be a bad guy. Then when you think about it, like the real skin and bones guy could still be a bad guy. Yeah, that'd be an extreme. Yeah, cuz you look a little bit like a psycho like the guy at the bar, who will fight until he dies. He's not going to hurt anybody, but he'll fight until he dies. I don't want to I don't want to be around like that. No, you do not want to be around that guy. I want to watch. Yeah. Have you ever seen WreckIt Ralph, I have seen that's a lot of bad guys in that like trying to rehabilitate. And I think their mantra as they left bad guys Anonymous was, I'm a bad guy. But that doesn't make me a bad guy to talk to a bad guy. Welcome back to the podcast. We are here with our guest, Jasper Cole. It is Jamie Adam. And unfortunately Jamie Bendel's not here with us tonight. But he'll be back. don't you fret You're doing so good, buddy. Thank you. I'm so proud of you right now. I am to know I mean, you really are. You're crushing it. I know. You don't think you're getting short with me. But it's you really are doing great. I know. I'm saying no, I'm just proud of you. Say it again. I won't. Okay. So we have our guest Jasper Cole here tonight. And Jasper. What kind of projects are you working on right now? What can people expect to see from you in the future? And maybe even before answering that premature question. Tell us about you tell us about Jasper about Jasper Cole. Well, let's see Jasper Cole. I'm going on my 35th year in showbusiness first two years in Atlanta before I moved to Los Angeles so I've been at this out here for about 3334 years and I move you know it's funny guys I moved out here thinking I was going to be a stand up and a sitcom star and doing comedy and then you know tell God your plans and now in this like, bad guy who only kills people in place homeless drug addicts and killers, but that's that's part of the reason I did my podcast I started it so people could see my real personality which I don't know I thought it might not be as creepy as the characters I play it's been quite a journey but I'm blessed to still be in the game any pull back to Georgia with the all the film that goes on here. It's so funny. You know, I left there in 87 There really wasn't work it's so weird for me now how Atlanta is like Hollywood itself in your bad guy skill set, including the eyebrows up did you ever learn like a kung fu or any kind of like gun or firearm safety or anything? I mean, does anything like that come along with the roles? Well that what's really funny is because I guess people think when I get hired in the beginning they always thought I knew how to shoot guns. I think I went deer hunting once as a kid but I always anyone who knows me in real life thinks it's so funny that I shoot guns on camera and stab people because I I don't know how to to be honest with you. So every time I have to be retrained and you know and shown how to do it again you know the Alec Baldwin thing that have done that film rust for the first time really kind of made me start thinking like all the times I've had firearms in my career I felt so safe I never thought twice about it. I fall asleep figured you know, everyone's doing their job. I you know, they would show me the the barrel and I'm like looking at my phone. Right You know, so now trust the next time I go back though, it'll be different on a movie set. I think the Alec Baldwin thing has kind of brought this to my attention. At least it's called an armorer. Is that the person? Do you know guys? I had never heard that term. Oh, wow. Okay, it's so many of my buddies. We were laughing the other day. We're like we've just received a release from every producer on every film and TV project that Jasper's ever been on and they also was an armor was an armor. Great. Yeah, well, I would have asked for more money. So and the term character actor is used to describe you does that term have positive meaning negative meaning neutral? Meaning how do you feel about that term? No, I love it. I love it when I was younger, you know, I I never was like the leading guide but I wasn't character looking enough. So I fell between the cracks and all these directors have said to me, you know, Jasper, when you get older, you're gonna work and like, well, I'm 24 When I was supposed to do for I'd like to work now. What I'm telling you guys, I turned 40 And I don't know what happened. The face changed. Everything happened and I just thought Fuck it. I'm gonna go with it. So I grew the beard grew my hair out sort of had to reintroduce myself to the the industry. Because I was always sort of the sidekick the best friend. Kind of boring. I wasn't leading man. I wasn't really character. So Right. Kind of wait for one character. All right. Well, that's gonna wrap up our second segment of the podcast. We will be back before you know it with Jasper Cole. You know what I'm thinking. I do know what you're thinking is a good time for me to tell you I always know what you're thinking. Go What is it apples? Okay, you got no you got your lucky. So what's this one? Ah Felicia Rashad Felicia for shot. I've never thought of Felicia Rashad. No, seriously. Let's do another one. Okay, cuz I haven't good. Alright, I'm gonna try my go again. Are you ready? Think I'm not seeing anything I need you to really focus. Okay, go New England Patriots. No, I'm thinking the podcast is a lame name that has come up. I know, it's kind of sacrilege around here. But I think we should possibly do like a grand opening of a new name. If we need to have a celebration. And we could do like a secret promotion where we have the name but we don't we go by no name like the Redskins. Like, like the podcast, which is the podcast? Yeah, for a little while. And then we come out with our other names show that the Cleveland Indians are now called the Cleveland guardians. Yeah. Do you think the Guardians is better than the Washington football team? actually kind of like the Washington? Oh, I friggin love the Washington football team. I think that's the coolest name. Yeah, I really do. And I think if they kept like, just that basic uniform and stayed the Washington football team, that's really baller. Yeah. So we're gonna be the podcast for a while podcast for a probably Yeah. And then we'll reveal the podcast. It may be the podcast, or maybe the podcast, maybe the podcast. Let's go back to the guest. All right, we are back with the bar cast. It's Jamie. Jamie and Adam missing one Jamie tonight. You can guess which one based on the quality of this re intro into the segment. Really good, though. Really good. Thank you. The positive reinforcement is very helpful to me. You're doing great. So we are here with Jasper Cole. And we're going to go back into our next lightning round and Jasper, we give people a chance to rethink the first question that they had. You have clockwise or counterclockwise is Tomago counter clockwise. We're gonna do another who would win in a fight. And these are yellers. So these are these are kind of bad guys, but not quite. If you had 11 Karen's and one Gordon Ramsay who wins in that yelling fight. Gordon Ramsay. Yeah, I think you're right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the guy can yell like nobody, right. I mean, he's made a career out of it. Yeah. And he yells, but it's always like, you just think that night is going to come out. I could not imagine being on the receiving end of that. Right. If I was just a waiter in a restaurant, just trying to pay the bills and keep the mortgage go I get this guy just lays into me. I would. Yeah, I would shrivel up and die. I don't think is an act either. No. He seems like it's like full on real. Yeah. If my research is correct, you were in the 1988 movie? 18. Again, yes, I want this is a two part question. So the first one is if you could go back to your 18 year old self. And by the way, I will. I will start this by saying you can refuse to answer this question if you'd like, which is curious for any of Adam's questions. That's not true. You have to answer all my alright. So if you could go back to your 18 year old self, which movie or TV show that you did participate in? Would you tell yourself not to do? Well, I mean, seriously, this is I would have to say there's really no because here's the thing, everything I did took me to the next place, right? So I always tell actors this, pretty much every time every job, something happens, you meet a person that becomes a friend or leads to another job, or you discover something so I would, I was so lucky just to get a job. You know, I would. I pretty much do anything to get my health and pension. I don't think there's a job I would regret to be honest with you. I was trying so hard to get Hollywood's bad guy into a trap. And he just said no, he dodged it. No. Okay, so my follow up question fall I have no standards is one of the things. There's so there's a scene in that movie where George Burns and Charlie Schlatter drive through the display window of an antique store that appears to be called Arts old things. What is one bucket list antique type item that you would love to discover in an antique store? Like some sort of Oh, eg board. Hmm. You know, like something that from because I'm sort of into that hole, the other side and mediums and spirits from the other side, something like that from maybe really old, very early Weegee board. Early Weegee. Yeah. But you'd only get really old people like that, that really don't like that. Yes, I'd like the Civil War. Right. The new spirits are only on the new board. Exactly. You can't reach any of the people who have died recently. Jasper, what's the hardest role that you've can remember having? Well, more recently, I did this horror film called Hansel and Gretel. And it was with Dee Wallace. I often say it was hard because it was one it was one of the most physical films I did, but also, I had like no dial the whole movie was done. As a mute, mute, and it was some of the toughest work I had to do because I had to do all this physical physical stuff yet be in scenes and emote without speaking and it was ripped a hamstring, I fell down on a hill, I got beat to hell in that movie. Um, so physically, that was probably one of the toughest, but staging is tough because you got it, you got to get the proper lighting on the eyebrows, because if you're definitely gonna get the Yeah, I wish I'm so sorry, they can't see it. Alright, so you're in a bar and a fight breaks out. Alright, within arm's reach. You have the following potential weapons. A relatively flimsy wooden chair, a set of billiard balls, and air horn, and of course, your fists, which is your weapon of choice and why the air horn because air horns, they make coyotes run away. They scare bears. Right? And that Who the fuck can ever? I mean, how much do you hate? Loud noises like that? Oh, yeah, me, it would be it would definitely be the horn. And I just get right up on their head too. And do it. And if that didn't work, I take the horn and stick it down their throat. Wow. All right, give us a little insight into a little known fact about being a character actor that people maybe wouldn't wouldn't expect? Well, yeah, I think the probably the is that most of the character actors I know are really nice guys. Like the character actors tend to be the least egocentric. A lot of the leading actors are the assholes that have all the problems, but character actors in general seem to be really nice. Don't take themselves too serious. Alright, so for this next question, I am going to need you to be willing to stretch a little and get out of your comfort zone. Okay. I need you to imagine you're a bad guy. Thank you actually had here pause for expected raucous laughter. All right. So you have been taken to a CIA black site. What a CIA black site. Okay. All right, like an undisclosed location. Actually, I thought about whether or not I should use the term CIA, because I didn't want to get on the NSA radar. We are but then I thought that just means more downloads for the show. So that's good. That's right. Well, I was more thrown by the black side. I didn't know what that was. Okay. So black side is like a it's in an undisclosed location in some country and right. It's not subject to the rules of the United States. Yeah, yeah. So I want to also welcome our new listeners from the NSA. Alright, so you're taken to the CIA black site, where surprisingly, they have a torture menu. So you are given the chance to choose between nonstop tickling unceasing blasting of the song Never going to give you up by Rick Astley. Or having to be a guest on The View. Which do you choose? Oh, Rick Astley. I would never get I don't get tired of that song. No, me neither. It's so good. That wouldn't bother me at all. And the whole trend of Rick rolling that goes along with that where people like I keep thinking like Rick Astley is laughing all the way to the bank. And I'm also gonna go ahead and check off what P Goldberg as a possible guest for the show with that inclusion of the view. Yeah, Meghan McCain's probably available. Yeah. Oh, yeah. This is a question that I save for my favorite guests. And you've actually entered into the favorite guest category. Congratulations, bad guy turns out to be not a bad guy. In fact, an incredibly likable guy. If you were fighting off fifth graders, and they were all coming at you at once. How many fifth graders do you think you could fight off? If it was for your life? And it was it you know, and they were they were blood? lusty? Fifth graders. How many fifth graders you think you could fight off before you became overwhelmed? Probably right. None probably they take away I'm telling you I'm a pussy. Oh, wow. You mean cuz you mean Jasper in real life? Yeah, real jazz. Yeah, not not a roll in real life. Oh, no. They what they would the first one probably not me down. Oh, wow. First of all, they're so germy I wouldn't want to get near. I probably would just let them take me down. And then maybe that would even be over faster. Right. The first kid takes you know, petri dishes, you know? Well, they they clearly are all of them are they like to kick they'll kick you in the nuts? Right? That's the word. So just, I probably actually would just either run or just lay down. Okay, they charged me. Hollywood's bad guy. 1/5 grader. I'm getting paid to be a bad guy. I'm not a bad guy. Yeah, he's literally getting just completely annihilated by these fifth graders and all of a sudden a paycheck falls down from the sky on top of them. And he just Colgan on it. If they said rolling, actually, bed and I would jump to like 204th graders couldn't get to you. But yeah, otherwise I know. I only live between action and cut. Yeah, I get it. Alright, so that's going to wrap up another episode of the podcast. So Jasper if people want to find you on social media or online, where should they go? I'm at Jasper Cole says sa y s animals Facebook and And also do a Jasper Check it out. Um, pretty much everything's on there any upcoming projects or anything that you want to plug? Yeah, right now I'm on the family business on bt plus with Ernie Hudson. Season three dropped and I play Cory black that's on that's out there now. Got a new series coming out in March called kombucha cure that someone in the streamers and film called fall with Jeffrey Dean Morgan that's coming out. We shot all this during the pandemic. Nice. Well, so yeah, good stuff happening. Excellent. Jasper is our favorite. Good guy. Bad guy. Oh, thank you guys. He's 100% Good guy. Yeah, totally. Thank you, Jasper. Great. Great to meet you guys. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, likewise. Thanks, Jasper. Take care. All right for Jamie, Jamie and Adam. Thanks for listening. Please subscribe to the show so that new episodes are downloaded automatically every Tuesday morning like magic into your electronic device. If you are so inclined. Leave us a five star review wherever you listen to podcasts. And if you like the show, don't be afraid to tell a friend about it. Alright, see you next week. taka taka fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. To gold now. Door back door will call you back for another podcast.